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Jay Park Returns to Variety TV

Jay Park (Jaebum) will be filming a “gorilla date” for KBS‘s “Entertainment Relay,” on March 11th. This is a big step for the former idol, who is making his first broadcast since leaving 2PM and returning to Korea. The question is, will he mention 2PM?

Probably not, but it’s hard to say what will happen. Now, representatives from Jay’s current management, Sidus HQ stated, “Park Jaebum only thinks well of 2PM and there’s absolutely no hard feelings or resentment. Nonetheless, every time, we plan on holding back with just a few positive words.” They also stated that they hope fans have “good sense” for this filming, as Jay will be out in public for filming.

With this filming for broadcast, the filming of the movie “Happy Together,” and a planned April release of a music album, it seems like Jay is taking the right steps to have a solid year and a positive comeback into the spotlight.

This year, on February 17th, Jay left a statement a message board, “Because of my own mistake, I left 2PM. 2PM members had no wrong doings causing my departure, but rather I was suffering from a big ordeal [at the time],” and “I’m sorry to Producer Park Jin-young for disappointing him.”

To this, JYP Entertainment answered on February 22nd, “With a thankful heart, we accept Park Jaebum‘s apology.”

What do you think of Jay‘s cautious return to celebrity? Will he be able to be successful the second time around?


31 Comments on “Jay Park Returns to Variety TV”

  1. Telephone says:

    We all think he’s still got no talent. However, that’s precisely what South Koreans worship, americans with no talent. That’s why all their pop groups are crammed full of them, and that’s why whatever TV show he’s in will be a success with millions of Koreans watching it, and millions of indovietmalaypinays watching it just to see what their k-gods are doing.

    • dan says:

      and what do koreans love more than americans? those that think and act like they’re black from the ghetto. living in the projects. rollin with da gangstas. livin the thug life.

      • Telephone says:

        That behaviour is what they are taught in americanisation hagwans by unemployable americans. Their parents pay a lot of money for them to learn how to act gangsta and being like a thurg.

        Then they all go home and watch americans on the TV like this Jay guy, and their parents clap.

        “O’ Korea, thou art a strange place”, Jasper Bligthy Jr.

        • mihaela says:

          wow you have a very wrong idea of americans you shouldn’t talk something you don’t know..and he has no talent? i would like to see you do something..he is way better than most of koreans so stop talking bullshit i bet you are a korean soo full of yourself! with your anser you make koreeans look very bad!

          • ashley says:

            he’s not Korean he’s British.

            • mihaela says:

              so he’s talking about two thing he doesn’s know about: americans and i suspected he’s nothing but a hater talikng shit

              • Handle says:

                Urm, can someone explain why I know nothing about koreans nor americans?

                Or are you people just making assumptions and rationalising in order to prevent your k-gods losing dignity in some way. The way you folks use psychological defence mechanisms to protect your korean owners is pretty interesting.

                • tintin says:

                  why so cynical? it’s what they love doing, so let them be. it’s foolish telling people how to act- let’s just exchange ideas shall we? :/

  2. Agnie says:

    I am really glad that he does 🙂
    Despite the fact that a comment of a person above drove me crazy I’m still very happy of Jay’s return 🙂

  3. Lorni says:

    Congrats Jay Park. Hopefully there still aren’t any anti haters out there. If there is, who gives a shit. Do your best and look ahead!

  4. Mary says:

    Im sooo Happy for him…

    really wish the best for him <333

  5. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    jay is back on tv!? yes!!!! omg!!! i need some jay in my life!!!

  6. Dizzy_23 says:

    Jay Park is korean,,of course he’s coming back to korea. There’s a lot of chinese livd in america..but why they’re not interested to coming back to china? *once more,,im not smart enough to think about*

    • Telephone says:

      He’s not korean.. he’s an american. If he’s korean he should do his military service like all korean men.. oh wait, he can’t BECAUSE HE’S NOT KOREAN.

      You imbeciles live in fairyland.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        but he can if he wants to.

        • Handle says:

          No he cannot. Because he’s american. He can do his military service in USA if he wants, but having seen that Korean guy take a paper ball to the face and cry.. .I’m thinking it’s not a good idea to have any of them in the military.

          • tintin says:

            i thought being Korean was a birth right, when ur born with parents who has some korean blood in them. Does it really make sense going through military duty in able to be called Korean? That armistice, is not ganna last forever you know, and then how are you goin to figure out who’s korean when the war is over, n military duty becomes an option?

  7. Bandi says:

    YAY!! i can’t wait to see him rise as a star again…btw, did anyone else see him in the nigahiga video?? it was cute ;P

  8. sinbb2011 says:

    Hope u do well Jay!!

  9. karajjang says:

    jay on tv… good. Jay on stage, performing.. amazing! i can’t wait until he’s promoting his own stuff and he’s able to join variety shows. He never fails to make me laugh 🙂

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