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Geeks Give “A Song for IU”

New hip hop duo Geeks is looking for some love from IU, with a special song. Will they dedicate their album to her too?

Geeks is a duo of members Lil Boi (21 years, Korean age) and Louie (22 years, Korean age), and they released online, “A Song for IU,” which has gained a large amount of popularity from netizens.

On March 9, they announced their debut album “Officially Missing You.”

The members are said to be accomplished hip hop musicians and have already have appeared in some work with other hip hop artists, for various songs and albums. They gained recognition at hip hop shows around Seoul.

Until then, check out the song that made them famous, “A Song for IU,” a hip hop remix of IU‘s “Boo.”

What did you think? Was it enough to move IU‘s heart?

If you enjoyed it, you can check out the music video for their mini-album single “Officially Missing You” below.


3 Comments on “Geeks Give “A Song for IU””

  1. Telephone says:

    The ‘bilge-o-meter’ just went off the charts.

  2. STB says:

    I can’t see anything. Video has been removed.

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


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