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Brian Joo drops his album release date!

Do you want a hint? It’s right around the corner!

K-pop/CCM Artist Brian Joo tweeted the message below to his devoted 3rd-flying followers:

My new album dropping in April… Will update again soon on the album title and exact date… And also my comeback performances”

Will his new project be Pop,R&B….or just a little inspirational? What genre would you like to hear on Brian‘s new album?

Source:  @BrianJooMuzik

2 Comments on “Brian Joo drops his album release date!”

  1. kpopfollowet says:

    I just read that on twitter. I love Brian Joo. He’s such a sweet person. I can’t wait for his album.

  2. Telephone says:

    An american heritage leech who came back to Korea to make money being worshipped by koreans who wished they could go to LA?

    Gosh, that’s predictable.

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