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Heechul Gets Hit By A Fan At “SUPER SHOW 3”

At Super Junior‘s Shangahi “SUPER SHOW 3” concert one fans excitement may have been too much for Kim Heechul to handle.

While performing on stage Heechul was taken back, as a careless fan threw a sign at him hitting him directly to the face.

The impact was too much for Heechul, as he stopped his performance and walked off stage.

Reports claimed Heechul had suffered a cut to the eye from the blow, but Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu revealed Heechul was fine and reminded fans to not throw things anything at the stage.


Do you think the fan “accidentally ” hit Heechul or was it purposefully done to catch his attention?





64 Comments on “Heechul Gets Hit By A Fan At “SUPER SHOW 3””

  1. MNT says:

    OMG, dats so sad! Damn, how can a fan purposedly do dat? CRAZY ASS FAN!!!!!!!! i guess they’re trying to copy dat one girl from the previous news about T.O.P getting hit n the one before.

  2. lian95 says:

    fans are getting too annoying…. first yeesung and now heechul!!!

  3. thatxmusic says:

    i know this is mean, but i laughed really hard when i saw that

  4. chii_89 says:

    poor cinderella… tsk.. He got a slash on his face because of a fan, when all he did was come closer… i feel bad for him.. 😦

    • Telephone says:

      He shouldn’t have been singing so badly then. Fans don’t throw things when you don’t sound shyte.

      • hannah♥SHINee♥ELF♥KISSME♥ says:

        hey! you’re so mean,:( , dont you say bad things about him. either way, he is one of the persons that made super junior famous!!

  5. halymah says:

    its so mean…. why fans has to be like that to their idol .i know that they love them but to hurt someone you love its to much.heechul…take care dont be so close …. many more fans love u…cheeeer up

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Poor heechul….
    Well, since he’s fine, thats all good~

  7. argi says:

    Oh my, that looked terrible! I mean, why would their fans even think of throwing stuff at them??? It’s okay if it’s just a plushie or something soft, BUT THAT’S A F*CKING SIGNBOARD, DAMMIT!

  8. erick says:

    maybe the fans eye was hurted so much seeing heechul was so like a Uhm Junghwa at first picture she hit heechul back in the eye… you know, they say, eye for an eye..

  9. illuminaterz says:

    i’m one of the fan going to malaysia super show because of heechul.seriously if heechul’s not coming because of his injury, i’m gonna cast a curse toward that unethical fan for the rest of her life.

    • jasmine says:

      * thumbs up * i couldn’t agree more! ^^

      • Telephone says:

        Shouldn’t you “malaysian chinese who hate being chinese and wish they were korean” just get on with life and get some hobbies or something rather than just worshipping korean people as if they were gods?

        • hannah♥SHINee♥ELF♥KISSME♥ says:

          we are not worshipping them!! duuh!! as if were bowing on them as gods! of course not!! were just happy for them!! and were happy that they exist , because one way or another, all of us ELF were inspired by them,

  10. leyla says:

    OMG flipping Justin Bieber got hit in the face with a semi full bottle of water…and surprisingly took it like a man and continued on with his show…..and heechul runs of backstage!…c’mon get it together.

    • hpi says:

      I was once hit at my eye, it certainly hurt a lot. And at that instant, I felt really worried that I might become blind… Moreover, heechul was hit by a hard and possibly sharp edged board, can u imagine how it would hurt and how he would have felt?

      • Telephone says:

        If he’s on a stage with people throwing things at him all the time then the health and safety executive should advise him to wear safety glasses or some kind of mask. It’s his own fault if he sings badly and takes some kind of tomato in the eye from a fan who feels cheated after buying a ticket.

        • waneti says:

          you should get a life, if you have nothing good to say then shut the hell up.

          your the one who is deserve to be hit for saying bad things to someone who have done nothing. i know that karma will get you someday.

          • Telephone says:

            It’s nothing about karma. Karma is where these people manipulate you out of your pocket money and then someone manipulates them out of money in return.

            Gosh, so many uneducated folks.

            • waneti says:

              hahaha your right so many uneducated people around good thing that you know what you are. anyways i’m done with you i don’t want to waste more of my time to the likes of you. your not even worth it.

              i know that you don’t have a life that’s why your dragging people to be like you. chao

              honestly get a life

              • Toilet Telephone says:

                I don’t want to ‘get a life’ so just run along and do your begging to your korean gods and leave me alone to laugh at you saddos.


                • Briggs says:

                  First of all i’m not into super junior i don’t know them personally, i’m just goggling them i saw this page.

                  i just couldn’t resist to comment when i saw this
                  Toilet you’re so gay. fuck hahah LOL. you talk worst than my mother fucking gay

    • waneti says:

      i think what Heechul did was understandable he got a cut near his eye and it bleed.

    • ChuuChuu says:

      I love Heechul, but I TOTALY agree with you.

      If Justin fucking Beiber can out-man you, it’s time for another shot of testosterone.

  11. asianmusiclover101 says:

    poor Heechul! That fan had no common sense at all.

    Wasn’t this a long time ago already??

  12. H2O says:

    This is too funny!!!………AHAHAHA
    why did he go back holding is face like a little girl?..he should have gone back without holding his face and with his head up…..more dignity please

  13. queenbznuts says:

    He just did what any other flaming lady boy would do, go offstage and cry! :*(

    • Telephone says:

      No, most k-pop ladyboys would have gone down into that undignified squatting position, which is how men in asia urinate, and then cried and cried until their make-up ran down their cheeks until they had long streaks of mascara on them.

  14. Mylan Harris says:

    Wow. That was horrific. Poor hims.

  15. Jae says:

    As his handler/superior whispered in his ear: “Act real hurt. Your fans will eat that up. They’ll feel sorry for you, they’ll buy more stuff. We NEED more money. Money is what it’s all about! Now go, puppet!”

    • Toilet Telephone says:

      This lady had a tiny cut, and she’s crying and running off stage.

      he’s a big BIG GIRL…. and that’s a FACT

  16. Dizzy_23 says:

    Poor heechul. But i think he should learn professional performng attitude from Daniel (Drama) Dalamatian. I still remember when Daniel got hit by Dalmatian leader Inati,whch make Daniels teeth bleedng,REAL BLOOD. But Daniel as a professional artist still continued his performance!! Compare that things fans!! *sorry chingu,,my grammar is bad,,but im sure u know what i mean*

    • hannah♥SHINee♥ELF♥KISSME♥ says:

      yeah maybe he should, but as you know he’s a sensitive person! and was not trained in any hard physical trainings, and by the way, we treat and love him as a prince and not just some loser performer ,..

  17. Lorni says:

    Dam u stupid Fan! No u don’t even deserve the “Fan” tittle! U ASS! Heechul came to perform and u chuck an object at him? WTF! u that desperate to get his attention. U try throwing a bottle at me and see wat the fck happens next huh! I seriously can’t understand why some ppl go to this extent. Sheesh… I bet it wasn’t even a fan…probably a boyfriend who didn’t want to be there or something lol or maybe a jealous girl bc Heechuls to dam pretty and she got jealous hahaha! I’m just making scenarios.

    • Toilet says:

      To be fair, what else do you expect people to do when they see talentless koreans on stage? They’re chinese and not filipinos .. so they don’t worship them.. they just think ‘there’s a talentless korean on the stage, maybe I’ll throw a paper ball at him’ .. only to find a paper ball led to the korean crying and spraying fake blood everywhere.

      If I was chinese, I’d also be throwing paper planes at the talentless koreans.

  18. GEEminjee says:

    poor heechul…i hope it doesn’t hurt..

    • hannah♥SHINee♥ELF♥KISSME♥ says:

      ofcourse it hurts!! let me try to throw a signboard at you and lets see if it does not hurt!:(
      i really hate that fan!!urrrgggghh!!!

  19. GEEminjee says:

    heechul was really hurt…I’m sure that fan already got its karma.. i feel sad for heechul oppa

  20. Toilet says:

    Do you get more points for hitting the talentless koreans in the face or body?

  21. […] After getting hit by a sign that left him injured during Super Junior‘s “SUPER SHOW 3” concert in Shanghai, Kim Heechul is none too pleased with the event. […]

  22. ithereforeconclude says:

    i heard a “rumor” that they got jealous at the other country’s ELF’s where they saw from SuJu’s twitter pages that “They Love this (name of the country)”. And i think that this enraged the ELF’s from taiwan, some of them even throw some ‘pizzas’ at the members after giving it to Shindong…

    • Telephone says:

      The plural of elf is elves, and elves don’t live in China so why would they get jealous of them? Dragons live in China and Ghosts wearing Hanfu.

      • hannah♥SHINee♥ELF♥KISSME♥ says:

        excuse me?? we’re called ELF’s okay? not elves!! duh,.,seriously, get your facts right!!
        ELF stands for EverLasting Friends! duh!!
        seroiusly.. GET A LIFE!!

  23. Kasey says:

    It was sad at least he should have kept on singing. Like in show biz, the show must go on, it was not like he got knocked out by it. that would have been different

  24. ShizzyC says:

    Poor Heechul Oppa… That must have hurt… But people, please don’t hate this girl, she wrote a long apology letter, and Heechul’s already forgiven her, so I think you all should too, and stop having a go at her. It was an accident.
    Love between ELF’s 🙂

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