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[POPSelca] Piggy Dolls’ Park Ji-eun glams it up!

A member in one of K-pop’s newest “trendy” girl bands tweeted a photo of her and one of the “dolls” preparing for an interview.

This is how the Piggy Dolls get ready for their close-ups. Weight is not an issue for these confident and powerful songstresses,however, their faces are. Ji-eun uploaded the photo above on March 2nd on her personal twitter.

Who showcases better O lines than the Piggy Dolls? Well, Minzy does…but this article isn’t about her.

Do you love their P.D. O lines?

Source: @piggydolls_je94


16 Comments on “[POPSelca] Piggy Dolls’ Park Ji-eun glams it up!”

  1. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    They’re very pretty! i wish i could meet them. 😦

  2. Telephone says:

    koreans always have massssssssssive moon faces, it’s what being korean is about.

    .. and having no boobs.

    • cdn says:

      Well..I’m not sure about the boob part. I dated two Korean girls before, and they both have C cup sizes. Or maybe I’m just lucky..=P

  3. kj says:

    Meh, These two look like most of the Korean girls in my High school. Soon they’ll visit the plastic surgeons….

  4. cdn says:

    The blonde one is cute..

  5. GRRRR !!!!! says:

    their face is so round.
    the blonde one is cute. the black one just normal.

  6. dan says:

    who knew a group name would reference their actual appearance.

  7. lilly says:

    who are they?? they dont seem to be as thin as the other girls is that why are they being calld piggy girls???

  8. Kasey says:

    I like their attitude, they are both beautiful in their own way.

  9. addikan says:

    i love them!! they are extremely pretty….weight really isn’t an issue at all. as long as they love theirselves then that’s all that matters.

  10. MLIA says:

    Anyone else think that Ji-eun looks like Sulli from F(x)?

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