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Lee Joon’s Facial Expressions

We all know about Lee Joon‘s muscles. He’s always showing them off. Slowly fans are starting to question, what’s up with his facial expression?

Lee Joon is always flaunting this muscular goods. He even gained a good amount of popularity by baring his abs during the choreography of MBALQ‘s debut song “Oh Yeah.” Though most fans don’t mind the muscular flashing, some have come to wonder why he always looks sad or in some kind of pain when he’s showing off the goods. Must have something to do with the flexing…

Personally, I’ve always found the idol’s facial expressions entertaining, especially his mung expression on variety shows.

Do you think Lee Joon needs some facial expression training to go with his muscles?


10 Comments on “Lee Joon’s Facial Expressions”

  1. jax625 says:

    Joonie baby can make any expressions he want as long as he keeps showing them abs *insert drool here*

  2. Telephone says:

    Ladyboy .. in a bra top.. with long hair…

    I can see why you people are excited by this.

  3. kat says:

    cut it off…

  4. Claudia says:

    I like Joons facial expressions, they’re cute!

  5. lollipop says:

    lol.. arghhh!!
    cut it off!
    cut it off!!
    i just cant see this a second more

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I agree. In shows, his face does looks sort of 멍~

  7. xiaraqis says:

    woah~sexy boy,delicious abs~

  8. American Girl says:

    netizens what is wrong with your facial expressions? geez really that wasnt even a problem to begin with. smh.

  9. yurp21 says:

    lol. I never noticed that before… I think it’s pretty cute, entertaining.

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