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G.NA releases her music video for “I Already Miss You”!

I know what you are thinking…” English Please!” Your wish is our command!

This week, G.NA released the full length MV for her latest single “I Already Miss You”. ┬áIn the video above, I found out she was missing a few things: her clothes, subtitles for international fans, and people! The singer chose to release an actual solo MV( exclusively in her own world) and gave viewers a sneak peek.

What do you think of G.NA‘s private world in “I Already Miss You” the MV?

Sources: GNAOffiical and LoveKpopSubs (Youtube)


11 Comments on “G.NA releases her music video for “I Already Miss You”!”

  1. Telephone says:

    Do Canadians work in Hagwans too or is it just unemployable americans who cannot work in K-pop performance groups?

  2. I love ? says:

    Im a big fan of her and love her music but this music video is just weird…

  3. Dovey says:

    Okay….she spends the entire video in that corner. Very interesting watch! Not… But the song isn’t too shabby, though it is a song I wouldn’t mind if I never got to listen to it ever again. XD

    • Dovey says:

      And for those that might flame me, I didn’t actually watch the entire video. I simply let the entire thing load up and then I was skipping about only to notice she stayed in the same area. XD

  4. Florence says:

    Talented singer!!!OMG!!!Love all her songs…

  5. HUUH says:

    This MV is useless…….T_T

  6. […] you dump Korea’s Barbie? G.NA‘s latest single “I Already Miss You” is probably making fanboys all over the nation ask the question…Why would anyone break up with […]

  7. tiffany says:

    i did expect that she will be with another hot idol in this MV
    but she is G.Na,she managed to make this one person,stuck at one place MV a hit.
    it is about a girl suffering from missing her boyfriend.
    and G.Na successfully did that.
    though it’s lack of creativeness, but G.Na’s expression and voice wrap it up.
    i became her total fan in here from black & white
    hope more song like this from here

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