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Lee Na-young and Kim Hyun-joong…

… make a visual dream couple.

Lee Na-young and Kim Hyun-joong were selected as spokespeople for the social commerce brand Coupang.

Before, Lee Na-young transformed into Maetel from “Galaxy Express 999” and Kim Hyun-joong transformed into the “Little Prince” for separate commercials for the brand. Now, they are appearing together in the main advertisements.

The photo shoot has already been conducted, as shown by the picture above. Lee Na-young looks clean and feminine in a white blouse and skirt and Kim Hyun-joong looks dandy in a sky blue jacket. They showed many affectionate gestures such as holding hands and performing back hugs like a real couple for the photo shoot.

Do you think they look cute together?


42 Comments on “Lee Na-young and Kim Hyun-joong…”

  1. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    no not really. they look like friends to me.

    • pretty girl says:

      yes they look good as a friends…not as a couple only friends.

      • blah blah says:

        Please take note of the words used: “make a ‘visual’ dream couple.” only LOOK LIKE…They showed many affectionate gestures such as holding hands and performing back hugs ‘like a real couple’ for the photo shoot. ONLY LIKE A it doesn’t say that about chemistry or that they are couple…

  2. Chocolate says:

    No chemistry in that shot.

  3. teehee says:

    she looks like kim tae hee.
    but they look like siblings

  4. Mia says:

    They do look like sibling, a very pretty set of sister and younger brother.

  5. das says:

    Not being mean but why do so many Korean celebrities have that huge layer of fat under their eyes

    • Telephone says:

      it’s because they have reached the ‘special diet zone’ where they are just basically a skeleton with sagging skin on them and their eyes pop out of their moon faces to show they are emaciated-to-the-max.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      Basically, mostly all koreans have it… I have it too.
      but i’m not sure about other asians…. and it’s not fat, it’s just skin…

  6. queenbznutz says:

    Isn’t she like 10 years older than him? They probably used the same surgeon cuz they look like siblings holding hands.

  7. 이준기 says:

    no its called bags you get them when you’re tired and dont get enough sleep for more than a few days

  8. yoona_snsd says: looks like kim tae hee.but i think tae hee more beautiful than lee na young.

  9. pddsd says:

    lee na young looks great as usual. Love her acting and movies.

  10. albita says:

    for me they look like good friends, but not like a couple.

  11. Christy says:

    Please pass the cucumber eye pads..

  12. müge says:

    they don’t seem to be a good couple, weird match

  13. jin says:

    lol they look like cute brother and sister

  14. Kasey says:

    No, honestly they do not make a cute couple, she looks to old for one thing and he actually out shines her. I don’t know what they were thinking. I think she maybe fitted for other commercial then this one. Her maturity does not fit with Hyun Joongs playfulness. Honest opinion..Don’t hate.

  15. Steffi says:

    it looks like a clean cut nice photoshoot and isn’t she married already anyways?

  16. Glamorous Sky says:

    KIm Hyun Joong <3!!!!

  17. Frentic says:

    Actually I agree with both Kasey + Steffi. The pic looks really nice but he does outshine her a little in this one = being younger, cuter, and more refreshing. It does look like a pic of an older sister with a younger bro (the age gap is actually 7 years – he’s born in 1986).
    Nevertheless, they are both good-looking people and are very very attractive in their distinct ways.

    • blah blah says:

      maybe because you know Lee Na Young already as older and you know her track record and you know KHJ’s personality…but for those who don’t really know her well and don’t know the age gap…At first sight, they look good together…I have read a lot of these comments from those who are still unfamiliar with the couple…

  18. poopy says:

    i actually don’t know the girl nor her age til i read your comments and I still thought she was older than her. its more of a bro-sis feel, cannot see anything other than this

  19. 이준기 says:

    coz im korean…actually, i do look like i have dark circles 24/7 which is ANNOYING but in celebs cases its probably tiredness

    • Telephone says:

      Do you have popping out eyes with single eyelids? Big moon face? Plastic surgery scars? Little legs?

      … and you live in LA, USA right?

  20. ShereeN says:

    Donno Y..I Cann’t C The Chemistry From Both Of Them…

  21. lulu says:

    I’ll say the picture is not appealing. The thing is the picture is not at all interesting to even
    link them as couple. Sorry but this is my impression.

  22. lulu says:

    I’ll say the picture is not appealing. The thing is the picture is not at all interesting to
    even link them as couple. Sorry but this is my impression.

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