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Choi Si-won was photographed with a cute girl?

The singer/actor/model tweeted that with one look the person standing next to him resembled a lady? Do you agree?

Apparently, Choi Si-wons extensive acting, touring, and modeling has turned him into quite the comedian. The star joked about his buddy looking like a cute girl on his official twitter account recently.

I don’t see it. He just looks like a short very manly-man to me. Is this musical junior viewing the world through super-colored glasses?

Currently, Si-won is the USA (Bedford avenue, Brooklyn) working on a photoshoot.

Source: @siwon407


22 Comments on “Choi Si-won was photographed with a cute girl?”

  1. lilly says:

    thats not a girl. I guess its the “fat” member of super junior.

  2. ashley says:

    that guy could pass has a ugly women that looks like a dude but not a cute one

  3. jhnbjhik says:

    That’s a male.

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    lol look at siwon’s face

  5. D-Renee says:

    WHAT?!?! hes in BK I think have a train to catch…..

  6. Dovey says:

    A girl? He must be going blind! But joking aside, I know he’s just joking as well. 😛

  7. j3shika says:

    popseoul, did you think it was funny to write “cute” in the title?
    or just create more haters and more attention? jeez.

  8. VIPviet_TOP says:

    i think it is shindong,not a girl

  9. sky says:

    cute girl ?? -_-^

  10. halymah says:

    ha ha ha ….. so funny picture.

  11. erick says:

    as he know how RABID korean fans are, he will never ever put a picture him with any other woman. or else the girl will be dismembered in just two days.

  12. 1lesson1day says:

    I think the guy next to Si Won looked like a fatter version of HK’s comedian , Wong CL although it is not true !!

  13. Telephone says:

    I don’t think anyone gives a fork about what this guy is doing. he’s an ex k-pop star and unemployed.

  14. GEEminjee says:

    the girl looks like shindong…..yes it’s him i think..

  15. young says:

    ROTFLOL!!! that is a male.. and cute?? -……-” bwahahaha so funny!

  16. eboy07 says:

    Look at his face.

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