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Korean Phrase of the Week #6


Today, the drama is somewhat historical. The theme was historical, but the storyline was a love story. This drama made many hearts flutter. It started and ended in the end of 2010. The drama is …

… Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

This drama was about where, when, and how did he/she do it. Today’s phrases are simple, but useful if you’re visiting Korea.

Hangul: 뭐요? 어디요?

Romaji: Mwŏ-yo? Ŏ-di-yo?

Meaning: What? Where?

Another phrase that Lee Sun Joon (acted by Micky/ Yoochun’s JYJ) said to Kim Yoon Hee (acted by Park Min Young)… Don’t worry!

Hangul: 걱정 마세요!

Romaji: Kŏk-tchŏng ma-se-yo!

That’s it for today. Share this on FaceBook and Twitter. So what did you guys think of the drama?


17 Comments on “Korean Phrase of the Week #6”

  1. haha says:

    “acted by Micky’s JYJ” sorry but this made me laugh

  2. FINALBOSS says:

    Just out of curiosity, do you even have a firm grasp on the Korean language?

    “Hangul: 뭐요? 어디요?

    Romaji: Mwŏ-yo? Ŏ-di-yo?

    Meaning: What? When?”

    This is wrong. The correct meaning is “What? Where?”
    Unless you change 어디요 to 언제요


    • Llorainne says:

      Right! i didn’t notice that till i’ve read your comment. :)) FAIL!

    • Small Beng says:

      Well this site is secretly written by Pinay fan girls from the Filippines, that’s why the mistake. Awesome korean translators like this!

      • Telephone says:

        I have to agree, the number of filipina-nurses in USA and heritage leeches in USA writing articles for this site seems to increased exponentially.

        Their grasp of the korean language does seem somewhat limited.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      yeah, i noticed that too

  3. FINALBOSS says:

    P.S.: Micky is the most homosexual name anybody can have. Why anybody would voluntarily name himself Micky is beyond me.

    Of course it’s a pretty cool name if you’re a 195lb Irish boxer but other than that, you gay niggga.

  4. FINALBOSS says:

    P.S.: Micky is the most homosexual name anybody can have. Why anybody would voluntarily name himself Micky is beyond me.

    Of course it’s a pretty cool name if you’re a 195lb Irish boxer but other than that, you gay niggga.


  5. HUUH says:

    XDDDDD so true Micky is a such weird name but this is really cute actually!!!!!!!
    I think girls like that!!

    Anyway thanks for the article!! =D

  6. Mark says:

    actually 걱정하지마 is what most people would say for “don’t worry” in modern speech.

    and seriously, why are you even putting romaji? It’s useless considering the noises for 어 and 으 don’t exist in English is if you’re so fucking lazy you can’t take a day or two to learn how to properly read Korean you don’t deserve to be mumbling incoherent sentences in a feeble attempt to make people think you are intelligent.

  7. FINALBOSS says:

    Wow this still hasn’t been corrected lol

    • Mark says:

      I commend you for even noticing that. I just read the Korean and I was like ‘wow this is so bull shit, I’ve never even said that” and didn’t read the actual romaji. But how you can fuck up mixing 어디 and 언제 is beyond me.

      • Telephone says:

        Why do people even bother to learn Korea? it’s not as if GI’s use it to talk to their wives.. it’s only useful for filipino and vietnamese brides to talk to their farmer husbands.

        Better spend your time learning Chinese.. or Japanese…at least you get a payback.

        • Mark says:

          there is such a thing as being genuinely interested in a country and it’s culture and that would be one reason. I have a Korean GF and although her English is good enough to attend a Canadian university and get an A ,I still enjoy talking to her in Korean because it’s her native tongue and I love her.

          • Handle says:

            What you’re doing is psychological. You probably have a yellow fetish and as your current choice in ‘mating partner’ is korean and you’re acting like you have an interest in her culture to convince her that she wants to be your life-partner. The issue here is that for your progeny to be successful within mainstream Canadian culture, it would be better if you dropped the korean altogether because no one speaks korean and taught them english (forget the french, no one speaks french any more either).

            That’s unless you’re from USA, in which case if your children have no talent, you could send your half-korean children to be another one of the terribly dull people on arirang tv .. or be talentless actors like Daniel Hernia or Dennis Oh-face. Alternatively they could work in a Hagwan.

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