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What Does Hyuna Do In Her Sleep?

4minute: It’s true. Hyuna dances and talks while sleeping“.

After failing to teach 4minute how to speak English, G.NA complemented the group’s new dorms.

Commenting on Hyuna, G.NA said  “I’m glad you’re sleeping alone in your bed. Whenever my schedule was over and that I came back home, Hyunah was sleeping, stretched all over the bed.”

Leader Ji-hyun though that was far from her problems saying, “Hyuna is unaware she dances when she’s sleeping”.

Source: TV Daily


32 Comments on “What Does Hyuna Do In Her Sleep?”

  1. samsilver says:

    i love her

  2. I love ? says:

    Oh wow never expected that but still she is really cute and awesome! Keep it up Hyuna~

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    lol funny n cute

  4. neon says:

    whatever way, she’s hot. guys would still willingly bed her should she display any outrageous behavior whilst sleeping.

    • Fail says:

      WHICHever way.

      • neon says:

        no one actually cares about your free little tutoring you conduct online to garner attention you’ve always been deprived of.

    • Telephone says:

      Why would I want to bed her? She’s korean and probably had a lot of plastic surgery. The fact is, she’s not chinese or french or norwegian and so I’d rather just say no. I think most europeans would say no also, and not know where Korea is.

  5. LOL! says:

    Imbecile’s giving out free tutoring-sessions only to no one’s interest. 😥

  6. jasmine says:

    lol some variety show needs to put some hidden camera at Hyuna’s room!
    i wanna see her cute dance in pajamas! she must be looking soooooo cool ! xD

  7. Telephone says:

    Does she fart in her sleep? Is that what we’re getting at?

    • DIA says:

      Go get a job you fucking loser. Every time I come onto this website at night you’re spamming all the articles. No one gives a flying fuck what you have to say

      • erica says:

        it’s obvious this guy does have a job, mostly involved in sitting in front of a computer since it seems he has access to internet 24/7. Now why don’t you de-stress a little and try not to think about having to bath too many old folks tomorrow.

        • Small Beng says:

          obviously he/she isn’t Filipino if he/she has 24 hour access to the internet!!!! Since most of the south east asian posters on here always post via PC Rooms!

          • Toilet says:

            Keep on guessing ladies. I’m interested to see what you come up with.

            • Small Beng says:

              Well you seem to be sorta-kinda well versed in Hangul-mal, so you must be living there right now, or maybe used to live there? You also don’t seem to like Americans, so you must be a Filipino-Canadian working your 12 hour slave contract at a hagwon?? Either that or you don clown costumes and sing and dance for little korean monsters at Paju English village 7 days a week? More clues please….

  8. Jae says:

    No. She’s actually being taken by one of her superiors. That’s what you’re supposed to do as a puppet who’s hungry for fame.

  9. k-popfollower says:

    Wow she really doesn’t stop working. Even performing in her sleep ^^

  10. in young says:

    ehh ok.. who cares what they do in their sleep anyways -.-

  11. steve says:

    Is this the girl people say can dance? I watched a couple of her performances, all she can do hump her upper body around while her feet stay planted on the floor. Terrible foot work. Boring ass dancing. She isn’t dancing in her sleep, she’s humping the bed.

  12. kibum_choco says:

    haha she can dance when she’s sleeping? weew o.O
    so funny…

  13. wowo ahahaha so cut i like hyun a

  14. QUINCY says:

    LOL I want to witness that 😀

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