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[Before They Were Stars] ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Lee Jong-seok

First, ZE:A‘s Kwanghee and Lee Jong-seok “Sun” from “Secret Garden” were friends?! Second, what a wonderful change!

It’s well-known that Kwanghee got a lot of plastic surgery (yes, a male idol’s well-known plastic surgery), as he confessed on an episode of “Strong Heart,” thanking both his mother and his plastic surgeon. He’s quite hilarious on variety shows, by the way.

His buddy, Lee Jong-seok‘s face really didn’t change much, but his style got better, thank goodness.

What do you think of the young friends’ not-so-distant past?


13 Comments on “[Before They Were Stars] ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Lee Jong-seok”

  1. Rf says:

    That is so wrong since he is still ugly. ZEA for me is a fail copy cat group so I don’t pay attention to them.

  2. Telephone says:

    More gay looking koreans? Two men in bed together?

  3. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think Gwang Hee is funny, but sometimes he can be really annoying

  4. Y act so mean about ZE:A or Kwang Hee?

  5. How dare you to say that koreans are gay looking?

  6. DeeDee says:

    I’m actually more disturbed by Lee Jong Seok’s unnatural looking nose than Kwang Hee’s face, which is according to him completely plastic surgerized.

    • Azurea says:

      wow. I thought that was just me think Jongsuk’s nose is looking so unnatural, especially when looking at his nostril, it look stiff. But i enjoy his drama though….

      • sandy says:

        actually not just the nose but lips as well his lips were way thinner and now they are much fuller also the look is unnatural its not his fault korean culture encourages physical insecurity

        • asdfgh says:

          it looks like he got slight surgery on his nose as you can’t see his nose bump anymore but his lips look the same. Plus if you look at him his lips get fuller when he smiles but in this picture he’s trying to keep a straight face. You can’t really tell about his lips cuz he might just be putting it in a little. Like I have days where my lips seem fuller but on others look really thin

  7. ChaJongMin says:

    Jongsuk oppa have cute baby face.. He doesnt changes at all.. Even he infront camera or not.. First time i see you at SBS Inkigayo.. Oppa look so cute, sorry for bad engrish..

  8. momo says:

    he just do plastic surgery on his nose. but his eyes and lips are still the same. so what if his done a plastic surgery? most korean idol had their plastic surgery. not only korean idol do plastic surgery but other country also are the same. my country idol also had their plastic surgery. all idol want to looks good infront their fans. so that is my comment 🙂

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