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G.NA releases her music video for “I Already Miss You”!

I know what you are thinking…” English Please!” Your wish is our command!

This week, G.NA released the full length MV for her latest single “I Already Miss You”.  In the video above, I found out she was missing a few things: her clothes, subtitles for international fans, and people! The singer chose to release an actual solo MV( exclusively in her own world) and gave viewers a sneak peek.

What do you think of G.NA‘s private world in “I Already Miss You” the MV?

Sources: GNAOffiical and LoveKpopSubs (Youtube)


11 Comments on “G.NA releases her music video for “I Already Miss You”!”

  1. Telephone says:

    Do Canadians work in Hagwans too or is it just unemployable americans who cannot work in K-pop performance groups?

  2. I love ? says:

    Im a big fan of her and love her music but this music video is just weird…

  3. Dovey says:

    Okay….she spends the entire video in that corner. Very interesting watch! Not… But the song isn’t too shabby, though it is a song I wouldn’t mind if I never got to listen to it ever again. XD

    • Dovey says:

      And for those that might flame me, I didn’t actually watch the entire video. I simply let the entire thing load up and then I was skipping about only to notice she stayed in the same area. XD

  4. Florence says:

    Talented singer!!!OMG!!!Love all her songs…

  5. HUUH says:

    This MV is useless…….T_T

  6. […] you dump Korea’s Barbie? G.NA‘s latest single “I Already Miss You” is probably making fanboys all over the nation ask the question…Why would anyone break up with […]

  7. tiffany says:

    i did expect that she will be with another hot idol in this MV
    but she is G.Na,she managed to make this one person,stuck at one place MV a hit.
    it is about a girl suffering from missing her boyfriend.
    and G.Na successfully did that.
    though it’s lack of creativeness, but G.Na’s expression and voice wrap it up.
    i became her total fan in here from black & white
    hope more song like this from here

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