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Lee Chun-hee and Jun Hye-jin Wed!

On March 11th, the expectant parents became husband and wife.

Pregnant actress Jun Hye-jin married her father figure true love in a 6pm ceremony today at Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. The 9-year age difference, her four-month pregnancy, and their busy schedules didn’t stop them from having the wedding of their dreams!

Chun-hee: “This is the best day of my life”

Hye-jin: “We will live well”

The Chun-jin ceremony took place in front of many reporters and the two even announced their initial plans for a honeymoon getaway….Hawaii!  However, the possibility of them traveling there at the moment is uncertain. Hawaii now has a tsunami warning following the recent earthquake in Japan.

Nonetheless, the 32 year-old actor and 23 year-old actress tied the knot. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source: Star News


19 Comments on “Lee Chun-hee and Jun Hye-jin Wed!”

  1. OMGwhat says:

    is there any korean celebrity to ever marry out of love? seems more of these celeb weddings are happening cause the bride to be is knocked up. lol guessing they have to be all noble and sh!t for image sake.

  2. Telephone says:

    Congratulation to them.

  3. noviana says:

    hpy wedding chunhee oppa 🙂

  4. K says:

    What’s wrong with having your baby out of wedlock? It’s better not to marry just for convenience and tradition’s sake. It’s the 21st century for gosh sakes!

    But congratulations to the couple!

  5. Dovey says:

    Well, let’s just see how long their marriage is going to last… >_>

  6. NotchaChingu says:

    From first hand experience, it is not a picnic being married to an actor. I hope “smiley boy” can afford to take care of her and the baby.

    • sipe08 says:

      omo omo omo…oooo hold up…honey did u say u once was married to a celebrity..coming from first hand experience and alll…

  7. NotchaChingu says:

    It’s kind of a bad sign when the guy apparently doesn’t use condoms. Safe sex people.

  8. HUUH says:

    SO cute…..

  9. Sai says:

    She should have used birth control and he should have been using a condom’s. Also, she looks older than 23. I do not believe her age.

    • Bottle says:

      ‘the word on the street’ is that a lot of Korean men don’t like to use birth control when they meet much younger women. Apparently it’s a new fashion in Korea.

  10. drama lover says:

    i think they are really in love. Jun Hye-jin is reaLLY beautiful actress. She doesnt need to marry except in love. Chun-hee is definitely ready to start family. Being pregnant before wedding is no big deal. Being in love is important. all haters here are difinitely not good people. U cant congrats to happy couple?

  11. bkisses says:

    I just think being married first before pregnancy is much nicer.. you don’t have the added stress to any relationship… makes you feel like they are getting married out of obligation..

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