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Song Hye-gyo’s Last Message to Hyun Bin

In the wake of the break-up news of super acting couple Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo, it was revealed that the actress sent one last message “as his girlfriend” before Hyun Bin entered the Marines on the 7th.

In the message, Song Hye-gyo sent wishes of welfare to the soon-to-be soldier, “Be healthy, and come back safe.”

This is a normal message to give to young Korean men entering their military service, but fans are seeing signs that the actress still has feelings for the now-Marine but circumstances made them break up. Those circumstances being Hyun Bin‘s decision to serve his military duty.

According to sources, “Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo were having a hard time with the ceaseless break-up gossip and rumors, and in the end they parted. But, after the break up was done and over with, they mutually plan to be close and continue regular contact through messages.”

On the 7th, Hyun Bin enlisted in the military, and the day after on the 8th, the news of their break up was revealed to the public.

The actor also said, “Overcoming burdens, I’m going. I’m sorry and thankful,” to Song Hye-gyo in response to the message.

All in all, it’s quite a sad story, seems like a bitter parting full of mutual love, just like a drama.


136 Comments on “Song Hye-gyo’s Last Message to Hyun Bin”

  1. guest says:

    According to this article “IT was revealed that the actress sent one last message to……………. Hyun Bin”. But who is the “IT”? Did the actress (SHK) go around showing others the messages she sent out or received? If so, pple who msg her must then exercise care for their messages may one day be open to public viewing. If there is no such message, pple who comment here in response to the article has indeed been taken for a ride.

  2. julie Besteben says:

    i love them both.

  3. Eilyn says:

    It was said that this “relationship” was only a publicity stunt to promote “The World Within” because the rating was so bad in Korea. So, to promote it to other countries, they had that announcement. And after it was shown to other countries, the two conveniently “broke up”.

    • Sienna says:

      I don’t understand the show’s (WW) low rating in Korea. I enjoyed the show and must have watched it several time on the internet. People have preference. I guess it did not click with others. I’ve also watched The Winter, The Wind Blows. That was a tear-jerker. All I did was shed tears. That was great drama. I just discovered SHK a few months back while channel-surfing and stumbled upon this show, Full House, without realizing it was a 2004 TV show. I enjoyed it very much. I must have watched it gazillion times. It was fun watching her and RAIN. SHK has a beautiful face. Ten years have passed after FH, and she still maintains that beautiful face and flawless skin. Good luck to her. I hope for more TV shows, and maybe with RAIN again or Hyun Bin.

  4. Maya Eleria says:

    Hi,still hoping someday they’ll still end up with each other.hb and shkyo knows the truth.hope they make a movie,romcom,drama and even cf.miss them.goodluck God Bless to both of you.

    • guest2 says:

      its over long ago, no point hoping and wishing. Anyway, she seems to be having someone else already for quite some time. So let it be for her as well as for him.

  5. Sienna says:

    Let us leave them be. They are a public figure. People will talk and make their own conclusions regardless of what the real reason for the break up was. I am all for SHK. I personally welcome whoever she will be paired with in future projects. Good luck, SHK! May you have a happy and peaceful life! You are deserving of it.

  6. LPA says:

    We’re still hoping the flame is still there. We love the pair, and we were happy for them being together.

  7. Bahiah Baba says:

    Love both of them! They clicked very well in “The world within”. Really wish both of them well n the love is not lost.

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