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[Before they were Stars] 4Minute Hyuna (Kinda)

Netizens have been digging up some photos of 4Minute‘s sexy dancer Hyuna. This time, they found photos from middle school.

Fans are interested in how Hyuna looks a lot the same but with a different feel in her old middle school uniform, some even commenting, “Even in middle school, she was perfect,” and “There’s nothing different in her appearance,” comparing to the now 18-year-old (20 in Korean age) Hyuna. Not much of a difference, I know.

In Korea, middle school is like America’s junior high school, putting their ages around 12 to 16.

Also, considering, Hyuna debuted with the Wondergirls when she was 15, we’re not so sure why this is a big deal. But, it is true, she looks like an idol even in a school uniform. I kind of want to buy that school uniform now…

Anyway, Hyuna is all grown-up and will be attending university at Kunkook University in Seoul, studying in the College of Fine Art.



14 Comments on “[Before they were Stars] 4Minute Hyuna (Kinda)”

  1. Dizzy_23 says:

    Middle School?!! It means 13-15 years old?? WAW,,,super sexy for middle school girl!!

  2. Dovey says:

    Her shirt looks so short. Are their uniforms all that short? Or is it tucked in? Kind of hard to tell. XD But even just looking at these pictures, she reminds me of a model. lol

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i think she did her nose before debut, and before these pics.
    because i remember seeing a pic of her with a small nose..

    she really does look different in the uniform. cuz when she is on stage, her hair is dyed and wears sexy clothing and yeah…

  4. xiaraqis says:

    hyuna!!!u r soooo pretty!!!!^^

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