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2NE1 Reveals A Preview Of “Go Away” In Japanese

With 2NE1 ready for theirĀ Japanese debut later this spring, a small clip of the Japanese release of “Go Away” has been released.


Later this week on the 11th, 2NE1 will perform on Japanese music show “Music Station” becoming the 1st female Korean group to perform without actually releasing a single/album.

What do you think of “Go Away” in Japanese?




13 Comments on “2NE1 Reveals A Preview Of “Go Away” In Japanese”

  1. Mee Eun says:


    • Mee Eun says:

      yess first time ever xD
      But dudeee i’m excited, cuz 2ne1 is just beastly and i love them to death.
      Even if Bom’s face is a little… but she’s a great singer!
      Also, the second language a song is released in is always a little hard to get used to T_T but it’ll be fierce xD

      • Telephone says:

        I think ‘beastly’ is the correct term for 2ne5. Yes

        • jasmine says:

          it’s 2NE1, to anyone!
          how can you be so outdated?? lol

          • Telephone says:

            Outdated? This is a Spice-girls rip-off who have only bothered to replace ‘girl-power’ for ‘feirce’ and basically have all the same members, and you call me out-dated. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you’re a total and utter imbecile, and you should be laughed at for having the attention span of a goldfish.

            More Spicegirls 2ne1 anyone?

  2. Lorni says:

    Love 2NE1! My favorite girl band ever!!! Along with Big Bang too!!!!

  3. MILEY says:

    love 2ne1…love their music…

  4. pink says:

    I love how Bom’s dressing is a far-cry from the rest’s hip-hop image. LOL. C’mon YG, she’s part of the group. -_-

  5. yn says:

    whats up with bom’s face?

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      to tell you the truth, it’s because she got her face done alot.
      I love Bommie~ But, her face is just…. overdone.
      Her eyes and nose is too much.

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