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B2st “SHOCK” the RecoChoku!

Japan’s largest mobile site, RecoChoku. was shocked with BEASTly idol magic when the band’s latest Japanese single made it to number one.

SHOCK” was pre-released in Japan as a ringtone on March 8th. Today, the song made the members express their feelings of pride and anticipation to make the upcoming trip to Japan for promotions. “SHOCK” is scheduled to be released in Japan in March 16th and the first single to debut from their upcoming album is already a hit on the ringtone chart!

The recent release of the Genesis of BEAST DVD ranked number 4 on the Japanese Oricon weekly chart.

What other possible honors could they receive on foreign soil? The sky is the limit for a group of musical beasts who will likely hunt for the next big thing!

Source: Asia Today, Nate


8 Comments on “B2st “SHOCK” the RecoChoku!”

  1. Telephone says:

    What further honoUrs could they receive on a foreign ringtone chart?

    Well, they could try for the USA ringtone chart and maybe they’d get to 304 like the wonderlessgirls.

  2. hale luana says:

    “telephone” let us know when you’re releasing your album/single. We can’t wait for it!! Be sure to also include your pic on the album cover so we can see whether you’re also one of those “ladyboys” of whom you are always referring.

    I’m sure there are a whole group of people waiting for your new single/album/movie or whatever….!!!!

  3. dee;) says:

    fighting beast!!love them since debut..

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    B2ST ❤ ❤ ❤ !!

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  6. ara says:

    i really reaaallly do hope that when Korean Artist do Japanese debut, they make new songs instead of just remix the old ones with new language.

    I mean, of course maybe Shock is previously unknown to JApanese market, but it’ll be more interesting if they make new single (s) for releases in Japan. The old songs added to the album will be a plus point. And no matter which single is releases in Japan or in Korea, i think the fans (including me) will always know and look for it from itunes or sort of.

    so far, (cmiiw) i think f.t.island do that. releasing different singles in Korea and Japan.

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