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[POPSelca] Park Shin-hye Gives a Hollywood-esque Selca

Actress Park Shin-hye added a touch of celebrity to her Twitter account (@ssinz) today with her current selca.

Leaving behind the 45-degree angle and the eye widening, Park Shin-hye went with the Hollywood classic, giant sunglasses and a luxury bag. Not to mention, we can see her smart phone in her sunglasses reflection.

On her personal twitter account, the “You’re Beautiful” actress uploaded the picture with the message, “Can’t even take a breath, I’m at my wit’s end =ㅅ= As expected from a morning flight… After 6 hours, let’s see each other in Singapore~ >_<”

Fans are adoring the selca, saying it looks like “Top Star cosplay.” What do you think? Will “Top Star” selca be the next big selca trend?

POP Selca Tip: Put that smart phone to work and get all the angles, including its reflection. Smart phones are trendy. You + smart phone = trendy you?

Park Shin-hye will be co-starring with C.N Blue‘s Jung Yong-hwa in the new MBC drama “Festival,” set to start airing in June.


4 Comments on “[POPSelca] Park Shin-hye Gives a Hollywood-esque Selca”

  1. Telephone says:

    This article is seriously cr@p. I don’t think I’ll read any more of it.

  2. latish says:

    aawww cute cute… have fun in singapore…….

  3. Peace V says:

    love it! plus Park shin hye and Jung Yong wha, together again, loving it more..^^*

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