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Is Han Ji-hye a fan of French films?

She better be!

The newlywed actress/model Han Ji-hye will make sure the honeymoon never ends! One of the world’s top cities for romance is now her territory.

On March 8th, Ji-hye was appointed promotional ambassador for Cine France in Seoul. She will be responsible for expressing a positive message to Koreans on behalf of the entertainment that will be shown in Seoul directly from France. French movies are screened every Tuesday at the Cine France.

Do you think she is the perfect role model to promote the European country in her homeland?

Sources: Newsis and The English Chosunilbo


35 Comments on “Is Han Ji-hye a fan of French films?”

  1. cdnpoint says:

    While I don’t know what criteria was used to establish the ambassadorship, I assume the actress is a francophile and interested in French films/knows something about common themes in such films. All the better to promote a different country’s films!

    It helps that she is in the film industry-a benefit that Cine France likely considered, as South Koreans would recognize her.

  2. Telephone says:

    Koreans wouldn’t know a French film or a French person if it/they fell on them. They don’t even know where France is, because it’s not even in the USA.

    The only thing koreans know, are Hollywood blockbusters where their American-gods fly around saving the world from Aliens, when in reality they cannot even block an oily hole in the sea bed and need the British to come and stop it.

    • blah says:

      Telephone… Take a deep breath and calm your pasty British ass down. Enough already, ok? We know where France is, and we like the French. Just give up your racist ranting and raving, and stop hating so much on us Koreans. You don’t like Kpop, that’s your preference and nobody is going to shove Kpop down your throat. As far as I know, we Koreans have not done anything to you. So why are you so insistent on belittling us, and spouting all of these horridly insulting remarks about us?

      • Telephone says:

        Seriously, you’re american in the USA. Stop representing korean people because you, like your whole family abandoned Korea.

        Koreans don’t know where France is, and they don’t know where France is. Tell me one Korean who knows anywhere outside of USA and I’ll show you a Unicorn wearing a jaunty hat.

        • Cream says:

          Hum… I’m not Korean but I live in Paris and there are a lot of Korean people who come here ! I don’t know where you are from, but you should stop insulting korean people like that, they are very cultivated people who are interested in the world, it’s not because the korean music industry focalizes on the USA that every Korean does the same!

      • blah says:

        Sigh… Telephone, or Roger, or Teabag…. It’s such a boring disappointment talking to you, because 99% of the time it’s rehashing old insults and me repeating my status to you. Look, I know I speak good English. Just accept it, and move on. You don’t have to start spouting bedtime stories about me and my entire family living in the USA because it’s simply not true. I don’t understand why you have such a hard time with that, is it really because my English is quite good? And don’t go into the whole American English versus UK English, because again, we’ve done this whole dialogue before and we know *exactly* what the other will say. So don’t even go there.

        And Koreans know where France is. Here’s some advice… before making such broad racist statements that Koreans can’t know about Europe simply because we’re Koreans, why don’t you actually GO to South Korea and talk with a Korean. Trust me, you’ll find out pretty quickly that we know where France is.

        And you still haven’t answered my question: Why are you so intent on belittling and insulting Koreans? We get that you don’t like Kpop, but what makes you say such horribly insulting remarks about Koreans in general?

        • Telephone says:

          Just fun to see how people react when suffering from cognitive dissonance. Besides, you’re the only pseudo-Korean who ever comes in here, and that’s because you work for VANK from your home in LA and you’re looking for a S. E. Asian bride. Also, if you were really in Korea then you’d be asleep now.

        • blah says:

          ha, wrong. In Korea, if you work in the corporate world you don’t usually don’t get home until at least 10 or 11PM. Some days, like today (for me), you don’t get home until past midnight. And I can’t sleep, wired up about project at work.

          You can say what you want about Kpop, but stop with the insults about Koreans just for the sake of getting laughs. It’s not a decent thing to do to make fun of other races just for kicks, and as you yourself said.. Your countrymen fought for decency and civilization, the least you can do is uphold their legacy.

          • Telephone says:

            Or (what’s more likely) is that you, like most americans just woke up.

          • blah says:

            Get over it, I speak English just as well as you. And I love how the French postbelow er showed what a complete idiot you are with his/her reply. Goes to prove my point once again that all you know is copy and paste, and you are definitely the NON-GRATA European spokesman. hahaha, this is too hilarious.

  3. Owie says:

    I know right!people like telephone r not even worth it!dont waste your time blah…telephone is an@$$

  4. HUUH says:

    Well……. I am French! And I don’t care at all about what others are saying!

    As French, I am very proud that there is someone who represents our culture because even if it is not some amazing American or English blockbuster, we got things to show!! So, this is really cool!! As well as Korean culture is exploding in France, I hope that Koreans will know us better!! =D

    so I don’t know this woman but I am sure she is going to do a great job!!

    The World is getting smaller and this is very exciting!

    • Telephone says:

      Are you one of those Quebec people or Americans who think they’re French? American heritage leeches are the funniest.

      Korean culture is exploding in france? Are you kidding me? You definitely don’t sounds like you live in France. I guess you’re just some S. E. Asian pretending that ‘Hallyu is worldwide’ or some other nonsense.

      • HUUH says:

        Oh man please…are you serious??? I didn’t speak to you so don’t come try to argue with me!!!

        If you are so narrow minded that you think French people can’t be interresting by the world & others languages so I am sorry for you!!! Just trust people! ok?

      • cdn says:

        What’s with you and Americans anyways? Did you get rejected from immigrating to the U.S.?

        • Telephone says:

          Why would I immigrate to fatland to live in a poor ghetto and get shot and divorced and drugged up on government issued prozac in front of propaganda like transformers or Armageddon. Surely none of these things figure in Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs”, and so the motivation for me trying to immigrate to USA would be Zero.

          You people really need to read more.. and listen more in school.

          • HUUH says:

            I think YOU need to read more and learn at school!!!
            If you think than USA is just fat people & ghetto….. so you are just a joke!

            (But anyway I agree about the prozac)

            Where do you live to know everything about everycountry? Because the way you write, you seems very confindent about your knowledge!

            • Telephone says:

              j’habite dans un autre pays a proche de la france. si vous etes un american sangsue-patrimone, alors c’est fantastique le drole

            • Telephone says:

              .. oh, and FYI. statistics show americans to be 80+% overweight

              • HUUH says:

                your french is bad. That should be :” J’habite dans un pays à côté de la France. Si vous êtes un américain alors c’est fantastiquement drôle.” But this sentence in french isn’t really clean. OK NOW that I showed you I wasn’t a liar, the discussion is closed. And I think this is great that French culture be known.

                bye bye dear neighbors ^^

                • Telephone says:

                  My French is better than your English. I’ll sleep at nights knowing that fact. Besides, you’re probably one of those plastic-french from Quebec.

              • blah says:

                @ HUUH – Telephone doesn’t really know French. He’s actually using google.translate. Quite the funny delusional bastard isn’t he? 🙂

        • blah says:

          @cdn – yup, he got rejected. You see, he’s still at the very bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy and is trying to work his way up, and where better to start than his beloved “FATland”? USA-sized portions will more than round his pasty British ass out.
          and Telephone, I know this comment will trigger “cognitive dissonance” for you, but please spare us from yet another bout of racist ranting and raving. As amusing as it can be at times, it’s also rather disturbing to watch you degenerate.

          • Telephone says:

            I’m not racist. Surely the treatment of black people and S. E. asians in Korea is something closer to racism. But you’d probably never want to talk about that.

  5. dan says:

    another made up title to boost the egos of these talentless people.

  6. gwen says:

    why from belgium ?
    and the korean culture is known in France and in belgium we don’t speak french like this in the south.
    Korean people know europe and France like we know Korea and kpop.
    So stop thinking like you know everything because people will think that all European are like you and think like you.

    • Telephone says:

      Look, no one knows anything about Belgium other than you make chocolate.. so you’re not really in a great position to talk.

      The comedy european ‘non-democratic president’ is Belgian too, and no one even knows his name.

  7. HUUH says:

    don’t misunderstand….i wasn’t speaking in a bad way!!!Sorry If it looks like that!=$

  8. cdnpoint says:

    Mentioning Belgium without the context of tensions between the Flemish and French citizens is really not on topic.

    Back to the actress and the film group–outside of film festivals and self-interest in international films, the actress’ involvement could create interest in South Korea to visit the film showings. Then, filmgoers could decide to look up earlier works by the directors to see different stories by someone now known to them. It would not surprise me if some film settings inspire trips to France to see the places in person as part of destination or fan vacations. That already happens in South Korea so why not for France?

    • Telephone says:

      Koreans don’t give a flying f*ck about anything outside USA, so the French Film ‘we love the french language’ Council should just take their pennies to somewhere else, like china .. or Quebec. Spending money on Korea when they have such protected and closed markets just shows their lack of business sense and how desperate the French are to get people to watch their movies.

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