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Victoria Fulfills Nichkhun’s Fantasy

Nichkhun: “Call me Oppa

On the variety show drama “We Got Married“, Nichkhun and his virtual wife Victoria‘s relationship, got a whole lot more intimate for the couple.

When visiting Thailand, Victoria revealed during the interview portion, that she liked the way Nichkhun‘s younger sisters called him “Oppa” and wished that she could do the same.

Victoria was worried though, he wouldn’t like it if she called him “Oppa”, too, so the couple at that point had referred to themselves as “Nichkhun-sshi” and “Victoria-sshi.”

But Victoria finally got her her wish, as Nichkhun asked her to call him “Oppa”, which she happily agreed .

Nichkhun remarked that, Victoria calling oppa, made him believe he was her real boyfriend.





45 Comments on “Victoria Fulfills Nichkhun’s Fantasy”

  1. Zerog says:

    As much as I try to respect the nuisances of other people languages I find oppa weird and sort of deeming. Call boyfriend older brother is just nasty and makes the girl sound like a 12 year old girl. Aren’t they non Korean any way.

    • in young says:


    • Beetish says:

      oppa isn’t necessarily older brother. its really complicated to explain
      oppa is used as older brother, but it is also used as an affectionate word to guys that are maybe a little older than you.

      oppa’s not necessarily a direct translation of older brother. hope to clear up the misunderstanding 😀

  2. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Lol cute.

  3. Sai says:

    I do not fully understand the use of the word Oppa however, if I had the choice the use it or not then I word skip it. Also, I am not a fan of Victoria b/c something about her comes across as fake and trying to act cute or innocent when all know she is not. I guess that is the image that she has created for herself but, it is not working as far as I am concerned.

    • Toilet Telephone says:

      No one cares what you think, just get back to earning money so you can buy more k-pop records and shut the hell up…

      .. stupid consumers thinking above their station.

    • kaylee says:

      It’s not the image she created for herself, it’s the image her manager/sm created for her. Her classmates in the past have said that she use to be blunt and quite unfeminine during her school days and that she’d been told off by her manager for not being cute enough. But hey, the cutesy route sells in Korea. Especially among the guys. Korean guys really do like it when they’re called “Oppa” by girls. It works. Still, considering Victoria still has more female fans than male fans I guess she isn’t just popular because of that.

    • Sayuri says:

      i mean, i’m not hating her or anything…i’m not her anti-fan either..but it would be better if she acts “normal” than pushing really hard to get an image of a cute-innocent-childish girl. I know sometimes a girl likes to act cute in front of a boy she likes. But really…she’s trying too HARD! It would be better if she shows the charisma of a leader she has than trying to act aegyo all the time.

  4. hottestjen says:

    oh fuck them.

  5. ShereeN says:

    What Can I Said Is…” WHAT EVER”….

  6. Toilet Telephone says:

    An american talks to a chinese using Korean…. what’s the focking point even watching this bilge.

  7. Nikki says:

    As they are both non-koreans, why would they opt to go that route instead of following their own cultures customs? They’re working in Korea… that’s it, they are still seen as “foreigners”.

  8. leyla says:

    OMG HOW CAN PPL STILL WATCH THIS LAME ASS SHOW?!? i spotted after the Ant couple left…it became soooooo lame after. filled with annoying, boring idol ”stars”.

    • leyla says:


    • rachel says:

      Ant couple isn’t anymore better. They don’t even seem like a couple. More like a gay guy and his mom. Sweet potato is much more adorable.

      • Leyla says:

        They were the last of of the original cast *when WGM was actually good and worth watching *…hence why i stopped watching.

        And yes.yes,they were better. they were a hella lot more interesting,funnier and entertaining than these boring lot.

        This season of WGM is like F.O2 totally lame and unnecessary, and each episode slowly kills whatever you loved about the original show.

        • Small Beng says:

          Y don’t you go back to watching your own local crap reality shows then? Or at least practise your english grammar you dumb f*ck?

        • linnie says:

          it’s not like you watching or not watching the show even contributes to the ratings in Korea anyway. The remaining couples still have high ratings even after Ant left.

      • erica says:

        omg it’s so true. Jo Kwon is gay! He showed more affection towards Nickhun on that one wgm episode than he ever did to Ga In. Half the time they were like 2 girls fighting. not like a married couple at all.

  9. GulfOfUnicorns says:

    Thats his fantasy??!!
    I thought his fantasy was something like doing anal..LOL

  10. teehee says:

    love khuntoria but i dont like victoria’s hair like that.
    love yongseo couple too ❤

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      i think it’s because were so used to her having bangs

    • Telephone says:

      She’s wearing her hair all chinesey. What’s your issue with chinese style hair?

      • teehee says:

        i dont think thats chinese hair style.

        even americans and japanese do their hair like that.

        • Spoon says:

          Well South Korea is an american GI bride breeding colony so you can include Koreans within the term americans, meaning that it’s okay for her to have her hair like that in Korea State, USA.

  11. stacey says:

    i like Khun, Victoria seems okay. Their fake marriage isn’t very interesting to me, its a bit awkward. They do look cute together. I particularly don’t like the calling your boyfriend ‘Oppa’ its equivalent to calling him ‘daddy’. Massive mood killer.

    • Toilet says:

      I thought k-wannabes liked the whole ‘daddy’ thing. She’s chinese so she must be dying a death every time she’s forced to say that to some talentless american who should be working in a hagwan.

      If I was her, I’d fook awf back to China and get a real career.

      • olivia says:

        If she’s smart. she most likely will. just like Han geng. He’s now making more money alone than all Super Junior combined.

  12. ashley says:

    Wait but isn’t Victoria older than Nick? so why does he want her to call “him older brother”? I know it’s cute to him but it doesn’t really make sense if u think about it……

    • Toilet says:

      None of them are korean, so none of it makes sense. Especially for the American. I guess it’s just done to make it sound like Korean culture is vastly superior to both american and chinese cultures, which we all know that it isn’t.

      Therefore it all ends up in korean-based nonsense… which is what the Indovietmalaypinays love.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Yeah, i know it’s not the right order, but some guys liked being called oppa if they are younger than the girl.
      Like, for example, Sungmin from SuJu. He says he wants his fans to call him oppa, even his noona fans….

      • Telephone says:

        Some americans and Filipinos like to be called oppa and noona and things even when they’re not Korean citizens…

        .. it’s crazy

  13. queenbznutz says:

    @telephone..if I were a pinay I’d be all over my cab driver oppas too ‘oppa saranghae nuna dongseng see foot!!!’

    • Telephone says:

      The typicaly pinay comment on this blog is “oppa oppa noona noona mabugay fighting” so I understand what you’re saying.

  14. Rita Liu says:

    That’s totally weird!

  15. Orange_Fun says:

    Why are so many people putting down other people of different nationalities, racism is not attractive, and stop getting so hung up over what happens on WGM……IT”S FAKE.

    • Spoon says:

      No one is putting you down for rejecting your own culture and begging to be Korean. We all think it’s marvellous and very funny. Think of how much fun and laughter you’re giving to others.

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