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Min and Suzy Lose Weight

MissA members Min and Suzy appear to be dropping the pounds. Did Suzy listen to the advice of one big-mouthed sunbae?

Regardless, netizens have been noticing that lately the MissA girls “seem to have lost weight,” from their recent uploads to their personal Twitter accounts(@missA_min and @missA_suzy).

Frankly, it’s well-known by fans and netizens that the MissA girls are in the middle of a 365-day diet. Fans are noticing the changes saying, “Their cheek fat has literally disappeared.”

Even with this photo, Suzy particularly said, “Still a long way to go,” which netizens believe refers to the long road of dieting she has ahead of her.

Yet, it seems like these two could just stop here and call it a successful diet. They’re quite skinny already.

Some netizens commented on the hardships of an idol diet saying, “In idol restaurants, there aren’t even plain chicken breasts,” and “Every time I look at them, I can see them losing weight. Maybe they’re just maturing, but it really is a pity.”

Some gave straight praises, “Since they lost weight, now they really look feminine.”

What do you think of the 365-day diet and MissA‘s collective weight drop?


33 Comments on “Min and Suzy Lose Weight”

  1. truesay says:

    If feminine equals “fragile” then, HELL YEAH <_<

    And doesn't this just mean that Leeteuk was being FRANK and PRACTICAL as opposed to RUDE? He knew what would happen to them as a now 'idol group' *sigh*

  2. Telephone says:

    Have any of these groups released any music yet, I vaguely remember them singing something once, and then they disappeared to do some JYPE propaganda and …. none of them seem to have done anything.

    Not that I care, as I, like most normal people, think they’re talentless and shyte.

  3. Dizzy_23 says:

    @telephone: waa…so ur idols must be really really really have a lot of talent ya?? who are they? tell me…im curious im curious…

    • Telephone says:

      I’m not involved in any kind of idolatry. That goes against my monotheistic beliefs.

      But you keep being idolatrous why don’t you.

  4. Mimi says:

    What the heck is the 365 diet plan? All google tells me is that they are diet pills. Doesn’t seem much like a plan to me.

    How thin do people feel like they need to be?

  5. MISSA ANTI- says:

    Suzy, really is okay, but…NEVER NEVER CALL MY LEETEUK A BIG MOUTH SUNBAE ! I support my Super Junior ! Sooo, If she lost wait, That’s good ! We dont care ! I bet she isnt as hawt as Leeteuk anyways ! Way to go, Stupid Suzy, Who cant even take a joke…IDIOTS !!

    • holycow says:

      then you’d have to better manage your anger issues within yourself. it isn’t zuzy who said she’s “affected” but rather the netizens who loves pointing out every teeny weeny bit of flaws that celebrities are up to. so why the hell are you sounding like a 3-year-old kid who’s whining coz someone snatches away his lollipop? you need to grow up. neither a fan of miss A nor super junior but the hilarity and immaturity in your comment is too hard to avoid.

    • Telephone says:

      Leetuk is a big mouthed sundae.

  6. Dovey says:

    They look fine to me in the photos. Plus, when people lose weight, they usually lose it off their cheeks, legs, and arms first, as it’s the easier spots for some reason. The tummy area is a whole other story, especially for females. >.<

  7. OOOOOKAY!!! says:

    oh no! they look sick!!! omg! i hope their dance moves are still powerful!!!

  8. blaznist says:

    dont lose the boootyyy anything but the booooty…well atleast that member on Secret still has them thunder thighs.. 🙂 moo modannaaa

    • cdn says:

      Yeah…love those thunder thighs…=P I believe Sistar have them too.

      • Telephone says:

        Are you people all black? Why are you on a site for Koreans who love to be so stick thin they fall over in the street with emaciation based illnesses, and you folks are calling for bootay, thunder thighs and fried chicken?

        You honestly expect them to be skeletons with a massive arse and no boobs?

        • Orange_Fun says:

          Are you a white supremist?

          • Telephone says:

            No. I think you’re getting me mixed up with korean people who think they’re genetically superior to everyone as shown in this video.

            You seem to think racial supremacy is something only white people think about, well apparently it’s also Koreans, both Koreans in the North and South, but also in USA.

            • kan says:

              LOL, it’s like you come here just to put people down and just to start arguing. Don’t bother replying to this. I saw your comment was made a year ago, so I am late in the loop. But other than that, you seem like a b****, or at least your very opinionated.

  9. NotchaChingu says:

    I don’t think Min lost weight in her head.

    • Telephone says:

      That’s her genetic korean moon face, the surgeon has to chainsaw bits off the side in order to make it less round… but you might end up dead like that Taiwanese pop star.

  10. kimmyno9 says:

    no one blames leeteuk for this!!!! in korea you cant be fat exept if you have a special talent that can cover your fatness like suju’s shindong. As for this 2 they should be thankful to leeteuk who told them the truth because they cant just deny the fact that they have a big weight! POPSEOUL YOU ARE TOO UNFARE TO SUPER JUNIOR ON YOUR EXAGERATED COMMENTS ON THEM!!!

    • Mee Eun says:

      i love super junior, but sometimes even in jest some comments are taken to heart. Leeteuk has a history too, like with his comment to Kim Yuna (my hero!). He just needs to think before he speaks, that’s all.
      Congratulations to them though, because it’s tough to lose weight, especially when they’re not really overweight at all.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        yeah, i agree with what u said. He says stuff that can be sort of harsh, when he doesn’t even notice it…
        I love Super junior too, but leeteuk is…. okay to me….

  11. pebble says:

    lose weight.. that’s all i hear these days!

  12. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    they look good now~

  13. halymah says:

    ooooooooooo bore story…. lets over it

  14. xiaraqis says:

    Btw,i love the big mouth sunbae and suzy as well~he was juz joking at the time~nobody perfect~leeteuk juz slipped it out,not a big deal…

  15. yurp21 says:

    as always, popseoul creats more shit with the whole ‘big mouthed sunbae’ thing. seriously, why am i even on this website.

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