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Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jia’s Date in Paris

Someone went stalker on the “Athena” drama couple.

Besides that, it looks like they had something going on off-the-set. These photos have been spreading like wildfire online, revealing that Jung Woo-sung and Lee Ji-ah had a semi-private getaway in Paris on March 6th.

If you look closely at the first picture, you can see that the couple are holding hands in Jung Woo-sung‘s pocket.

It was also confirmed that neither of the two had any schedules or filming in Paris on that day. Reporters have been able to dig up that Jung Woo-sung had a business class seat while Lee Jia had an economy class seat, but neither managers nor company workers were present for this little vacation. It sure seems like they were trying to keep something secret.

Doesn’t this seem like another love blossomed from the drama scene? What do you think of the new couple?



21 Comments on “Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jia’s Date in Paris”

  1. HUUH says:

    OMG even in Paris they are followed!!!Please leave them alone…and live their love!!!
    They are so cute ❤

  2. Handle says:

    Actually how the hell did these people even get to Paris, when they’re korean and Paris isn’t in USA? Did they get lost or just get on the wrong plane?

    • blah says:

      Someone is obviously suffering from “cognitive dissonance” at the sight of seeing Koreans in Europe. Watch out, we might be coming to a city near YOU. I’d hate to see what Nazi-ism would follow on your part once you do see your first real Koreans. A pity your fellow statesmen have to deal with a racist bastard like yourself.

      • Handle says:

        I’m not a nationalist…. Nazis are nationalists… VANK push a nationalist agenda and also push goebellian style propaganda.. so your friends at work are more likely to be NAZIs.

      • blah says:

        Sorry to break it to you, but as far as I’m concerned all governments push nationalist agendas. It’s human nature, and unfortunately this world is no Eutopia.
        Nazi’s pushed not just nationalist agendas, but also an insane and irrational belief that it was permissable to belittle, insult, torture, and kill entire groups of people based on race. YOU apparantly also have this same belief, which is why I’d hate to know what would happen if you were to meet your first real Koreans.

        • blah says:

          I suppose I really should thank God that your itty bitty sphere of influence is just confined to your pathetic delusional world. You have all the psychologically neurotic makings of a British Hitler, except it would be Koreans you’d try to exterminate. ughh, again, you disgust me.

          • Handle says:

            Urm, regardless of how much you like putting words into people’s mouths, I have none of the beliefs that you just mentioned… however…

            You can feel as much disgust in me as you like, but the contradiction is that you work for a goebellian nationalistic propaganda machine called VANK who go around mis-informing the world of the truth. Just so you know, that’s what the Nazis did.

            You also recently stood and without a word allowed another commenter to pain japanese women as all having STDs and promiscuous and Chinese women as having personality disorders. This was what the Nazis did.

            All I said was Koreans like to go and live in USA, and they like to see Americans on the TV. Considering even most of your family live in USA and most of the members of these K-pop groups are american, I don’t think I’m far shy of the mark.

  3. nozomi05 says:

    i think its about time, been wondering for some time if he was dating anyone.good to know he is!

  4. ashley says:

    lol at first I thought u were talking about MissA’s Jia

  5. Judyannlou says:

    Wish them luck and happiness for each other. Please give them a break….. they need more “Privacy”. They are humans too, and need to relax after the tiring shooting of Athena. Please don’t make this a big issue for its no big deal and refrain from posting any negative comment that would only hurt those celebrities. There is nothing wrong for going on dating, there is no problem with them , the two are of the right age, unattached and unmarried. Only this paparazzi are ” the pain on the neck”, always tailing celebrities for the sake of their own good by exposing it with malicious captions and comments.

  6. KawaiiGarden says:

    Oh My God, I live in France but I’m always not at the right place at the right time. Sorry guys, but a lot of people in france watch drama and knows who are Lee Ji Ah and Jung Woo Sung. When I think I’lll be in Paris the next month. I hope that I’ll see some korean stars during my stay.
    I missed the f(x), CL and now them. Why I don’t live in Paris. lol.

    I’m happy for them. I love Lee Ji Ah, she’s the best.

  7. […] Woo-sung and Lee Jia were caught dating in Paris, and it turns out the relationship between the two “Athena” stars is real, […]

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