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[POP Listen to This] 10cm

POPSEOULers who have been around for a while probably know about 10cm, the acoustic duo that released their first album (finally) last month. But, for those who don’t know, definitely check out 10cm! Take a listen after the jump.

10cm has been around, starting in 2009, playing in various venues in the Hongkik University area. With two hit singles, “The Night is Dark, I’m Scared” and “Americano,” they became one of the most famous indie groups in Korea, as their songs became hits for Cyworld BGM (background music).

For a taste of their style, check out the singles.



“The Night is Dark, I’m Scared”


“Could Die”

The duo has released their first official album “1.0” in February. The track list of “1.0” is as follows:

01. Kingstar
02. 우정, 그 씁쓸함에 대하여 (Friendship, about that Bitterness)
03. 그게 아니고 (That’s Not It)
04. Talk
05. 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 (Love in the Milky Way Coffeehouse)
06. Beautiful
07. 죽겠네(Album Ver.) (Could Die)
08. 살
09. 곱슬머리 (Curly Hair)
10. Rebirth
11. 헤이 빌리 (Hey Billy)
12. Beautiful moon

If you like this sound, be sure to pick up “1.0” and you can learn more about 10cm at their Cyworld cafe:


7 Comments on “[POP Listen to This] 10cm”

  1. Telephone says:

    why are they putting realish music onto this forum?

    • evcim says:

      even you had to admit that this music is good 🙂

    • blah says:

      10cm is really good, and there are even more artists who are just as good in the Korean indie/hip hop / rock scene. Wish that the focus in the Korean music industry would start branching away from idol groups to other genres with talented artists like this. Perhaps this is a start!

  2. HUUH says:

    I didn’t know this band !! thanks for sharing ^^

    It is so bad that the only singers that I know from Korea are those who are in TV shows!!! But there is not a lot of different way to a foreign to know korea singers!!! I will be more careful =D

    And actually this style is so nice and different of idols band’s style …..THIS IS NICE =D

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    It’s good music, but not my style……

  4. sonaturelleity says:

    They sound great. None of the high tech acoustics. Great artists!

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