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Heechul’s Sign Throwing Fan Apologizes

Super Junior Heechul‘s unknown assailant/fan speaks up about the unfortunate event.

After getting hit by a sign that left him injured during Super Junior‘s “SUPER SHOW 3” concert in Shanghai, Kim Heechul is none too pleased with the event.

Following the incident he took to his twitter writing “After this wound, I hope that not once, ever again, will anything fly towards the stage. I’m not hurt, glad, mad, or happy.”

Reports proved to be true that he was taken to hospital afterwards, and as you can clearly see the sign did enough damage to leave a large scratch on Heechul‘s face.

But just who was the “mystery fan” who threw the sign at Heechul?

Whoever she is, the fan finally opened up about the incident through her Weibo page, explaining she couldn’t believe what had happened and she felt guilty.

The girl then apologized to Heechul, and admitted she wish she hadn’t been a fan in the 1st place in order to protect him from her mistake.

Ending her aplogy she wrote:

To me, tonight was a time in my entire life that makes me unable to forget that I am a sinner, it was the first time I was in a place with Heechul, yet I personally injured what I said I cherished in words, but in action, I was a sinner.

What do you think of the whole situation?

Source: Star News


84 Comments on “Heechul’s Sign Throwing Fan Apologizes”

  1. mich says:

    Shouldn’t do it at the 1st place. Just behave and trying to be civilized

    • jasmine says:

      stop bashing already, obviously the fan didn’t do it on purposed.
      sorry to say, but i don’t expect any more E.L.F commit suicide and put the blames on other Super Junior fans for hateful comments! that’s sucks. no one wants it to happen AGAIN. just please, stop.

    • aleahsi says:

      agree with you mich…

  2. Nutral says:

    I don’t think she is a sinner. she just got too excited seeing the one person she cherished and If i was in her place i could have made the same mistake but life is too short to hate yourself for a small mistakes.the important thing is to learn from your mistake and move on and be an example to others. ALl the fans out there after this incident u knw u shouldnt throw stuff at ur idol.

  3. M says:

    Hopefully she won’t try to kill herself as a result. Feel guilty? You should. Taking action towards yourself. Draw the line, woman.

  4. Jing says:

    It was wrong of the fan and all fans to throw anyhing towards an artist or anyone else.some fans are just so over the top ,that they forget that artists are people too,get hurt etc..Just remember that the artists are there to give fans happiness through their music or acting.

  5. addikan says:

    seriously? what is he? GOD? it was an accident people! though, NO ONE should throw ANYTHING at ANYONE who is on STAGE! gaah this reminds me of justin bebs hahah that was funny yet sad, yet he laughed it off. Heechul should have just played it cool. now, he’s got the whole world in a fuss. people are probably trying to find this girl and murder her. who knows….suju fans are effen crazy!

    • Telephone says:

      To the fanatics from indovietmalaypinayland he is a god, yes. So they expect no one to throw things at their gods except for sacrifices.

      The fact is she’s chinese, and throwing things at talentless korean people is quite normal in china. The funny thing is, this idol is apparently so fragile that the small sign made him cry and then they used fake blood to make him look injured.

      I’m glad he doesn’t play Rugby or any sports for real men, or he’d never survive.

      • blah says:

        Toilet.. Telephone.. Roger… Do yourself a favor and actually read the full article before posting comments on the comments of posters. This Chinese fan of Heechul’s was a total Heechul fanatic, on the level of “indovietmalaypinayland fan-dom”, and she lost her sense of better judgment when she got near her object of adoration (Heechul). To this CHINESE fan, Heechul is clearly talented. And to be fair, people the world over like to throw things at untalented “artists”. If an untalented Brit “artist” threw a horrid concert in Korea, I’m sure we’d be raining rotten kimchi on his/her head.

        • Spoon says:

          You’d do that anyways because it would be a European artist and not an American artist which you’d all cheer.

          That sir, is why european artists never go to Korea.. if that josunjuk fan didn’t want to throw it, then the outcome is that she just made her k-idol look like a complete girl on stage which forced him to wear fake blood so people don’t call him ‘delicate flower boy’

        • blah says:

          Who knows whether the fan was Chosun jok or Han or Uyghur or Mongol. And get over your delusion that Koreans hate Europeans. There are Koreans who like them, and there are those who don’t. Likewise for Americans. But you wouldn’t know that, since you’ve never been to Korea and have never spoken with a Korean.
          And Heechul IS a delicate flower, there is no questioning THAT. The issue just lies with a fan who threatened his money-making source, e.g. face. For a Kpop idol who relies on looks for money (my opinion, which I’m sure will enrage Heechul fans), that’s a pretty big issue.

        • yurp21 says:

          agreed. this toilet person is so stupid, i wonder how he types.

  6. Dizzy_23 says:

    @addikan: yea,,i think so,, heechul should act like professional artist,,not get back to the bckstage in the middle of his prformnce. I mean,, he s not ‘JUNIOR’ anymore..he s ‘SENIOR’ rght now.. He should be a good example for his hoobae..

    • MNT08 says:

      AGREE!!!!! ❤

    • VictoriaDM says:

      Well aparrently it hurt him that much. I don’t want to sound like i am bashing you, but it isn’t a “JUNIOR” thing to do to want to sit out of a concert after having an UNEXPECTED object hit you in the face. Remember how much of a team play Heechul has been. When he threw up blood, he still performed. This is a little blimp on his carrier, and yes he might have exaggerated but hey, if i were doing what i loved and then i had a UFO (unexpected flying object) hit my face, i think i might be humiliated, shocked and upset.

  7. queenbznutz says:

    Aww look at that poor girl with that pink hoodie cry!

  8. hanna says:

    i’m not biased but i think that people should understand heechul’s feeling coz myb it’s the 1st time that kind of accdent hppend 2 we know heechul’s personalities a bit different from other,but 2 me he’s cute being like that..
    the fangirl should feel guilty but she’s not a sinner coz heechul is an artis not GOD,so, cheer up girl!!(^_^)
    people shouldn’t have bad talk neither to heechul nor that girl coz that’s just an accdent,so just leave it like that..

    • Telephone says:

      If he played Rugby or any other good sport, then the people would have laughed at him for being such a wimp. The fact is… Chinese probably gave her 10pts for hitting a talentless korean on the head, and 5pts for the chest or back area.

      The scoring is just like taekwondo really.

      • Orange_Fun says:

        The Chinese love Super Junior.

        • Spoon says:

          Only Koreans in china love Super Junior. Chinese people don’t even know who they are.

          People trying to know about chinese folks again.. typical.

          • Orange_Fun says:

            sigh…..Just another dumbass troll trying to cover up the fact they are obsessed koreans…..typical.

          • blah says:

            @ Spooning Toilet water – Get a grip. If you want to show Super Junior isn’t popular in China, do what you do best and start spamming some credible online sites for reliable info that shows Super Junior isn’t popular. Then proceed to share those sites with us.
            Also, Koreans in China? If you’re referring to the Choson-jok, they are technically CHINESE. You have this penchant for saying CHINESE this and CHINESE that, but you don’t seem to understand that China is just like America – One huge melting pot of ethnic groups. Funny how you adore China though, and hate America so. Why is that?

            • Spoon says:

              Well, why are Josunjuk TECHNICALLY CHINESE but American Korean Heritage Leeches are classed by you as being TECHNICALLY KOREAN? Fancy answering that one while you’re dancing along to 2ne4,SNSSD, 2PM, F(x) or all the other nonsense korean acts crammed full of yanks.

              Is there even a word for being consistent in the korean dictionary, or does every word describe a new way of getting your sister to marry an american?

            • blah says:

              Apparantly, every other word for you would be along the lines of imbecilic xenophobe… who obviously has a very short memory and a grudge against the Korean race.

              Listen troll, and listen well because it’s tiring repeating myself over and over to you. Choson jok are ETHNICALLY Chinese. Korean-Americans are ETHNICALLY American. BUT, both are racially Korean, and there is nothing that says you can’t embrace both ethnicity and race. Which is what many Korean-American artists do, hence their descriptions of themselves as KOREAN-Americans.
              I don’t understand what it is with your fixation on race, and hatred for Americans and Koreans.

      • blah says:

        You’re supposed to get hit in Rugby or any other “good” sport. You are NOT supposed to get gashed in the face by fanatical fangirls who idiotically throw signs at the celebrity fan boy they’ve been waiting their entire life to meet in person (as sad as that is). Big difference.

        • Spoon says:

          Look, you clearly don’t know about good sports, because you’re a korean and koreans only play fat-sports which their american owners tell them to play.

          But in good sports like rugby (which koreans cannot play) , if someone cuts you across the face with a fingernail in the scrum, you are blood binned for a few mins while they tape you up, put on some vaseline and then you’re back out playing again.

          You don’t need down and cry like a big girl, because then you’ll be called a big girl. You take it like a man.

        • blah says:

          Again, Rugby is YOUR definition of a good sport. Handball, Soccer, Swimming are mine. Speed skating and snowboarding as well.

          And stop with the American owners comment already. It’s getting old and stale, and makes you looks more like an anachronistic throwback to the days when the British thought it was ok to colonize anything that moved or walked.

    • LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

      @hanna, AGREED!
      Couldn’t of said it any better!~

  9. Amy says:

    OMG!! I really don’t blame her!! Everyone throws things to the podium and this time it just hit Heechul. Btw I don’t think that Heechul blames her! It could happen with everyone!! And its not something you should call yourself a sinner, if everyone becomes a sinnir when you make a mistake, then people shouldn’t live anymore!! So to the fan who threw that thing, don’t take it to your heart! It’s not your fault! Heechul isn’t a bad person, he doesn’t blame you or hate you!! He forgives you!!

    • Spoon says:

      Chinese +10pts …. Pansy Korean not-Men -10pts. So much for their ‘nationalistic korean super race genetics’ eh?

      let’s see how the game pans out, shall we.

    • blah says:

      Spoon spoon spoon… spooning feces filled toilet water into your drinks in the massive quantities that you do is bad for the health, but apparantly THAT is your cup of tea. Nationalistic Korean super race genetics? hahahaha, now which anti-Korean site did you rip that phrase from? And don’t start dithering on about how we Koreans think we’re the best, etc etc. You’ve never talked to any Koreans, have never been to South Korea, and you don’t know any Koreans, so don’t presume to know what a REAL Korean actually thinks. Good grief, your racism is so obvious it’s a wonder that you just don’t outright say “I hate all Koreans for the simple fact that they’re Koreans.”

      • Spoon says:

        It’s hard to meet a real Korean when they’re all swimming across the pacific to their LA-Mecca in the USA.

        So don’t blame me for that one. Besides, in Europe we only have 4 koreans and they’re all escapees from the north.

      • blah says:

        Again, your visa to the USA has been denied one too many times.

        Get out of your delusional world, and go visit South Korea and talk to a real Korean before deciding that you hate Koreans. Good grief, you’re racism is thick enough to cut with a knife.

  10. pororo says:

    stop acting like he broke a bone. its just a scratch really. i feel sorry for the girl. she must have been so excited.

  11. EH! says:

    Maybe the injury was exaggerated and its pretty funny for he couldn’t attend some tv shows because of it. Also read somewhere that he didn’t take part in the concert after this. Dude man up!

    • Spoon says:

      This guy should never play any real sports for real men, like Rugby or cricket or sailing, because he’d just end up crying and be injured after 2 mins.. he should only do girls sports like football or knitting or tapestry.

      This guy is so delicate.

      • Managa n__n says:

        Man!! I never thought that spoons can be this annoying!!
        I guess even spoons want attention sometimes .. after all we are talking about a spoon imagine how boring his life must be??!! :O
        I kind of feel sorry now !! And not to mention this spoon love’s sport if I’m right!! =D But I’m a little curious is this ‘spoon’ a girl of a boy?? because I always kind of feel like spoons are boys and forks are girls??!! I’m a right or dead worng ?? =D

  12. Dizzy_23 says:

    @all: c’mon guys,,dont bash heechul or the ‘sinner’ girl..heechul is a ‘JUNIOR’,,rite?? *super junior?i thnk theyre senior rite now*

  13. blah says:

    Heechul stated that he’s not mad. He just doesn’t want to get gashed in the face when he’s performing on stage, by flying objects spun from crazy fan girls who can’t seem to control themselves. Not trying to bash “Sinner”, just stating the obvious that he isn’t an athlete, he’s a singer who doesn’t want his “looks” ruined accidentally by an out of control fan… and we all know how important looks are to these idol pop groups. Although… personally, I don’t understand what the ladies find so attractive about Heechul.

    • Spoon says:

      Look, it’s just the truth but Koreans are incapable of playing good sports like Rugby, Sailing or Cricket.. and so USA forces them to play shyte sports for fat people like American fatball and fatbasefatballfat so that the korean brother in laws of Americans who married their sister through a website have something to talk at them about while they chug lemonade.

      Even the Japanese can play rugby and the Chinese are playing cricket… so what does that tell you about Korean men who cry when they get hit?

      It tells you that soap opera tv shows which pretend Korean guys are really macho and tough, are nonsense, because apparently korean men are fragile and cry when they get hit by a paper aeroplane.

    • blah says:

      That’s quite a tale you’ve spun for yourself. I’m sure you exhausted all of your brain cells coming up with this one. Cricket, sailing and rugby are YOUR opinion of good sports. You’re not exactly God, so that doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to agree with your definition of “good sports”. Handball, Swimming and Football (aka soccer) are my personal faves.

      Good for the Japanese that they enjoy rugby, and I’m glad the Chinese play cricket. But what exactly is your point by pointing that out? Sorry, your criteria of manhood only applies in your delusional world, the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be.

      As for Heechul, facts are facts. He’s a Kpop idol who’s purse strings are tied to his looks, of course he’s not going to want to risk any “damage” to his face. Doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a fruit, because quite frankly I think this whole situation a bit ridiculous. Especially with the fan calling herself a “sinner”. Ha, she’s obviously into theatrics… as is Heechul.

      • Telephone says:

        I’m not God.. I never would suggest I was. All I know is that there are good sports in this world .. like Rugby, Cricket and Sailing.. and Korean people don’t do any of them, mainly because they are a GI bride breeding colony and America doesn’t let them.

        So, it’s not surprising this chap cannot take a blow to the face from a piece of card, because Koreans don’t know ‘good sports’ like other american colonies (Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc)

      • blah says:

        Rugby, Cricket, and Sailing are YOUR definition of good sports. Koreans engage in plenty of other sports that are just as good, so get off your high horse.

        Heechul is not an athlete, he’s a flower boy idol who doesn’t want to damage his face. I’m sure that there are plenty of British pop starlets who’d display the exact same type of hystrionics as Heechul, should a crazy fan project an LED board at their faces during a performance. Get over it.

  14. Kergy says:

    It’s obvious… she has to commit suicide.

    ‘Korean culture’ tells her so…

    • Spoon says:

      VANK and the other weird Korean people-netizens will be stalking her online trying to get her to commit suicide anytime now. Because that’s just how their culture works.

      • blah says:

        Listen, you can make your comments about Kpop. But don’t disgust me and others with your sick jokes about suicide. Yes, Korea has a high suicide rate, but that doesn’t give you the right to trivialize that by treating the subject matter so flippantly.

        • Telephone says:

          By trivialising it, I’m making people aware of it and making it a part of a conversation to which people can discuss openly and freely.

          What exactly are you doing about the suicide rate? .. nothing perchance?

        • blah says:

          No, what you are doing is dumbing down suicide to something that is more farce than tragedy, and contributing to an atmosphere that condones trivializing personal stragedies for the sake of a few laughs.

          What am I doing about suicide rate? For one, NOT trivializing it and thereby reducing the seriousness of this issue. Secondly, by donating part of my salary each month to a church organization’s fund for helping those members who are suffering economic hardship. Thirdly, mentoring children at an orphanage twice a week. And fourth, being part of a group dedicated to helping those struggling with “life/mental” issues at work, and helping to connect those who need help with actual medical and government resources.

          If you want to raise awareness about suicide, there are much better ways to go about it than making flippant remarks on a Kpop website.

  15. FINALBOSS says:

    OMG, cry me a fuking river. …





  16. Orange_Fun says:

    Leave Heechul alone, it’s the media that’s making this a big deal not him. So what if he tweeted about it, people tweet meaningless things all the time. It’s not like Heechul wrote up all the articles about this.

  17. Orange_Fun says:


  18. kristenapollo says:

    Too late honey, people are out to kill you.

  19. luvSuJu13 says:

    not to be mean but, great job you idiot! look watchu done to poor heechul

  20. ChuuChuu says:

    Heechul, I love you.

    But seriously?
    It’s a skratch. A little scratch.
    I saw the video and thought he over-exagerated too much.

    Yes, if you’re a fan and you want to throw something on stage for your favourite idol you should choose something soft like a teddy or something.
    But still.
    A tiny scratch Heechul.
    Come one.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Maybe he’s just a really sensitive guy…. idk
      well, he did have to stay in the hospital for months because of his car accident…

      • lollipop says:

        thats really different between the car accident & tiny scratches.
        if u have a scratches, is it possible to u to being hospitalise?
        beside he is a man.
        this is just a small thing.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          well, i guess u do have a good point…
          but that thing was an LED board..!!

          • Telephone says:

            He’s one delicate flower that man, he shouldn’t play sports.. or have any fights.

            • ChuuChuu says:

              I agree. I mean I’m a wimp and even I wouldn’t react so much to this.
              I love Heechul, but he REALLY needs to man up and stop being a baby.

  21. Carmen says:

    too far.

  22. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    김희철오빠, 우유빛깔 피부가 상쳐가 났다!!
    어머나~~~ 어떡하죠?!

  23. Dizzy_23 says:

    I think its normal if heechul crying out loud bcoz of that incident,,he’s JUNIOR rght? He might be play it cool if he s the mmber of super SENIOR.

  24. Lyna4u says:

    For someone sake.. Heechul is STUNNED. When you get hit by a flying object you don’t know where it came from but just suddenly hitting you right in the face, what will you do?
    You never know until it hit you.

    Heechul at that time must have not known what to do so he choose to leave the stage and try to collect his thoughts…. and if he cried, it’s not because he is childish or what but I think its because of Frustration that he can’t believe this kind of situation happened to him.

  25. halymah says:

    come on….. its just happen.i think he already forgive her.its just happen and can happen to any idol not only him.we love them and so happy to see our idol till mistake happen.dont make more problems ether for heechul and the girl just let it pass.he is a man and have soft heart i think everyone know that.cheeeeeer up for both of you

  26. Kasey says:

    what was an honest mistake, suck it up and go on with it. It’s not that she intentionally tried to injured him…sorry to say, but shit happens. and you have to go with the flow, at least he wasn’t badly injured..shit happens you can’t expect everything to be perfect. It happens here in the states and they aren’t griping about it. deal, get real, and move on. she apologize and that’s that. sometime little situations become big deals and you are like, are you serious, seriously.

  27. kimmyno9 says:

    Please stop bashing heechul he didnt do anything wrong. If you were heechul and you got hit by a flying board out of no where what will you do? will you just stand there and not know what just happened to you? For me its the girl’s problem heechul isnt making her sorry and forcing her to apologize she just exagerated her sorry too much. And for you antis go find a hobby and not bashing other people!

  28. EH says:

    he aint no fcking god..-_-

  29. VictoriaDM says:

    Like i said early, When you get hit by an object, whether you are a grown man or not and it does end up cutting you or just hitting really hard or WHATEVER it causes shock and will scare the heebeejeebeezz out of people. I don’t get why people who call themselves elfs can just say something like, “oh okay Heechul-ssi. We will try to control ourselves,no guarentees, i hope your face doesnt scar. ” Instead articles like this atract haters who rant on and on about shit that people really don’t want to here and just cause fans to argue about themselves…

  30. Kenzorei says:

    It’s simply an accident. Nothing to be happy about but it happened. 🙂

  31. mikki says:

    are you kidding me? im sorry i like the guy and all but really? the scare really isnt even that big. it’ll heal; it’s not like he’s going to die cause of it. I think the girl exaggerated with the whole sinner and charish thing and the throwing the sign, but really? getting all worked up about THAT scare? when i hear about it i thought it was larger that’s why there was so much talk. The whole thing just seems a bit exaggerated to me.

  32. Yachiru567 says:

    Aaaaawwwwwzzz! This girl is being polite! I TOTALLY WOULD DO THE SAME GIRL!!!! She did the right thing to appologize!!!!

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