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Shin Min-ah corrects her fashion error!

Trust me…her style is much better this time around.

The basic casual brand,Giordano, had the actress model their contemporary and ladylike 2011 Spring/Summer Collection.

Her eye-catching, subtly sexy (or almost non-existent) modeling of their clothes was the right look. Giordano wanted their comfortable ensembles to appear loose on the body with just a touch of sex appeal.

Min-ah may not be award show ready,but you have to admit she has improved since her airport days.

Excluding this brave step into 2011 fashion……

What do you think of her photo shoot?

Sources: BNT and Hancinema


13 Comments on “Shin Min-ah corrects her fashion error!”

  1. LS says:

    Very Beautiful )))

  2. lvsanchez115 says:

    Not my style, but looks real nice on her. But then again Shin Min Ah can be wearing a potato sack and still work it lol. The shoes in the second photo remind me of those Tom shoes, I wonder if that’s what they are.

  3. K says:

    Her head is so small. o_o

  4. zorro says:

    love her.she could wear anything and loook so u miho

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I wish i had deep dimples… i only have slight dimples…

  6. HUUH says:

    So nice…^^

  7. joana says:

    I love her and her style! 😉

  8. yuna says:

    what do you mean by the last phrase: Excluding this brave step into 2011 fashion……

  9. lalala says:

    the clothes are normal its the shoes that the stylist use that stands out in the photos

  10. Shire says:

    she looks like minho shine.

  11. moonlyn says:

    you know what ,im always minding about my future,and i like name to my daughter someday is shin minah really,,,and her nickname is miho…haha

  12. Pat says:

    She looks ravishing!

  13. john says:

    very cute…………

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