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IU is a Busy Girl

And netizens feel sorry for her.

Yes, yes, we all know, idol stars are super busy, never sleeping and underpaid. But, for one especially cute idollette, her schedule is jerking tears from netizens. (Yes, netizens cry, too.)

On March 8th, on the radio broadcast of MBC FM4U Noh Hong-chul’s Chin Chin,” IU listed out her daily schedule.

In the morning, her mother wakes her and she heads off to school. Okay, sounds good so far. She greets her teachers, as is custom to start the day in Korean schools, but with the school’s consent heads right off to the beauty salon for hair and make-up. After getting all pretty, her real schedule begins.

On the 8th, her particular schedule was as follows: Her first schedule was a performance for the National Police Agency (a common alternative to mandatory military service). Next she headed off to KBS for the “Opening Music Fest,” performing both “The Story Only I Didn’t Know” and “Good Day.” Next was filming for “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook.” The young idol confessed to often being very nervous when performing on “Sketchbook” and self-criticized her “lack-luster” performance.

Then, finished with her KBS commitments, IU hit the radio waves with MBC FM4UBae Chul-su’s Music Camp,” and after that, finally arriving to “Chin Chin.”

After the list, Noh Hong-chul asked, “After ‘Chin Chin‘ will you go home?” To which IU answered, “After ‘Chin Chin‘ I’m appearing on SBS Power FMSweet Sorrow’s Ten-ten Club.'” Noh Hong-chul also expressed his pity for the overly-busy IU.

“At one time, I felt burnt-out. As you may already know, Hong-chul oppa,” the young singer confessed. “Even on ‘Heroes,’ I became less talkative. Even more than the sad stories in ballads, like in ‘Good Day,’ I felt more down than that.”

Then she added, “But, today, on ‘Sketchbook,’ in front of the audience, I made a pledge. From that point forward, I would give a bright and lively face for all watching. I made that pledge to myself.”

When asked if such a jam-packed schedule was something ordered by her boss in the entertainment company, IU answered, “In the beginning, when new work came, I was so excited, I would urge [my boss] for more, but these days, I ask for ‘just a little’ to be taken out [of my schedule].”

The next few days brought out an empathetic netizen crowd, saying, “How can such a young girl be so busy?” and “For just a 19-year-old-girl, that schedule is too hard,” and “IU’s uncle ahjussi fans request a holiday for IU.”

Seems like IU already has signs of wear-and-tear from an overly packed schedule and no downtime. Girl needs a rest! Do you think IU will burn out soon?


8 Comments on “IU is a Busy Girl”

  1. OOOOKaaayy! says:

    iu if u r that busy and under paid thats telling you right now to kick someones ass or they should just pay up!!!……while u r kicking their ass! hide the evidence! ^.^

    • Telephone says:

      If they’re paid so little, then why don’t they just quit and get a normal job… the answer is because they’re not paid so little, and the hours are very very easy. The main issue is with being pimped off to CEO-ajhussis which typically makes them all want to commit suicide, because according to the list of the people that one suicider had to sleep with, they’re all 60+.

  2. John says:

    If you get paid as much as her, I would do double the work.

  3. cdnpoint says:

    I’m not seeing the reference to payments for any of the above appearances, so these could be PR appearances for benefit of her agency? Someone must be running a car/van for her to be able to get around from place to place and maybe even ensure that a couple of meals get to her during the day.

  4. blaznist says:

    Got tired just from reading that stuff, man, reason I love her, hard working girl, she deserve a vacation in Hawaii with whatever money she makes, big or small change.

    • Handle says:

      Yeh, in hawaii. Because there is nowhere in this world full of more fat unemployed americans and alcoholic hawaiians who had their land stolen off them by seppos, than a place where you can drive onto the beech and throw your Mc Donalds trash on the sand than in Hawaii.

      I see the propaganda bus hit you.

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    that’s a big schedule

  6. iceprincess says:

    This sounds busy. But you agreed and signed the contract, or did your mom sign it for you??

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