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[POPSpoiler] Sign murders the competition!

The popular mid-week drama took drastic measures to obtain the perfect finale rating.

25.5% was the last percentage the AGB Nielsen Media Research gave this compelling drama revolving around the lives of forensics doctors. In the finale, actor Park Shin-yang’s character ( Yoon Ji-hoon) died, in order to, provide evidence to arrest villain Kang Seo-yeon. Seo-yeon is arrested after an autopsy performed proves him guilty.

The 20 episode medical drama mesmerized viewers for 7 straight weeks. “Sign” was recorded as being the number one Wednesday/Thursday show during this time. They were SBS‘s Sign to Success this winter!

Will any other SBS drama defeat Sign‘s record win? “49 Days” is going to try! They have even given themselves a name and a time limit.

SBS’s “49 days” starts the countdown March 16th at 9:55pm

Sources: Hankyung,Xports News,and Nate


6 Comments on “[POPSpoiler] Sign murders the competition!”

  1. Handle says:

    Did the guy on the bottom photo on the right get hit by chinese thrown LED-sign?

    Those koreans are tragically fragile.

  2. MelodicMidget says:

    First of all, Kang Seo-yeon is a woman so it should be “after an autopsy performed proves ‘her’ guilty”. Secondly, how can you reveal the ending without a spoiler alert?!? I didn’t want to know until I watched 😦

  3. I love ? says:

    Oh i loved that drama and it should of been a good ending instead of her imagining Yoon Ji-hoon was by her at the end…so sad but such a great drama

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    What’s wrong with Kim Ah Joong’s forehead??

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