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2PM “Take Off” With Their 1st Japanese Single

Get ready for 2PM‘s debut( non remake) single this coming spring.

After impressing Japan in their debut last year, 2PM will officially kick off promotions for their 1st single “Take Off”.

The single will be come in 4 different versions, with each coming with 1 randomly selected “Special Photo Card”, the DVD containing “Take Off” MV, and the photobook version containing a 32 page photo book.

“Take Off” is set to be used as the ending song for the upcoming anime “Blue Exorcist” and will be released May 18th.

Are you excited for 2PM‘s debut single?



4 Comments on “2PM “Take Off” With Their 1st Japanese Single”

  1. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    their song is gonna b used in japanese anime? that is big! even tho i dont like anime! its usually good when they use artists music in anime.

  2. Sai says:

    I watch alot of anime so, I will mostlikely hear the song when I watch the cartoon. I hope the anime is a good one.

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Cool! It’s gonna be in an anime!! wow

  4. Telephone says:

    It’ll probably be given away free with free tickets to a concert and free membership to that website with the big-boy-bang guys in it.

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