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Hyun-bin and Song Hye-gyo are no longer a couple

Yup. The rumors were true, after all.Hyun-bin‘s management company confirmed that Hyun-bin and Song Hye-gyo had called it quits in the beginning of this year.

Song Hye-gyo asked to push off the announcement of their break-up since Hyun-bin was busy with multiple activities (1 drama, 2 movies, and enlisting in the marines). She did not want the news to affect his activities.

As to the reason for the break-up, Hyun-bin‘s management company confirmed that it was due to Hyun-bin‘s busy filming schedule during the shooting of the SBS drama “Secret Garden“. The couple did not have any time to see each other. The immense amount of public interest and the constant rumors of a split have also attributed to the break-up.

Another couple calls it quits. Did you see this coming?


62 Comments on “Hyun-bin and Song Hye-gyo are no longer a couple”

  1. Honey says:

    NOOO! i thought they were perfect 😦

  2. jfkldsa says:

    aawww:[ i wasn’t a very big fan of them together but now that there broken up i kinda feel sad:(

  3. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    what the hell? did they give them heavy schedules on purpose? this sux.

  4. teehee says:

    good looking couple.
    wow how can a couple break up just because something like that?
    it must be hard if they bump into each other.

  5. walkingfree says:

    Like a cloud in the distance I believed it was coming. Something about the rumor and how it was quieted so fast, no public appearances, all the “busy, busy, can’t attend”. Maybe because they did break up – it will open the way for someone for each to have by their side for more support. A happy ending maybe became more possible for both in the future.

  6. nikki says:

    they dated long enough to bang each other a few times…lol its a joke! RELAX!

    its pretty funny how “old fashioned” these kcelebs supposedly are, but more often then not you hear news of celeb couples marrying cause someone got knocked up…not out of luv lol. Then, you have the couples who’ve dated for a while and call it quits because of “busy schedules”.

    • ashley says:

      I noticed that too. I really can’t think of one couple that actually got married because the loved each other and the women was not pregnant. Well actually I only know Tasha and Tiger Jk did, but all the other K-celebs always get pregnant first them get married.

      • Telephone says:

        The only example you can think of …are 2 americans? Are you pushing some ridiculous agenda suggesting americans get married for love? Do you not know the divorce rates there?

        • ashley says:

          All I’m trying to say is why do they get married After the girl get knock up? To me it seems like they do shot gun weddings in SK or they think it’s a sin to have a child out of wedlock, so they tie the knot?

          • Telephone says:

            You people are obsessed with celebrities marrying each other. In korea, this isn’t how it works. Celebrities try to marry the heirs of large Chaebols (big businesses there) and have little or no interest in the other slaves in their slave regime.

        • leyla says:

          WTF?! why the hell are you so obsessed with America? everything u write has 2 do with America, is it the that the only country you know how to spell or something?….there are 195 others countries in the world mate and the 1 country ur obsessed with is the shitest.

          • Telephone says:

            Well, it’s either I’m obsessed with USA or I might be using the Korean obsession with Fatland as a metaphorical stick with which to stir them up and create laughable statements from them while other wannabe-Koreans line up to defend the honour of the Seppos. One thing or the other, you choose which.

        • Olivia says:

          hahahhahaa…i sometimes don’t understand why Americans get marry…

    • Telephone says:

      That’s not a funny joke, because in Korea all women are pure and virginal before marriage. What you’re suggesting is wrong, and goes against every law in the Philippines and Vietnam. Saying bad things about their K-gods is a crime and will be punished by the full hand of the LAW…

      .. and as the vietnamese say ‘Praises be to the Koreans, for they marry our womens’

      • Dan says:

        lol your comments are pure gold

        • Orange_Fun says:

          So I was right! You and all the other trolls do have a some weird Asian worshoping cult. I like I said before I’m pretty sure if you look hard enough you will find a blog specifically for that. Popseoul is for fans not worshipers.

          • Spoon says:

            You’re a K-pop fan and you worship koreans, so you should maybe step aside to make room for another commenter.

            • Orange_Fun says:

              Like I said in another post, we all know about your freaky Asian worshiping cult. You attempts to cover up your freakish obssesion was amusing, but now it’s just sad…..go get help.

  7. Daisy says:

    Sorry, but I’m glad because Ha Jiwon is the best partner for Hyun Bin. I hope Hyun Bin and Jiwon get together again in a romantic comedy drama, after hyun’s release from the marines.

  8. QUINCY says:

    I feel sorry for them, but as celebrities, it’s good for them to remain single as well…

  9. albita says:

    so sad, they look so good togheter,but thats what you expect when a couple has so much time apart from each other. you need time togheter to build a good relation.

  10. JOANA says:

    YIPEE! There’s a chance for HA JI WON and HYUN BIN! YAY! 😉
    SO HAPPY! 😉

  11. müge says:

    till SG, I was not content with these OLD copule (ohh feels good) and since SG I’m dying for HB-HJW. please pay attention! not only their characters on the drama but themselves. especially, I died every time I saw their off-screen chemistry. and I’ve been praying for that break-up every night (yes, I’m insane). now, I’ve more hopes than before.

    maybe it’s a childish fan view but I find SHG too cold and irritating.

    ohhh anyway, I’m so happy

    (now, many knives are being sharped for me, hah?)

    • raqz says:

      oh definitely were on the same boat. i think hyun bin fall for our ji won badly that in the middle of their shooting of their drama he decided to enter marines which will lead people to think what about SHK?right? and he said in an interview that he needs to think things when he was already in marines.oh yes when i heard the news i was like i hit a jockpot becoz i hve ds feeling the way he looked to ha ji won during the last message of ji won to her fans and to her co stars in the sbs award,.as if his eyes were saying why only now i met u!hahaha

      • hyemi says:

        i totally agree about the chemistry between ’em off set, It is so cool to finally see that some people think like me and hope so bad for HJW + HB
        ahhh we’ll see what happens when he returns, i hope hjw is gonna send him tons of letters for him only think about her for the two next years loll

      • jannela says:

        hahah. i totally agree with you. ilove HJW and HB
        LOVETEAM . but i feel sorry for song hye gyo

    • hyemi says:

      No I Agree with you sooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh

  12. monette says:

    I love both of them. I wish both of the well, although I am sad that they have to part ways….

  13. Kasey says:

    If you truly love some one, no matter what you would support t them. If they can’t come to you, you should go to them. That is, if you want to stay in the relationship. It’s a sacrifice you have to make. You can’t have just one person make all the sacrifice and you don’t take the step. It’s a two way stake. Each have to give 50/50.

  14. abundanttempest says:

    I kinda expected this since he’s going to the army soon. Who knows maybe they’ll reunite when he gets out…

  15. ISABEL says:



  16. cherri says:

    So sad…..I was hoping to see wedding pics soon. They’re such a gorgeous couple!

  17. sup says:

    this is the only time it sucks to be song hye kyo, to let a man like HB get away. but then, that only last for a milisecond until you realize she was at least with him and she is still song hye kyo…

  18. […] Hyun-bin and Song Hye-gyo are no longer a couple Yup. The rumors were true, after all. […] […]

  19. enneaj Kimagawa says:

    sorry to say this but Im rooting Won Bin for Song Hye Kyo. I love their chemistry in Autumn Tale. And they’re good friends. Song Hye Kyo was able to attend the premiere of Won Bin’s movie. Im praying for these two to end up!

  20. Totoro says:

    This chick got jealous because Hyun Bin had many kissing scenes with Ha Jiwon.

  21. Deki says:

    I m not too satisfied with the news, both r my fav, if the reason is becoz of not having time to see eachother, I think Song can wait for sometime but I don’t beleive in this. Both of them r stars and as we all know that they hardley get time to spend together. Please renuite if the reason is only that. Give him some time, I really want you two to be together.

  22. Lorni says:

    Not to b mean or anything but it feels like to me that they didn’t have such a strong relationship. If the only cause that is stated above was that it was due to constant pressure from the media and busy schedule which the two were not able to see eachother. Than they both weren’t truly “it” for each other. Though it’s sad that the two could not be together. But still, they both should of been a little bit stronger and try to work it out. But than again, things happen so yeah.

  23. lynne says:

    ugh. NOOOOOOOO 😦

  24. nicola says:

    The dumb chick haven had time for her brute din even send him off to MS!!!!

  25. Stranded_Angel says:

    so where did the news item about SHG’s last message for HyunBin? popseoul deleted it?

    • nicola says:

      O lord at least she has some fu*ky sence or does she!?
      Aren’t he entitled to that message after u broke up wth him, fu*ky bit*h
      Stay strong and healthy who are u kidding?
      There was no proof it was ever send, her damn followers made it all up!

  26. WoonDa says:

    it sound good

  27. jaaaz says:

    in 2 years when back together song hye kyo and hyun bin,
    just remember to my comment

  28. barney says:

    so sad, but on the other hand, its good to split up while hyun bin is busy in marines… if they are.. then soon theyll meet and reconcile again…

    do you have any idea what the reason behind? is it true about busy in their career?

  29. jannela says:

    hahah. i totally agree with you. ilove HJW and HB
    LOVETEAM . but i feel sorry for song hye gyo

  30. kyuneecha says:

    Well,if she already broke up with hyun bin………WON BIN IS WAITING FOR HER!!!I love Song hye kyo + won bin couple!!! XXD

  31. tootsiesparkles says:

    Well, if you will ask me.. then I say i’m happy and sad because they already broke up .. because, honestly, I want Ha Ji Won for Hyun Bin.. on and off cam they have good chemistry..

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