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Where are the Wonder Girls?

Waldo can wait! JYPE’s internationally known girl band is the focus today. Recently, the Wonder Girls official twitter account tweeted the following message:

“THAILAND!!!!! WG will be in Thailand on the 12th! See you all there~

They will be apart of MBCs Anniversary Korean Music Wave concert in Bangkok,Thailand this year. The five singers plan to take a break from the States to join their K-pop family in the land of Rice. Thailand is the largest exporter of rice and on the 12th, they will be the hottest music spot in the world.

Source: @followWG


36 Comments on “Where are the Wonder Girls?”

  1. Telephone says:


    Are these people even still a ‘performance group’? They don’t do anything other than hanging about in USA pretending people know who they are and dressing up like 1980s hookers in heavily branded clothing.

    • NotchaChingu says:

      LOL OMG I so agree. I was wondering after seeing the clothes if they were in Vegas…in the desert someplace. Maybe JYP found a way to make money off them in the states afterall!

      LOL Ok that was mean, so WG if you guys are reading….it’s a joke.

      But I somehow feel they need to go back to Korea…or go into some sort of business or someting QUICK with the money they made so far. Maybe real-estate, maybe a nightclub or SOMETHING before the 15 minutes is over.

      Be smart, Ladies. No offense to JYP but he’s probably an old guy perve like the others…out to use and take advantage of uneducated young girls. Make sure you take care of yourselves first.

    • peace says:

      You just said the things I thought. Seriously, what are they doing? nothing but hanging around looking like cheap girls. I wish they just go back to Korea and do something productive.

    • fvgbhnj says:


    • alyssa says:

      oh my dont know who is ths wondergirls,,…they are so very sucessful.. because of their hit songs nobody,,,
      if u dont know them you are really updated in kpop industry,,,

  2. pat says:

    Note to JYP…….. If it was gonna happen ,it woulda happened . Let these poor girls go HOME already.

  3. Dood says:

    Wow! Look at this trash! So trashy. Asian Trash. Don’t come back please.

  4. King Pop says:

    They should be in Korea/Asia full time making a lot of money, instead, they are in US doing what??? In NYC, I have yet to hear any WG songs in any NYC radio stations, no music videos on MTV, VH1 or Fuse…none…no TV/media coverage either. Just give it up JYP.

    • in young says:

      this. i second. i havent heard from them in a long time – music-wise, i just keep reading about them attending fashion shows day in and day out in the states, wearing this and that. what happened to the music and the performances?

  5. huh says:

    What the hell happened to Yoobin?!

  6. what?? says:

    Wow…they do not pull off these outfits very well at all. They look a mess.

  7. Nicepeterfan says:

    No where where they belong. Good riddance to them!

  8. Dovey says:

    Oh wow, these outfits aren’t looking too hot on them, and especially with those horrid red lipstick color! XD

  9. 2Bad4u says:

    What a Fashion Show in Thailand – ha ha. Hyuna & Sun Mi were smart to leave. It’s been all downhill since then. They literally have become NOBODY’s trying to be SOMEBODY. Lim jumped on the band wagon too late sorry for her.

  10. blaznist says:

    Yoobin wtf happened..and was saying the land of rice really needed?..I mean just saying lol.

  11. nana says:

    I miss the cute wonder girls…i hope they come back

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      i miss their Tell Me days…. ­čśŽ

      • alyssa says:

        thatz.. right…dont worry wonder girls….you are beautiful….and i miss ur performances..hope u will be back in korea soon..

        • Handle says:

          They cannot. They’re too busy looking like 1980s hookers in the USA to come back to Korea. Besides, one of them looks so ill and thin that she might snap.

          I’m pretty sure the one in the pink bra would be popular amongst ‘el seppos’ as they seem to like that kind of thing.

  12. banky says:

    are you guys stupid? how rude can you get?
    First of all, they’re all there to prepare for their new album. Get it right haters.
    Second of all, they aren’t trashy. It’s so hilarious how you guys talk smack about them and ASSUME what their future will be and what position they’re in.
    I bet you guys cant even sing and dance well as them, so give them a break and shoo your asses away. you guys are losers. Stop talkin smack on the computer and GET A LIFE. dumbasses.

    • Telephone says:

      Are you blind? or just using some more advanced psychological technique than has been heard of before to persuade yourself that this group isn’t massively trashy?

      Can you not see the ones who are looking 1980s slutty in the pink bra tops, and the others looking like homeless people. I guess trashy must means something else to you.

    • King Pop says:

      Hey moron, we all know why they are here, answer this, they’ve been here in the states for almost 3 years, like I said, No Radio Play, No TV coverage, No Video Play, no nothing…their 1st album was a bust. Seriously, don’t you feel sorry for them, they are in the states not making any money, while they could be in Korea/Asia making a lot of money. Good luck with their 2nd album, they really going to need it. Another bust.

      • Banky says:

        LIKE I SAID they’re there practicing for their new album. Yeah, those clothes look TRASHY but that doesn’t mean that they are trashy in general. It’s not like they wear it every single day and no telephone, they aren’t massively trashy.

        And so what if they aren’t doing anything that puts them in the news or radio or whatever? It’s a new experience and hey, they wanted to experience how it is over here- Fans know that they aren’t that good enough yet to be advertised or be on a TV show or whatsoever in America because simply they just might embarrass themselves and ruin their reputation. We also all know that they can make so much money in Asia, but this is a new experience. They’re breaking the pattern for Asian bands/artists. Don’t criticize them just because of this picture. That’s immature and you aren’t giving them a chance. Be the rude ass mother fucker you are, but I’m just saying. stop saying they’re trashy and give them a chance.

        No need to argue further more, I said my opinion and you guys stated yours. I was irritated at how rude you guys were acting. How would you like it if someone said that about you? yeah.

        • Handle says:

          You’re rationalising because as a K-slave you’re unable to cognitively deal with the failure of your K-gods. The fact is, they failed, and now they look like cheap 1980s hookers (in this photo) and even a pink slutty bra top isn’t going to be able to be seen by you because you’re using cognitive dissonance to prevent yourself seeing their faults.

          You’re quite an interesting example of using psychological defence mechanisms in order to protect your k-deities in Mt Los Angeles.

          • Banky says:

            yeah alright. Just stop. I’m not Korean and you’re exaggerating way too much with the gods shit. No, I just believe that they aren’t like that. In the U.S. there are plenty of people who wear shit like that including famous people like that stupid Miley Cyrus. BUT what i’m trying to say is that, no need to be THAT rude. It’s pointless and I know you’re just stating your opinion but when people read that shit it’s irritating because it’s like they know who the exactly are and all that.

            It was pointless of me to comment, but I, again, was just super irritated at how you guys are looking down on them like that and thinking they’re total sluts.

            I just respect them for achieving great goals and being successful. AND YOU HANDY, no shit they have faults. NO ONE is perfect, EVERYONE makes mistakes. just chill.

            • Handle says:

              Great goals? Was their goal to produce one song .. and fail in USA? If yes, then that’s fine.

              But I suspect you’re just rationalising because you cannot cognitively deal with seeing your k-gods fail.

              • banky says:

                no dumbass. They didnt produce “one song”. one of their song became famous and by that many people liked it and they got to come to U.S and experience a good stage. Like other K artists that tried to make it in the U.S but failed, they were successful in being known. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t on radios or tv shows or anything. What matters is that they were successful at their goal.

                So you need to stfu and stop looking down on them. It’s hard to make it in the AMI and I applaud them for making it this far. just stop Handle, you dont like them but that doesnt mean you’re obligated to argue with me further more. Yes, its clear i support these girls.

                • Bottle says:

                  They didn’t get well known. No one I know in the USA knows these people. You must hang out with people in the Korean heritage leech community in USA, whereas I know mainly people in mainstream american culture who have no idea who the hell these dags are.

  13. Small Beng says:

    Nice! I’ve seen girls like this sitting outside those stores with the neon lights in Yongsan! Who are these girls again?

  14. xiaraqis says:

    i love WG~but this fashion…gosh!!terrible!!!WG,pliss back to who u are b4~

  15. […] Korea’s Wonder Girls are joining Chinese and Taiwanese superstars Elva Hsaio, David Tao, and Kenji Wu at the “China Mobile Concert”.The March 26th show venue will be held at┬áBeijing’s Olympic Stadium. The┬álocation, that can hold 90,000, will be their musical playing field! ┬áJYPE’s Wonder Girls plan to stay in China for a day or two, before they head back to the states to continue working their USA album. […]

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