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Shin Min-ah VS Sandara Park: Which celebrity dresses as the best number fox?

2NE1‘s Sandara Park and actress Shin Min-ah were both spotted traveling to Japan. However, can a singer and an actress compete in the fashion world?

Airport style is the key to making a grand entrance in any country. Sandara knows how to make a “Clap Your Hands” entrance, while Min-ah seems to really need nine tails (or something else) to save her from a complete fashion disaster!

The 2NE1 member tweeted the photo above and announced that she arrived in Japan. Min-ah, on the other hand, was seen in Gimpo Airport traveling to Japan for upcoming promotions of her 2010 drama “My Girlfirend is a Nine Tail Fox“.

Which celebrity’s outfit is your favorite? Is your choice a chic ensemble consisting of a white jacket and skinny black pants, or do you prefer the grunge look with aย trench coatย and sneakers?

Sources: Hollywood News, Sandara’s Official Twitter, and Newsen


88 Comments on “Shin Min-ah VS Sandara Park: Which celebrity dresses as the best number fox?”

  1. lvsanchez115 says:

    After MGIAG, Shin Min-Ah does no wrong in my eyes! ๐Ÿ˜€ but yea I like Dara’s funky outfit better

  2. ashley says:

    Dara’s outfit is really nice, Min Ah’s outfit is too boring…..

  3. Dizzy_23 says:

    Sandara Park never failed!! Even if she wear ‘crazy’ outfit.. ^o^

    • Telephone says:

      She failed in the philippinnnesne and then ended up dressed up like a hooker in a lads magazine, bent over with a whip. She then fled back to Korea with no dignity.

      If that’s not failure, then I don’t know what is. (i’m sure you’ll rationalise this into some kind of dignified success)

      • roxyisferox says:

        hahahahah! is wearing BDSM outfits could destroy one’s dignity?

        actually, acting virginal, pure and innocent only to end up targetting to pervy ahjussis is even humiliating. y’know whom i am referring to ayt?

        it’s not the outfit that can make anyone shameful. it’s those who pull off whatever outfit he/she puts. apparently, Sandara could even pull off the outfit MUCH BETTER than any Kpop girlgroup member trying to be innocent.

        • Tia Maria Sinclair Joosiah Banana says:

          Don’t listen to roxythefatass. She likes dissing groups like snsd because they are way skinnier than her and can get more men than her fat ugly arse.
          Sandara is the apple of any Pinay’s eyes because they want to take credit for having anything related to kpop. lololol

          • roxyisferox says:

            hahahahah! I am not perfectly pretty but I HAVE WHAT SNSD DOES NOT HAVE: Plump Ass, bigger tits, double eyefolds, right noseshape and right facial proportions. Too bad, your SNSD is now suffering with proportion problems with their faces because of sooooo much plastic surgery. BTW, I had boyfriends MORE than your any SNSD member, and they don’t.

            Also, admit it, Sandara is pretty. She can put any outfit, even BDSM, and not ending up slutty. Imagine Yoona or Sica strutting with those outfits and I will laugh at ’em nonstop for having not enough personalities to pull of the BDSM outfit. Sandara does not need to try anything, even looking pure. Yoona and her horde has been trying to look pure and innocent but ending up pedobaits. Good thing is, I never ended up jailbait in my teens. I hate seeing myself “over-consumed” before my prime. In tagalog words… BILASANG ISDA.

            • Tia Maria Sinclair Joosiah Banana says:

              Wow talk about obsessed, I didn’t know there was so much thin-ism in a person, but then again look at you, if I weighed as much as you I’d be pissed off too! You’ve got anger issues since you love writing essays about your favorite idols SNSD. Btw, plump is just a nice way of saying fat, and i’d consider you just as proportionate as Humpty Dumpty, or that mascot Grimace from your favorite restaurant McDonalds! *ROFL*

              • roxyisferox says:

                hahahahah! unfortunately, I am not as INSECURE AS YOU. One more thing, on the first time we ranted against each other last year, how did you find I am fat, to think I ain’t told you that? You assumed too much. I guess, you are equally as chink, fat-ass piggy with no-shape, and absolutely jobless dimwit. At least I am enjoyin’ my life, not killin’ myself for eyecandy’s sake!

                • Tia Maria Sinclair Joosiah Banana says:

                  Probably because you have your fat ugly pics all over the internet! I didn’t even need to look at any top prized pig farms for your pic.hahahaha sorry sweetheart but I’m obviously thinner than you, who can fit 12 members of snsd in one pant leg.

            • Telephone says:

              She looked like a slut in those S&M photos. So what you say is LACK OF FACT.

          • roxyisferox says:

            and look at yourself, is anyone out here replyin’ to you? too bad, you ending up so pathetic that all you did is to whore for attention.

          • Telephone says:

            What you say is FACT.

        • Telephone says:

          What you say is Rationalised LACK OF FACT.

      • yurp21 says:

        uh… what the hell is philippinnnesne? you shit know nothing.

      • clarryseanh says:

        I think telephone is from the Philippines who hates being Filipina!!! LOL

  4. Dizzy_23 says:

    @telephone: Oh,,im not smart enough to think about that. *oops*

    • Telephone says:

      We know. Most of the people on this site have low IQ no attention span, and use cognitive dissonance to tell themselves that their talentless ‘k-gods’ are actually a big success in korea and USA.

  5. krissy says:

    @ telephone, who are you to judge? yes, she posed for a men’s magazine. so what? that’s not a big deal. it’s not like she was naked in that picture or sold her body for money and fame! what’s failure there? artists do this kind of stuff. it is so rampant in the states. you dare talk about dignity? dignity is about true worth. check your dictionary for it. oh i’m sorry. your too smart to do that.

    don’t say bad about someone just to make yourself feel good. its not fun to step on others just to lift your spirit up.

    • Telephone says:

      We were talking about ‘failure’ … what precisely were you talking about? I’m guessing your rant was just some kind of reaction to having something said about your k-god, which is sacrilegious, right?

      You’re from S.E. Asia, yes?

  6. Dizzy_23 says:

    @telephone: u said,,most of the people on this site have low IQ. So u wanna say that u are not on this site? Umm…oh okay,,im start to confuse,,my little brain cant explain it.

    • nikki says:

      hahaha ur right. @telephone: next time u make a pathetic statement like that, make sure that it doesn’t come back 2 u! :p

      • Telephone says:

        I said ‘most’ .. i’ve got a massive IQ.

        • yurp21 says:

          for someone with a ‘massive IQ’, you sure spell a lot of things wrong. Just saying.

        • roxyisferox says:

          Oh really!?!?!? The show us a proof by taking online IQ tests through Googling those sites and give us a link of the results proving you.have.a.massive. IQ. Besides, if you have massive IQ you shouldn’t be trolling here in the first place—alongside Tia Maria Sinclair Joosiah Banana—just like what you are doin’ now.

  7. krissy says:

    @telephone, i know exactly what we are talking about. how can you classify being in a men’s magazine failure then? no, i’m not from southeast asia. why?

    • Telephone says:

      Well, she was on tv in Phils.. then she wasn’t, which is classed as failing… then she was in a man’s magazine dressed as a dominatrix.. then she fled back to Korea. Now she never talks about being ‘Madam Strict’ in Uno magazine and has managed to get into a Spice Girls tribute act.

      • cdn says:

        Telephone seems to know a lot about Kpop idols even though he hates them.

      • yurp21 says:

        CORRECTION for guy who claims to have ‘massive IQ’:
        Dara was hella famous during her days in the philippines. She was considered beautiful and sexy, and was asked to model for magazines. She did a great job. She then returned to Korea to pursue her dream of becoming an idol.

        • finfin says:

          i agree, Sandara Park…. in her days she was idolize by many, yes there were many intrigues but Sandara Park doesn’t have any scandal here in the Philippines….. ,unlike other known stars…

          i believe judging someone shows that she has something… you do not have! …in other words your one envy-negative-bitter gal/guy!

          @ telephone, does judging someone a fulfilling matter to you?
          anyways… after all i guess its you who have a problem, …appreciating something doesn’t lose us anything as well as her fans/ followers…
          its you who is toxicating your attitude!

          well, having a “massive IQ” is still far lower than having & gaining “Respect”,

      • ais says:

        Everyone has a reason in order to survive..and dara park is one of them..insted of judging her why dnt u
        take it as a inspiration for ur own success…maybeit may help u as well..most of u think that filipino’s make dara as a joke..but in phils..they dnt forget her name ever,even shes not a filipino she will gain our respect forever!thats who we are..

  8. krissy says:

    @telephone, i’m not ranting over the kgod issue. what i am pointing out is that you can not defy a person solely on one thing of her past. even if she’s a celebrity and her life is an open book, she deserves respect as a human being. and posing on a men’s magazine is her own idea of art.

  9. LadyMisfit says:

    @telephone, @krissy, @Dizzy_23, and to anyone who would like to form an opinion…
    “everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”
    but reading about it was hilarious.
    thanks for the laugh.

  10. love says:

    love Dara!

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Shin Minah looks different in that photo… Maybe it’s because she has bangs now.
    But I like Dara’s clothes, but Shin Minah has a prettier face and body~

  12. OOOOOKAY!!! says:

    shin min ah! i understand, girl! u dont have to wake up to dress up all the time!!!

  13. Stranded_Angel says:

    sometimes popseoul’s headlines are misleading, i thought they wore the same outfit…sandara definitely rocked this one…i don’t even see any point of comparison with the oversized coat hiding the entire outfit (with running shoes to match *sigh*)

  14. roxyisferox says:


    y’know what? Your messages do no make sense. U’r good at failing to convince anyone. You are the one ending up with “no dignity”. What a great way to preach about dignity. If Sandy has no dignity then she should be hated by Korean fangirls just like what they did to SNSD.

    • Telephone says:

      Sorry S. E. Asian persion, we couldn’t hear what you were saying over the sound of you licking the shoes of your k-gods.

      I realise you’re only trying to attack me in order to protect your k-gods who apparently is this ‘sandy’ who you know oh so well in your delusion. Quite interesting.

      • mihaela says:

        at least she is famouse what are you? a pice of shit talking nonsence and judging like you’re some superior shit! you are the big loser and you embarrass youreslf you are nothing but a fucking hater you must hate your own life right now if you talk like that! you seem to know too much of kpop for a hater! is it that you actualy like them but you’re jelous and have nothig better to do with your life? why don’t you just cut the crap now and get a life do something meaningfull insted spreading your poision all over the place

        • Telephone says:

          Why would I want to be famous? I’m not an adherent to the cult of celebrity, so I don’t want to be a golden calf.

          I like to see you protecting your korean gods though… not like you’re predictable or anything.

          • mihaela says:

            oh drop it already with kgods!!! i really hate this term wtf they are people with talent they deserv admiration not veneration! i’m not like this i don’t go nuts over them and i def not see them as gods!!! not in 1000 years! maybe you see them like gods! i’m not defending anyone i just really dislike people like you who just hate for the sake of hating or they don’t have anything better to do..saying all this shity things makes you feel really good right? well then you have a problem dude

            • Handle says:

              I don’t have a problem as I don’t deify Korean people as if they were gods walking amongst men.

              Where I’m from we don’t even know Korean people and we just think they’re chinese. I just find it funny to see how you S. E. Asians treat them as if they were in some way superior and you all seem to live in a state of cultural and mental servitude to them.

              It really really is very interesting to watch you people praying to people from what is essentially a military colony of the USA, at the expense of your own cultures. It would be fun to do some research on how people from your societies react when they see one of their K-gods in real.

              • mihaela says:

                are you really that idiot?? or you don’t know how to read a comment?? i was just saying i don’t see them that way and there you go again saying how i’m praying to them! go check a doctor! i’m romanian and i still can make a difference between who is korean or japanese you know why? cuz i’m not a stupid ignorant like you! but what am i saying it’s like talking to a i sayd and please read well this time k? PEOPLE LIKE THEM DESERVE ADMIRATON NOT VENERATION!! and i truly hope you know the diference between them! who ever venerates any celebrity or make a cult out of it is a total idiot! and i’m NOT a S.E.Asians ok?? hope you understant at least that gosh…it’s like explaining to a little child 5 times the same thing

          • yurp21 says:

            dude, why do you keep calling these people ‘kgods’? seriously, i think you’re just a piece of shit with no dignity.

            • roxyisferox says:

              Huh? I am a kpop fan… not just kpop, but rock/metal fan during my teens. Even if I love some of them, I don’t treat them as MY GODS, just as what I did to my previous idols in local basketball scene as well as local rock and roll scene. Not being defensive. It’s just irritating to read the comments of Telephone etc… assuming us that those are our gods… Fucking troll.

      • roxyisferox says:


        how assuming!?!?!??!

        how about you? if you ain’t lickin’ the shoes of k-gods then what the fuckin’ hell you’re doin’ here? You are just as any Kpopper in denial. You just drop by any kpop sites to troll. Bar none.

        I ain’t protecting Sandara. I am defending her BECAUSE OF WHAT I HAVE WITNESSED. We people of the Philippines know Sandara than you and east asians did. We have witnessed her rise and fall to fame, and rise to kpop scene. We say WHAT WE KNOW and WHAT WE OBSERVE, not WHAT WE MERELY BELIEVE (i.e., IMAGINATION) ON ALL KPOP IDOLS.

        • Saucer says:

          You’re a filipina who worships korean people .. that’s quite interesting. Did you spend all your nursing school money on talentlessly-bland K-pop and therefore cause your family to fall back into abject poverty?

          It’s upsetting to see this happen.

  15. kpop says:

    Oh! Telephone is trolling again using different name again! Hahaha!

    Go Dara! Luv ya!

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  17. joana says:

    I love Dara. However, I prefer Shin Min Ah. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love her more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. xiaraqis says:

    of coz dara!!! 2ne1 members style is the best!!fresh,young n funky~youngster style~juz like me!!!!^^

  19. minniemings says:

    Handle and Telephone are two (or are they only one person using different username?) best comedian in this site LOLOLOL

    • yurp21 says:

      yeah… it’s just one person. See how they refer to every person opposing them as an S.E. Asian? anyway, toilet, foot, or whatever sure is stupid.

  20. Nyloj says:

    Even at first glance you will know it was Dara!

  21. jane says:

    sandara park didn’t do anything bad… a lot of people did worst than what she did.. what’s the big deal about that magazine….she was not nude right? don’t we all have flaws? don’t be hypocrite coz it ain’t cool at all. Leave her alone and start checking your flaws and start fixing it coz it start to pile…. don’t be so damn narrow minded people.. geeezzz…

  22. yra.:)) says:

    For me, Dara’s outfit was the best from those pictures. They were just asking who dresses better , right? Only those who know or I should say those who are close to Sandara can say who she really is. So don’t talk too much.
    I’m only a fan so for me Dara dresses cool and better but Shin Min Ah has a cuter face than Dara. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Btw , Dara is famous here in the Philippines.

  23. zoe says:

    dara’s outfit of course…its chic and edgy at the same time….she carried herself better than shin min ah…2ne1 fighting!!!!

  24. :]simplyme says:

    fighting min ah!

  25. googooo says:

    i love shin min ah

  26. jam says:

    Shin min ah i love! you’re sizzling hot!

  27. ramonerz says:

    honestly… dara’s outfit better but in my eyes… min ah is a goddess *___*

  28. ramonerz says:

    honestly… dara’s outfit is better.. but in my eyes. min ah is a goddess *__*

  29. but i both love them
    i ‘m excited for 2ne1’s concert
    also watching my girlfriend’s a gumiho……..

      have some time realizing of what you are talking about………
      and some advice………there’s nothing wrong about expressing what you think and feel
      cause it’s our right but you must know your responsibilities and limitations…
      consider what would somebody feel about it
      i know you won’t like it if someone judge you of what you are really not…..

  30. Chloie says:

    Hi sandara and shin! they look good in their i cannot choose,because they are one of my favorite celebrity.So only I can say is I hope they have more shows,and movies to come…Shin,I really like you in your role in ‘My girlfriend is a gumiho’.I hope you have more shows here in the Philippines……Sandara,I really miss you here in Philippines,I hope you have shows here in the Philippines or movies,so I can see you again….

  31. kathzy says:

    shin min ah when she dress. it is simple
    i love her
    go shin min ah

  32. kathzy says:

    shin min ah is a simple girl
    i love shin min ah
    go shin min ah

  33. calmino says:

    I do believe that dara is much flashy in her outfit, and min-ah’s outfit might be a little bit off, but what the heck? They’re famous, famous enough to even wear something that ridiculous.

    Don’t hate me for being a fan of min-ah, dara did well in the philippines, I worked with her there, she’s nothing but nice, just a piece of advice for the “dignity” guy out there, in the world of show business, “dignity” is so over-rated, people tend to look at you on a different level cause of fans spawning like fungi. But yes, dara did pose for a magazine (the owner was a good friend of mine) and it worked out. But of course, people with little knowledge in this kind of industry wouldn’t understand, dara took the shoot cause she wanted to take pride in her beliefs as she was seen to soft to become a great competitor in the world of artists, look at her now in korea, she’s fierce looking she became mature, posing for the magazine a vixen DOES NOT take away your dignity it increases it, maybe you haven’t tried it, since you rant here in this site talking about dignity, why don’t you show your face and let the people judge what you really are, rather than throwing a facade of hate towards your beloved korean idols? You, my friend, don’t even know what you’re talking about, but then again… Of course you are entitled to throw what you want to in a virtual space. But for the sake of “dignity” doing what you do only destroys it. On the other hand in this competition, i’d take min-ah’s get up anytime of the day, people differs from their getup and depends on their available time and mood, even if I see min-ah looking like that, I’d still offer her a bubbly drink ๐Ÿ™‚ . she doesn’t need a statement “I’m here”, a lot of people already know who she is, just don’t expect japanese people to accept her the way S.E. Asian people does, japan still thinks they’re above and will only bow down to americans so. Shin Min-ah , even with those ridicule outfit ๐Ÿ™‚ , you get my vote, I think it’s best for her to dress that way, since if she dressed up like dara did, she might have been ganked by fans. Lol

  34. Judylyn says:

    .. i Like DARA in any ouTFiT .. !! ^_^

  35. ashiru park says:

    i like the dress of shin min ah simple but cute

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