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Kim Hyung-jun debuts “OH! AH!” on Music Bank

You’ve seen the MV, now watch the live performance of “OH! AH!”

The other Double S KHJ (Kim Hyung-jun) made his solo debut this weekend. His album “My Girl” has already hit stores, and now the boy band singer is promoting singles “Girl” and “OH AH” on the weekly music shows.

His first plea for affection from the girl he loves was seen on M! Countdown!. On March 11th, Hyung-jun brought his “OH AH” for his leading lady to KBS’s Music Bank.

Enjoy Hyung-jun‘s  first Music Bank performance as a solo artist here:

Sources: TheKpopSubber and UnknownCarrot170 (Youtube)


22 Comments on “Kim Hyung-jun debuts “OH! AH!” on Music Bank”

  1. dee;) says:

    love hyung jun..and the SS501!!
    all the best

  2. bubbletea says:

    DANG!!!! He’s hot and cute XD

  3. American Girl says:

    i looooooove this video the beat, choreography, the song and of course baby! *sigh* is the mini album out now? oop! time to research!

  4. Handle says:

    the indovietmalaypinays will love this.

  5. Telephone says:

    Kim hyung jun not bad for korea-men

  6. Div says:

    he is jst dere..

  7. Sweetsmilez says:

    His new album seem ok!!..but I miss seeing him wif his band:ss501 together..I’m still a BIG fan of them so..I wish my blessings for them ALL!!!…His mv and performance are awesome and I truly luv it!!!..^~^

  8. Manu says:

    I’m so proud of him!! But I really miss him with SS501; the stage seems empty to me without all of them.

  9. VictoriaDM says:

    sos his brother isn’t singing anymore… but he is ?!?!?DX the fuck?

    • lollipop says:

      his brother who? Ki Bum?
      not in UKISS anymore.

      • VictoriaDM says:

        I know. It’s just that it seems like now Kibum is just the shadow. I guess it is because of the excuse that now they are going to focus more on their company. but since Hyug Jun is still an artist i guess it is Kibum who will be the entrepeneur and Hyung Jun the face. 😦 /i was a big Kibum fan… i still am

  10. winwoot says:

    he looks cute !

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


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