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What is Kim Ki-bum’s life like after U-kiss?

Apparently, he is exhuasted!

Playing with Choco, sleeping on the HnB Company‘s mascot (Piro Piro), playing with Choco…..these are the arduous chores that take up this former idol’s life.

The full-time business owner of HnB Company (along with his brother Kim Hyung-jun) probably has a busy schedule. However, the way he displays his life in the Twittersphere, seems anything but hectic. Recently, Ki-bum photographed his dog, himself, and Piro Piro lounging around his home.

Is he relaxing from a hard day’s work on the HnB business, or is this singer thinking of starting a new band called U-woof?

Choco could be the leader!

Source: @90KKB


41 Comments on “What is Kim Ki-bum’s life like after U-kiss?”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    That’s such a cute dog!!

    • amy says:

      I really want to know what breed it is

      • Toilet says:

        It’s the type korean people put in a pot and eat.

        • amy says:


        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          no, that’s not the type.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          no, that’s not the type.
          the dog has to be bigger than that.

          • Telephone says:

            I know, I used to live above a dog restaurant.

            .. what I was making is what we call a joke as the dog is too small and wouldn’t make a nice soup.

            • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

              I’ve never tried Boshingtang and i never want to, but my dad has tried it and he said it tastes like chicken.
              Also, my friend loves boshingtang. He says it’s one of his fav dishes… yeah… uhhh….

              • Telephone says:

                Dog soup with meat is good if you are ill, because it’s got medicinal properties.. according to asian sensibilities.

                • amy says:

                  OH MYGOD

                  ARE YOU RANDY BUMGARDNER?
                  aka Spoon,Toilet.Telephone?

                  LOL! I thought you gave
                  up trolling!! Dude I love your comments they’re offensive but f*ckin hilarious : )
                  Seriously I can tell when a comment is randy bumgardner’s multiple identities cannot hide your intellectual offensive comments : ))

  2. yuna says:

    haha he’s so cute…

  3. Kasey says:

    Aww, its suck that he is no longer part of the U-Kiss, it was terrible of what they did to him. But at least he has HnB company to fall back on. He also have the talent to join other groups as well too..Fight on Ki-Bum

  4. Jae says:

    After his company got 99,999% of the money U-Kiss earned… they dumped him. As he should, like all the clueless mediocre ‘talents’. The business using you and spitting you out > your short-lived fame.

  5. Steffi says:

    aww cute dog

  6. Sai says:

    I like the dog since it is so cute.

  7. hottestjen says:

    NH media is soo fuckin stupid for letting alex and kibum go for some new members. fuck NH media

    • Toilet Telephone says:

      Shut the hell up, you’re a consumer and no one pays you to think about who should be let go, you just need to buy their bland and talentless music and shut the hell up.

      You consumers when you’re trying to think outside your box are funny, but the best you can think about is how long this dude can live in his apartment before they kick him out on the street for being unemployed.

  8. GEEminjee says:

    hope he’ll return to his group U-KISS..I’m so sad when he left his group..But i still love ki bum…

  9. Dizzy_23 says:

    Okay,,he’s not in ukiss anymore.. *trying to calm down* And now,,NH Media release a statement that ukiss have new member,,his name Hoon,,they said that this new member is good in taekwondo and has a powerful voice and blah blah blah… Okay NH,,i can’t wait for his ‘day’…

  10. kibum_choco says:

    owwwow,,kibum and choco so cute…

  11. queenbqty says:

    If the company couldn’t appreciate him, that’s NH Media’s loss, Ki Bum will be fine, he has his business partnership and writes songs with Hyung Jun, and he’s handsome and a great singer and dancer.
    Also he lives with his bro, the gorgeous Hyung Jun Baby and the cutest Choco, he’s a lucky guy!

    • sphantomhive says:

      yeah.. 4 god sake.. he’s such a talented producer.. produces couples of song 4 ss501.. n wif d biz wif his bro.. he’s gud at dancing n singing.. n hell yeah.. his bro is hyung jun baby 4 god sake.. n.. isn’t he rich sumthing?? eli once subconciously proves dis.. so.. i dun think he care dat much bout being kick out 4m ukiss.. it’s a lost 4 nh media then.. haha.. bsides.. d ony reason i stick wif ukiss until b4 is bcoz of kibum.. now he’s gone.. well.. bubye ukiss.. bubye hoon?? hoho

      • Telephone says:

        I cannot speak for everyone, but I find trying to decode what you’re trying to say troublesome and dull.

        Are you incapable of typing normal text which we can all understand? It’s really not that hard.

        • Lego says:

          Are you incapable of having some tact? The comments section on a korean gossip site isn’t the place to be handing out grammar tips and flaunting your holier-than-thou attitude.

        • lavagirl says:

          Why are you here? this site is for fans and those interested in UKISS or even Kpop in general. Please respect us. You don’t want other people bashing stuff you really like, do you? and what Lego says is true; this isn’t an English class, for crying out loud. Many of us here are Asians and English isn’t exactly our first language. You wouldn’t expect to speak impeccable Korean or Chinese or whatever other Asian language once you try, right? we understand what they’re saying; it’s enough.

          I hope you just stop and leave this site altogether.

  12. AVA says:

    KI BUM~ 😥

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