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Nichkhun Experiences A Photoshop Malfunction

Witness Nichkhun‘s disappearing belly button act.

Wowing fan’s with his photoshoot for Men’s Health Magazine earlier last month, fans have uncovered a peculiar error in the photos.

In a forum board titled“The Dangers of Excessive Photoshop”,  Netizens uncovered that in the process of editing his abs, the editors eliminated Nichkhun‘s belly button!

While some curiously commented , “Nichkhun’s belly button is missing… it can’t be that he actually doesn’t have a belly button right?” others poked fun at Men’s Health writing “Whoever Photoshopped this must have been really good” and “So his six-pack wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t Photoshopped?”

What do you think of the error?

Source: Nate News


36 Comments on “Nichkhun Experiences A Photoshop Malfunction”

  1. Sahar says:

    aawww that sucks.

  2. Dona A. says:

    Not only that, his right chest is not as toned as the other one. Lol

  3. cdn says:

    That might not even be his body. It kinda looks fake.

  4. shereena says:


  5. Lorni says:

    How can someone have such a perfect tan with…a perfected sculpted sexy hot body like that come on! Seriously photoshopped… And he has no belly button lol!

  6. F'dUp says:


    doesn’t the subject of each photo, monitor their photoshopping?? their end product?

  7. su says:


  8. Nguyen says:

    hahaha. im not surprised. they photoshop everything in korea! gotta love em

    • Telephone says:

      It’s not true.. in USA they make babies in bags, so they don’t need belly buttons.. and they are chosen based upon which babies consume the most.

      • Dona A. says:

        Are you just mistaken? Because when I read this I am like “what is this person talking about?” I am med student and I have not heard of “making babies in bags”-type of thing or am I just missing out on things. Lol. Educate me. =D

        • 7 says:

          He/she is referring to human cloning. It is a possibilty because a lot of experiments are done successfully on animal cloning.

          Doing it with humans have ethical issues so if there’s such thing exists could only be a top secret experiment of the government.

          Just like in the movies.

          • Spoon says:

            I see none of you people have read ‘a Brave New World’ then.. Do you people even go to the theatre or read books?

            It’s quite interesting that you don’t.

    • yurp21 says:

      hahaha! it’s hilarious how you’re comment started up a shit conversation, once again involving this dude called ‘Telephone’.

  9. err says:

    sorry but the face and body doesn’t match

  10. 7 says:

    Bad news for the photoeditor when the publisher of the magazine reads about this post. They obviously didn’t notice it.

  11. international says:

    haha,this is a little funny,ok maibe more than a little

  12. EH! says:

    Lol anyone on here with the magazine? It really is dumb if the magazine was put out like this. He does have a toned body so makes me wonder why they had to photoshop it. Am pretty sure this will come up when Nick makes an appearance on some variety shows, am hoping it does. Want to know what he has to say lol

  13. QUINCY says:


  14. blah says:

    Hilarious! ^^

  15. Christy says:

    That body doesn’t seem to belong to that baby face. 🙂

  16. abundanttempest says:

    BWAHHAHAHHAAAAHAHHAHHAHAAHAHHAHHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes the quest for perfection has bit them in the butt! just be happy with who you are the way you are. plastic surgery and doctoring of photos is getting so ridiculous!

  17. Hannah Kim says:

    his face doesn’t fit the body -_-

  18. Feck_U says:

    His face is also photo shopped…Notice the “V ” outline on his decolletes area…That’s not a tan line. His head and neck got photoshopped onto another models body.

  19. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Why do u post this now??
    I knew this from a long time ago

  20. hahaha says:

    I love Nickhun and I’m sure he has a wonderful body in real life BUT… this looks like Ken’s body as in.. Barbie and Ken. Hahaha

  21. HUUH says:

    Shame for him!! he must feel so bad!!! And I don’t understand why they photoshopped because he got a great body in real life!!! pfffffff…. IT SUCKS

  22. Bandi says:

    I like nichkhun and all…but i never thought he would be this macho…so, i wanna say that his whole body is photshopped 😛 especially since there is a belly button missing… XD

    but yea, 2PM fighting~~

  23. Jia says:

    hahaha! This article just made me laugh….haha! XD

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