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Lady Gaga Copied Girls Generation?

This is new. Netizens are suggesting Lady Gaga‘s “Born this Way” is a plagiarism of Girls GenerationBe Happy.”

Videos and music clips comparing the two songs have been uploaded to the Internet and the reaction from netizens has been mixed.

Some say, “Wow, it is similar,” and, “Is Lady Gaga sampling Girls Generation’s ‘Be Happy’?” Netizens are speaking their mind, “Lady Gaga probably copied Girls Generation.” Others showed their anger, “I was a Lady Gaga fan [until now].”

Comments are causing huge (online) fights between Gaga and Girls Generation fans. Most have chosen a side, proclaiming one version better than the other. But, if it’s a copy, then what does it matter?

Take a listen for yourself. Do you think they’re similar? A copy?


66 Comments on “Lady Gaga Copied Girls Generation?”

  1. zer0cooool says:

    bom this way? ha

  2. Noe. says:

    Q: Do you think they’re similar? A copy?
    Me: Yeah, it is.

    but.. what’s the matter? Gaga’s Fans (like me) and GirlsGeneration’s fans will be continued supporting our Idol 😉

  3. Neitizens are stupid. So basically they are also that Girls Generation copied Madonna. Really? This is stupid.

  4. lol! says:

    Madonna’s “Express Yourself” sounds similar as well. It’s actually a pretty generic rhythm (songs from the 90s share a similar rhythm/beat), so lol.

    I’m not saying Gaga didn’t plagiarise SNSD, actually I’m on the fence on this one.

  5. Mi Young says:

    They sound S0000 Alike , LoL .
    It happens , Mmm .

  6. kimmyno9 says:

    this days there isnt really any original beats so gaga didnt copy snsd because cmon gaga is more popular than snsd why would she take interest in snsd’s unpopular song?

  7. NJ says:

    Oh really? who came up with this stupid thing? Lady gaga copying SNSD? really? well then good for SNSD, even it’s totally not true.

  8. NJ says:

    How could koreans comparing Lady Gaga to their SNSD just girl band who almost cant sing? Dont really understamd asians sometimes!!!

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    They sound alike.

  10. miley says:

    i don’t think so…ohplssssss give me a break. gaga’s “born this way” is more of thesame beat as that of madonna’s Express yourself” in the ’90’s.these girls generation are just a flash in the pan thing… ..i dig more 2ne1 music .snsd are just dancers who lipsynch in
    their stage performances.their vocals are weak.they are just good to look at when they do their chreography as they lipsynch their song.Wonder girls are much better ‘coz at least they have one hit song “Nobody Nobody But You” not only in Asia but also here in north america.

    • jhang says:

      this girls from Korea are always having a lips sing…they don’t have a very nice voice…yes.,people will agree that they are cute but through plastic surgery…oh…i really want to see a Korean who has a natural beauty that is very talented…is there someone who can recommend????or there is no Korean celeb that has this kins of quality????so boring…

      • ashley says:

        all the girls from 2NE1 except for Bom are natural and can sing a dance pretty well.

        • jhang says:

          yepz….Sandara Park from Philippines…who leave Phils coz people in there didn’t recognize her as talented and beautiful as other Phil Celebs….i want someone who are much better than them…

  11. Ha says:

    1. Gaga most likely NEVER heard that SNSD song
    2. They both sound like Madonna Express Yourself rejects.
    3. The songs are generic and sound like a million other songs as well.
    4. They both sound like doodoo on it.
    5. Both ‘artists’ are way overrated.

  12. klein says:

    Young kids are always so eager to claim their artist is original…….

    …… It makes me laugh a lot.

    • Handle says:

      The truth is that ‘truly original’ music has an issue selling. People cannot identify with it and so they don’t ‘understand’ it. This is why most music is just rehashed popular old music and propaganda tells the mindless consumers that it’s ‘original’.

      All the defending their pop idol, that’s just brand slavery and identification.

  13. Love says:

    I hope this makes a lot of noise… only for Madonna to swoop in and sue both of their unoriginal *ss*s.

  14. Hyun Bo says:

    it baffles me that people call lady gaga and snsd artists. really? they are about as artistic as a rock. overrated, overexposed and all that.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Oh come on, are those people really sure? L.Gaga is copying SNSD? Does SNSD produces a song that enters the billboard and over-all charts? Maybe same tunes, but not plagiarism.., think people think…

    • winwoot says:

      but most of all , does Gaga ever knows SNSD ?? i guess not .. hahaha

      • NJ says:

        If Lady Gaga knows that they almost blaming her to copying one of the biggest group of korea, she would kill herself or never ever will come to Korea. Be careful koreans, you may can never listen SNSD, but Lady Gaga.

      • MOUA says:

        I agree! Lady Gaga didn’t copy because really she doesn’t even know who SNSD is.

  16. juliagulia007 says:

    I highly doubt Lady Gaga plagerized SNSD. I mean, SNSD, really? What use would Lady Gaga have for plagerizing them. She probably hasn’t even heard of them. SNSD in my opinion are the most overrated girl idol group in Korea. Nowadays, originality with artists seizes to exist. If anything, Born This Way, sounds more like Madonna’s, Express Yourself. In reality, I’m sure Lady Gaga would rather resemble Madonna than SNSD.

  17. art says:

    That’s quite enough. Please stop saying the same words repeatedly.

    • Handle says:

      We’re just laughing at how the lobotomised people actually think SNSD wrote their music, when it’s really a norwegian guy.

      might be the same norwegian guy who writes Lady gaga’s music.

  18. LadyMisfit says:

    they both copied Madonna’s song.

    • Handle says:

      Neither SNSD nor Lady Gaga wrote or composed anything. Lady Gaga’s song was created by well known people like Stefani Germanotta and Jeppe Laursen. SNSDs was created by some random koreans who no one knows.

      I’d be safely betting that the Koreans copied… because let’s be fair, that’s what Koreans song writers do all day every day.

      Quit talking about SNSD as if they do anything creative.. they don’t.

  19. American Girl says:

    they copy alot of songs in korea that are from american singers and we dont say a damn thing! talk about lady gaga again! i will kill their pets! watch it netizens! and even if she did copy its way better than be happy by snsd. lolz! losing it over here.

  20. JYJradio2011 says:

    This so stupid..American CELEBS DON”T GIVE A DAMN about SNSD. or even know who they are,.
    LADY GAGA does not plagerize, she wrote this herself…using a piano..and then added the beats.
    But GAGA can’t even be compared to SNSD.

  21. blaznist says:

    Earthquakes and the world falling to platees, and they arguing over this mess, both aren’t that great, i wish CSJH The GRACE comes back to the korean scene and murders SNSD musically and vocally lay the smackdown, cause they can’t really sing i guess if you aren’t used to a vocally mature group you’d like SNSD if your new to kpop girl groups but only the cutsy look is helping so in the end, this petty stuff is rediculously funny.

  22. liali says:

    It’s not plagiarism when u asked permission for the use of copyright

  23. ana says:

    It’s most likely Lady Gaga purchased the rights to sample the beat; why do netizens automatically assume plagiarism? If anything, the composer heard the beat, liked it, bought the rights and properly credited it.

    And really, I don’t think Lady Gaga has a clue as to who SNSD is. I find it amusing that SNSD’s fans think the girls are more popular than they really are.

  24. nicole says:

    SNSD CANNOT SING. if one wants the real SINGER that can really SING and can survive being a solo singer, a real talented singer, it’s just TAE YEON. REALLY. but if you want just an average one, then it’s just tae yeon and jessica. TIFFANY IS DESTROYING HER VOCALS, TO BE HONEST, SHE’S USING LIKE HER VOICE, NOT DIAPHRAGM. EVEN TAE YEON TOLD HER THAT. so really, snsd can’t sing for nuts.

  25. MOUA says:

    I bet Lady Gaga don’t even know who Girls Generation is.

  26. sonaturelleity says:

    seriously!! folks why argue back and forth. Lady Gaga probably don’t care……and SNSD is probably too busy. Even though SNSD can’t sing well it’s nothing new. I believe that’s a downfall of a lot of the generic pop stars in the music industry. They are put on stage because people like looking at them prance around in the spotlight. So stop complaining and enjoy the show. lighten up people.

  27. They are both manufactured. I really don’t care.

  28. kishi says:

    all I can say is that Lady Gaga’s song “born this way” is better…I agree with some comments here there’s no way she’ll be plagiarizing SNSD song…I don’t think she listens to their music..just an opinion.

  29. aigoo_0407 says:

    it’s really the same….

  30. Sai says:

    It seems to me that the producers are to blame as to why both songs sound so similar. Anyway, we all know that Korean’s use outside people for writing their songs. So, this is mostlikely why the songs sound so similar b/c it is obvious the same person wrote both songs. As an example, remember when Beyonce came out with Halo then Kelly Clarkson also came out with a song similar too and guess what both songs were written by the same person. So, as for Lady Gaga and SNSD having similarities it was probably setup from the beginning in order for SNSD to gain recognition off of Lady Gaga since she has such a huge fan base.

  31. lollipop says:

    it did sound a bit similar. But who cares….some of the korea music copy from the west, so what’s wrong with the west copy from the east

  32. Tapica says:

    It’s not the fact that Born This Way sounds similar, it’s the fact that the instruments are the same, just in a different key and the lyrics are basically the same, just in a different language. Lady Gaga’s own producer said he’s doubting Lady Gaga’s legitimacy.

  33. Paula says:

    Oh, Please…. Lady Gaga is a Plagirist, but let`s face it, Born this way is a copy of Express Yourself, so did the Girls Generation copied Express Yourself and then, Lady Gaga copied Girls Generation…..

    please explain!

  34. mira :) says:

    honestly and truly i feel so fishy .
    why everytime plagiarized stuff SM ent always involve on it .
    And I really333333333333 bored of hearing this copying2 stuff . SERIOUSLY .
    Oh please be professional !

  35. shmoo says:

    As long as the company isn’t involved and I can’t find any solid proof of it, I don’t think it’s a big deal. One of my friends thinks SNSD is suing them, but I think that’s a lie. SM Entertainment would have gotten involved long ago and honestly, I don’t think this is something for fans to worry about. If SNSD isn’t stressing, Lady Gaga isn’t stressing, fans shouldn’t stress. That’s all I’m sayin.

  36. daracanela says:

    It really seems like Lady Gaga copied Girls’ Generation

  37. JKPrice says:

    OK,, both groups are in the center of pop culture. Due to the really vague definition of plagiarism everyone on earth is guilty of plagiarism in some way or another. My voice sounds like my parents,, why,, ? What if my father sued me for plagiarism.. Ha.. Now in the pop world.. artist influence each other… get over it. We are human beings. As for Girls generation, I just discovered them a day ago as the result of a google search and at least their look and behavior (at least on stage) is really refreshing and they seem to have some honor about themselves that American pop artist seemingly have disregarded. I watched their youtube get over a million hits on a few days… OK why did INTEL choose them for an ad campaign? Maybe they wanted to project a really cute, classy yet techy image. GOOD FOR INTEL TOO in rewarding good taste

  38. Jai says:

    The two songs are similar, there’s no doubt about it, but “Born This Way” is a far cry from a /copy/. If it was a copy, then Girls Generation’s producer could easily sue, and why wouldn’t he sue if he could? Gaga is worth a lot of money, and such a lawsuit would rocket Girl Generation’s popularity worldwide, thus making him (and them) even more money.

    I do beleive that Lady Gaga may have heard this song and was inspired by them, but she didn’t /copy/ it. There is a fine line between a copy and inspiration. While one is k-pop and the other is American pop, pop is pop. A lot of it sounds more or less the same to the untrained ear. If “Born This Way” is a ripoff of “Be Happy”, then “Sweet Home Alabama” is a ripoff of “Warewolves of London”. Just because two songs have a *few* *near*-identical measures and utilize some of the same instruments/synthesizers, doesn’t mean that one song is a copy of the other.

    And for the record, I really don’t care for Lady Gaga at all. I also don’t particularly love Girls Generation. My opinion is unbiased. Lady Gaga did not COPY Girls Generation.

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