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[POP Spot] Kim Hyun-joong was seen eating chicken!

What else is new?

Kim Hyun-joong spent his Saturday with friends! Little Yonsama was seen by his hyponotized following fans at his friend’s revamped restaurant, Jaksal Chicken.

He has given up the Hotsun this week, to enjoy a tasty bird treat closer to home.

Did you see Hyun-joong on March 5th at Jaksal?

Kim Hyun-joong’s first solo album is expected to be released in May 2011.

Sources: @puk_kondem, @Kate_Lum, girl gang korea, and Hyunnies Pexers


31 Comments on “[POP Spot] Kim Hyun-joong was seen eating chicken!”

  1. lilly says:

    is he holding someones hand???? 0-0?

  2. jin says:

    hahahaha love the first pic for some reason.

  3. love ya says:

    jung min at the tv .. hahah so funny .. leader fighting

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


    • lisa says:

      seriously you could tell thats jung min on tv?! wow I wish have your eyesight oh envy you !!!!! well I super love fried chicken ever since, so there’s more reason to love it now hehehehe!!!!!!

  4. Dovey says:

    Did I see him? Of course not, because I don’t even remotely live near Korea at all. Besides, even if I did I still wouldn’t have seen him. Was busy celebrating my b-day!

  5. samsilver says:

    i love ss501

  6. queenbznutz says:

    And the whole of south east asia imploded when this made the headlines. I heard because of this article, fried chicken sales in the philippines increased by 1000 percent!

    • Gugu says:

      LOl!!..for real, I actually feel like eating fries chicken for dinner after reading this news.

    • shei says:

      The sale of chicken in the Philippines doesn’t really need a boost though. Chicken dishes are really popular here for some reason.

      • Telephone says:

        It’s because Filipinos are all Kwannabees and just want to do whatever their k-gods do.

        It’s that simple.

        • _--___-___ says:

          wonder why you always drag the filipinos in your comments… you are annoying… why do you hate filipinos? did they do something to you?

          • Telephone says:

            If every fat person I see has a burger in their hand, then is it wrong for me to say ‘fat people typically like burgers’, or do I have to physically search out every fat person to determine whether or not they like burgers?

            Why are you upset that filipinos, malaysians and vietnamese typically behave like Korean-wannabes? Don’t blame everyone for noticing this .. blame them for their actions and behaviour. They should just own up to the fact they worship koreans.

            • snakeskin says:

              and what you’re doing is overgeneralizing. look it up.

              • Toilet Telephone says:

                It’s called rationalism. Look it up.

                The fact is, filipinas worship Koreans as if they were gods, and that’s just how it is.

                • Orange_Fun says:

                  Actually it’s called being a dumbass troll. No need to look it up.
                  The fact is you wroship Asians and anything that has to do with them. You are ashamed and try to cover it up with racist comments then proceed to cry your self to sleep because you can’t escape the fact that you fail at life. Reply to this and it confirms that I’m rightm don’t reply still confirms that I’m right. Either way I’m right…sucks to be you.

  7. irene says:

    now our passion for hyunjoong can also relate to eating chicken these days,,lol^^

  8. irene says:

    and yes,..i also see on the first pix..there)s Jungmin on tv performing “Not Alone”….i’m sure he must be proud of Jungmin,hehhe^^

  9. Glamorous Sky says:

    he’s watching SS501 Park Jung Min performance – Not Alone.
    what a supportive Leader of SS501^^~
    the reason to love SS501 more. yeah! SS501 fighting!!

  10. ali says:

    love you kim hyun joong

  11. Orange_Fun says:

    I’m sorry, I’m actually a fan of his, but why is this news?

    • Telephone says:

      “Talentless K-pop star eats some food” .. that sort of news keeps the Kwannabees going for hours.

  12. caroline says:

    oh well he cant escape from the reporters cause he is a big figure ohhhhh i feel sorry for him i PUKE

  13. […] [POP Spot] Kim Hyun-joong was seen eating chicken! |Mar 6, 2011 … Little Yonsama was seen by his hyponotized followin g fans at his friend’s revamped restaurant, Jaksal Chicken. … […]

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