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JYJ Is Not Welcomed Back To Japan

But JYJ‘s wallets are gladly welcomed!

JYJ‘s Japanese fans were left puzzled to discover that despite their DVD DVD Memories in 2010‘ and their album ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome Live CD‘, being sold in Japan, neither one appeared on the Japanese Oricon charts.

The reason?

Last year JYJ was best of friends with their label avex entertainment, but despite a no.1 hit album, the relationship quickly turned sour, and JYJ were forced to leave avex.

One year later and things have only worsened for both parties, as Oricon revealed that as long as avex holds the name JYJ in Japan they can pretty much do whatever they want.

And by that we mean profiting from every penny the album and dvd sold, that JYJ won’t be seeing anytime soon, all while banning them from every setting foot on stage.

JYJ is of course not happy as the group’s representative stated “It’s ridiculous for Avex to block JYJ from promoting in Japan, and yet still claim rights over the sales and profits of JYJ’s albums.”

The group already settled their problems in Korea, but it looks like there far from done.

What do you think of ORICON’s decision?

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41 Comments on “JYJ Is Not Welcomed Back To Japan”

  1. joselinpyc says:

    Avex sucks ! Don’t take my boys money ! >:o

  2. ara says:

    now now… what is wrong with jyj? first sm, then avex. it’s like a huge conspiracy against them and them only. i’m exaggerating, of course, but right now it really feels that way.

  3. dee;) says:

    oh my..
    stay cool JYJ..fighting!

  4. pat says:

    threats from the usual dog no doubt. To Avex……. “Touch them and wave our artists goodbye.’

  5. HAIZAH says:

    those bullies, sheesh!

  6. chii says:

    Continue doing that shit and you’ll soon embrace karma.
    Why do you have to make it hard for JYJ? Aren’t you getting tired?

    I’m pertaining to both avex and sm.

  7. Small Beng says:

    Don’t worry, even though they can’t succeed in Japan, they will spread the Hallayu tsunami all the way to America. Oppas, *HWAITING*

  8. hale luana says:

    …so, is avex the sm of japan? The japanese fans need to do something about it…… It’s really two-faced of avex……

    Avex seems to be at the height of hypocrasy…….”we won’t let you perform in japan, but we’ll gladly take any money from dvds and cds that we sell” .

    Guess i’ll make sure to check the next time i buy any JYJ stuff, to make sure that avex has nothing to do w/ the release…..

    wish i could somehow get to the avex web site and repost this comment..

    • Small Beng says:

      LOL I’d say something sarcastic but I think you’d be too dumb as sh*t to get it. hahahahahahahah! Oh man don’t buy anything from them, I’m sure you download most of their crap anyways!

  9. iceprincess says:

    I agree with Ara. The same conflict shouldn’t happen twice, and in different countries. Fans should have a clear eye and mind, and start to wonder who is the problem maker here. The company has invested a lot on the artists and of course it has to earn profit from making sales. IF JYJ cannot work with any major companies, why don’t they set up their own?

  10. Kasey says:

    that is so low of them to do that,what kind of business ethic is in that. What happen to what ever is personal stays at home and what’s business is business. But then again it’s expected. that’s how most Asian productions are like anyway. There is a lot of back stabbing. thats for sure. Low down right back stabbing. and JYJ should not remain quiet. I don’t no what else to say..They are low beyond low where you can’t go any lower.

  11. zoey says:

    pity jyj but i guess..serve them right.u should part ways in a nice way n pls…no more whining ‘unfair treatment’ because u urself ask for it.i rest my case

    • ashley says:

      that’s true, but I think it’s to late for them to go back to their old company and I don’t think they even want too.

    • pammiej85 says:

      It’s not whining if it’s true.

      And look what playing nice got Jang Ja-Yeon.

      If you don’t stand up for your rights, no one else will.

      All it will get you is committing suicide…

      As for JYJ, like they said they were prepared for all of this and eventhough it’s difficult they would rather have their happiness.

      Despite this news, it all seem much more happy and free to me.

  12. cdnpoint says:

    Business 101-music distribution in other countries are done through subsidiary companies or companies contracted by the head music company to handle music sales, promotions, etc on behalf of the head company. Before MP3 downloads, the issue of artists’ songs only being available in some countries, not worldwide, was related to the companies handling the distribution, despite fans in other countries wanting access to the music (unless one had friends and family willing to buy other regions’ discs while on holidays).

    So Avex has the SME contract to handle SME’s talent in Japan and Avex owns the exclusive rights during the contract period to the use of the talent names and songs in Japan. Until that impasse is solved, JYJ would probably need some legal help and $$$ to buy out that contract in order to run their sales/promos/concerts through their own company.

  13. pammiej85 says:

    For those who are new to this situation:


    It’s as simple as that.

    But the thing is that Avex can’t keep JYJ out of Japan.

    In fact Jaejoong and Yoochun was just there.

    Big East (TVXQ’s Japanese fanclub) are already plotting against AVEX.

    • Telephone says:

      You’re talking utter nonsense… like most S. E. Asians do, which makes me worried that they are nurses.

  14. MNT08 says:

    OMG POOR JYJ OPPAS first LSM, and now AVERX! grrrrrrr! STOP BULLYING THE BOYS!! and some ppl on here dont understand, GRRRRRRRR!!! I hope the best for them and ill support them all the way i can!!! FIGHTING OPPAS! ❤

  15. Lorni says:

    I personally think everyone’s just trying to get whatever they can get out of JYJ bc in their eyes, JYJ doesn’t have much support anymore. First of all, they left SM Entertainment, one of the big named entertainments in South Korea to me. And from this, I think they lost a lot of support and it kind of defamed them u know backfired on them. But then again, JYJ’s got to understand that whatever problems they have with their new entertainment/manager whatever that they’re not that BIG! At least not anymore. Not trying to be rude but just bc they are celebs and stuff i personally think they might be a little full of themselves. LOL U guys aren’t that great okay! SUck it up! And sing watever the FCK kind of music your business wants you to sing! Stop switching entertainments label names watever the fck u call it because at the rate ur going at, no one’s gonna hire your ass anymore! U cause to much problems! Ur like little children!

    • Lorni says:

      Personally this is wat i think and feel at the moment bc i’m tired of hearing JYJ having problems…But again, they gots to stay strong and move forward! This is how it’s going to be for them from now on. They just got to live with it i guess.

      • ashley says:

        The style of music they were singing had nothing to do with them leaving SM……

      • Orange_Fun says:

        I don’t think you understand the full situation of JYJ, and besides them leaving SM did not backfire. Leaving SM was probably the best thing for them and they seem to be pretty successful.

  16. Pupalof says:

    If fans want to help, they should start by not buying from AVEX. And yes JYJ has lots of problems, but don’t you think it’s the media and all of these fans arguing back and forth that are the problems? None of this is coming from JYJ personally is it? I think it’s a good thing that the fans are ranting and talking about this because I’m sure they feel frustrated for the 3, but the ones who say things like” bc they are celebs and stuff i personally think they might be a little full of themselves. LOL U guys aren’t that great okay! SUck it up! And sing watever the FCK. . .” I think you’re the ones that are giving these “discussions” the negative feel that make others feel like they’ve heard and had enough. My opinion.

  17. hale luana says:

    to telelphone: everybody in this room is anxiously waiting for you to tell us when your cd/album/song is going to be released so we can compare your talent(less? to JYJs…..

    Let us know, so we all can be on the look-out for it….

    • Telephone says:

      Well.. JYJ don’t write their own music, except for the ‘crap rapping in english’ so.. all i basically need to do is jump around on a stage dressed like a ladyboy and mime to some songs that someone else wrote and music that someone else created.

      Should be relatively easy.. but I’m not interested in fame.

      • jyjmuses says:

        Telephone, I’m not sure where you got your info from but JYJ members have written quite a lot of music, including all songs on their Music Essay album (all Korean songs). Some of my favorite Tohoshinki songs were written by Yoochun and Jaejoong. Their music may not be to your liking, but they’re still selling more albums than most kpop idols and still have a huge fan base.

        • Saucer says:

          I got the information from their discography. Trying to legitimise a group’s talent by pretending they wrote the songs is a bit weak. You should try to be less naive.

  18. Jin_Ya -- indago says:

    I think it’s a bullsh!t. But still I’m thinking that SM has something to do with this as well. Just saying…

  19. huntingvuk says:

    total shit! SM pressure on Avex they should both be ashamed ! dirty trick bastards!

  20. Angelica says:

    I used to love those three but now I don’t even feel bad for them anymore. They decided to leave their long time friends and companions and this is what they deserve for that.. Don’t think I hate them I just think they made some bad decisions and now they are paying for those mistakes.

    • Ana Santos says:

      Are you dumb or what?! Do you know what SM is about before you say crap? Did you know that Sony Music Entertainment (SMent) is also the company of Rihanna, L Gaga,beyonce and etc etc etc? They are the Illuminati! Do some research friend! The boys were treated like slaves! so they left! they didn’t abandon Homin bc the other 2 didnt want to come, guess what? yeah bc of the fame and comfort they already have on sment!!They even thanked sment for everything that the company has done for them! they are being manipulated and used 100%! JYJ did the right thing and all of their concerts now and etc are made 80% by them, yes the 3 guys! Jaejoong even had to catch a plane to singapure 2 weeks before the concert in order to get things prepared! so don’t blame these guys, they are only protecting their freedom and brains from this manipulation stuff thats happening, you just need to open your own eyes and you will see! wake up my friend! peace and love ❤ ''Keep your head up'' by: JJ

  21. ecolika says:

    still remember just while JYJ leave SM and Avex act like that they would always be the shelter for our boys and help them to fligth for the evil.

    But Avex was just another SM, at that time , they act like that is just SM have some argue with them and the wants somethings to bit SM.

    Once they have agreement with SM, they kit our boys and help SM to have our boys’ dream hard

    Such a suck companys!!!!!

    JYJ fighting! we always be your side !

  22. Ryuuken says:

    just face the facts..JYJ are just Lame-O’s who think that they’re good..i dun see them in any chart..where where? nowhere…hahahaha…they quit SM,and now AVEX..AVEX?!! my my..who wanna hire them? the begger beside the road might want to pay JYJ few cents for them to sing his lullaby…

  23. MSA11 says:

    Some of the comments above are ignorant LOL. This whole issue began with Sment – if SM treated their artists with respect and care and have been fair to JYJ, the whole lawsuit thing wouldn’t have happened. JYJ did NOT leave SM because they were greedy for money or attention, they left because of the slave-contract and mistreatment and unfair profit. Yunho and Changmin probably stayed because they wanted to continue to promote under the name TVXQ. If they all sued SM, SM would try to take the rights of the name TVXQ. Now that JYJ won the lawsuit against SM, another began with AVEX. AVEX and SM may be the ones to help TVXQ build their careers as artists both in Korean and Japan but they playing dirty now. They could just let JYJ and Homin go but no, they must make life difficult for them by preventing them to work in Korea and Japan. Yeah… JYJ could have just sucked it up and continue to work under both companies but why should they?
    If they are not getting as much money as they deserve and get mistreated and being under a slave contract( 13 years for SM), why can’t they fight for their rights?
    In the 6 years under SM, they earned 60 billion won through all the album sales etc. thats a lot of money for SM so why can’t SM treat them like the stars they are??
    Stopping their activites everywhere is just plain evil and dirty. AND AVEX gets to get money form JYJ’s album sales and stuff but they still ban JYJ’s activities in Japan- thats bullshit, its unfair to JYJ.
    Oh yeah,one more thing…TVXQ does compose their own songs and they did write some of their japanese songs and they are not talentless- none of the members are!
    It doesn’t “serves them right” because none of the things they suffered should have happened…working as singers are all their dreams, they shouldn’t suffer because of wanting to live their dreams. TVXQ doesn’t do any of these things just for money , you know ? Of course I understand that business is never just happy and all but anyways….
    Im actually glad that JYJ stood up tall against SM and avex to fight for their rights , because there is a lot of singers and actors that suicided because they just couldn’t handle things anymore- IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE pathetic though. hopefully after everything is alright , Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu ,Yunho and changmin could reunite!!!

  24. […] the extent of pressuring Warner Music Korea to halt the release of their albums. Before I forget, JYJ was forced to leave AVEX Productions in Japan, and of course, through the pressuring of SM […]

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