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Kang Moon-young returns to acting!

After two heartbreaking divorces,  the veteran actress will make her comeback to the small screen after five years.

MBC‘s upcoming drama “Can You Hear My Heart” is her newest baby. Moon-young, who is focusing on child-rearing (instead of another relationship), returns to the small screen for the first time since 2006.

Her agency stated the following about her decision to act again:

“She made up her mind to make a comeback last summer and reviewed a number of scripts. She found it hard to choose a project as she felt a lot of pressure after her prolonged absence. She finally decided to do it with this new drama.”

This actress has been working longer than I’ve been alive. So, I’m not very familiar with her work. She made her debut in 1985 and Koreans have enjoyed her films/dramas until her aburpt halt in the entertainment industry due to marriage.

Welcome Back Kang Moon-young!

MBC’s “Can You Hear My Heart” premieres on April 2nd.

Sources: Star News, MK, and The English Chosunilbo


3 Comments on “Kang Moon-young returns to acting!”

  1. Telephone says:


  2. ashley says:

    i have seen her in can you hear my heart….she has one fucked up mouth is all i can say. looks like she been chewing some rocks….

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