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SM Entertainment Wants To Rain On JYP’s Parade

After Dream High‘s success, SM Entertainment is look to cash in on their own drama.

SM Entertainment revealed  they  will be producing a drama based on the Japanese comic, “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e.

The comic has sold over 17 million copies and both the Taiwanese and Japanese drama adaptations garnered impressive ratings.

The drama is based on a girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to enter an all boys school.

The move comes just after JYP Entertainment finished its drama Dream High, that with its all star idol only cast received positive ratings.

Representatives revealed, “The Korean version will have a total of 16 episodes that draw out stories of  hopes and dreams. It’s a teenage comedy with a cute, but strong storyline and a slew of handsome cast members.  We’re planning to begin airing it this summer.”

With a large group of artists at its disposal, netizens are curious which idol will take part in the drama, but so far the following artists are “predicted” to take part.

Mizuki Ashiya (female lead)- Taeyeon (SNSD) or Sulli f(x)

Izumi Sano (male lead): Minho (SHINee) or Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

Shuichi Nakatsu (second male lead): Sungmin (Super Junior)

Minami Nanba (head dorm of 2nd dormitory) – Changmin (TVXQ)

Hokuto Umeda (school doctor) – Heechul (Super Junior) or Yunho (TVXQ)

The potential of the drama is big, as SM Entertainment artists are known to dominate the music yearly charts which can contribute to possible big ratings.

Who do you think should star in the drama?

Source: OSEN


51 Comments on “SM Entertainment Wants To Rain On JYP’s Parade”

  1. Cutiepie says:

    Oh hell no it’s gonna be a major fail drama like all the damn dramas that company has participated had flopped. Especailly Heading To The Ground where that girly manboob Yunho stared in, it was so terrible it just proved no one from that company can act.

    • Sahar says:

      woah woah woah hating much? come on u have 2 watch it 1st b4 saying comments like that. cant wait 2 c it. sounds interesting! Hwaiting!!!

      • mrs moon says:

        instead of copying dat manga n having d risk of giving people d familiar storyline, y don’t sm twist d whole story. like a boy who disguises himself as a girl in order to enter an all girls school? Well, we have Heechul, right? heh heh, just kidding…but not really

        • mrs moon says:

          well, myb d stoyline is quite similar, but it could lead 2 many intrsting scenes dat r surely not available in d original drama. plus dis female disguising as male thingy is not smth new. we have coffee prince, you’re beautiful, etc. i want 2 c d othr way around

  2. ara says:

    hanazakari in korean version, probably promising.
    but taeyeon or sulli as mitsuki ashiya, er… that’s a bit… doubting…
    i mean, ashiya should be an androgyny girl who cut her hair , cover herself up like a boy, and has the appearance as a bishonen.
    i think taeyeon is pretty and sulli is cute, but neither *at least right now in my mind* of them would suit the image of Ashiya.

    plus, i’m not sure about their ability in acting.

    why not – instead of taking a well known manga and remaking well known live actions of it, they (SM) could just create something new. something like a daily life with little conflicts here and there, and let these idols (not actors) to act as natural as they can.

    just my opinion.

    • ara says:

      random notes, Sungmin as Nakatsu ?

      imho, from physical appearance, Key (shinee) will suit Nakatsu better. just the appearance, not sure about the acting.

      anyhow, good luck for sm, hope you will make a good drama.

      • winwoot says:

        yupp , and eunhyuk as sano ?? i doubted that too . but most of all i dont think sungmin suits nakatsu’s character . he’s just too crazy !
        plus , since hana yori dango being remaked in kor.ver , i dont think they can make it better than the original .
        they better make something original , so that people wont start comparing which ver. better .

  3. Maggie says:

    Seriously, idols taking over Korea’s acting industry. LoL there goes any sort of legitimacy in that field…. Oh wells.

  4. Zero says:

    Sorry the success of this manga and drama made me dazed and confused on to why the HELL was this shit successful and me seriously question Asia taste. The plot was unrealistic and I could through three episodes of the drama and stop cuz of all the over acting and unrealistic plot twist. At least dream high was original.

  5. PYrellalove says:

    HEECHUL for the school doctor!!!! ❤

  6. BL says:

    wow…..hahaha does SM really have to do this??
    They really shouldn’t.
    Why do a drama just because JYP did one?
    and to my opinion, I don’t think it’s going to be as good as Dream High because Dream High was original and unique.
    and this one is just going to be base on a manga like any other dramas.
    but who knows? I’ll still be waiting to watch it 🙂

  7. kimmyno9 says:

    PEEPS!!!! SMENT artist are really great they are so great that they could make an ordinary drama into a world class drama like a simple meat can turn into an expensive steak.

  8. Dizzy_23 says:

    What?!! Ashiya: tae/sulli? Sano: minho/EUNHYUK?? Nakatsu: SUNGMIN??? Nanba: changmin? Umeda: heechul/yunho?? Hmphhh…bwahahahaha…!! lol

  9. alyssa says:

    oh my gosh…that will be great if eunhyuk or donghae will be izumi sano and nakatsu will be sungmin, but taeyeon or sulli will be the female lead cast..,no way…

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    If this is true, then I AM GOING TO BE SO HAPPY!

  11. evcim says:

    they can’t beat the Japanese version o matter was the funniest show i heve ever seen after the office and japanese version was good because of good acting of everyone.if sm idols should act in this show i hope they can pick roles base on their talents ot their popularity.

  12. bz says:

    hana kimi is a very amazing story..if sm entertainment wants to do the Korea version,better find the really good actor/actress to not ruin this great drama…especially for Nakatsu character and even the girl character named Hibari…huhuhu

  13. koiki says:

    its a flop wht fuck thats not even original….
    DREAM HIGH fever is still not gone yet……

  14. kier says:

    i cannot picture anyone as ashiya mizuki from sm at all.. if they can get someone who can act the role well enough to surpass the original then they better bring it. Until then.. I’m doubtful about this but I am looking forward to it =D

    On the other hand… Yunho should play Sano Izumi instead of the other two.. He has the body, the looks to play the “I’m a bad guy so piss off” persona. Though.. I really think Heechul should play Nakatsu’s role.. he’s hilarious =-=

  15. kier says:

    and the looks*

  16. tiffany says:

    i am so excited for the korean version of this well loved series.
    but the actors considered are a bit off for the role.
    i guess Minho will do fine for the male lead.
    but since TVXQ are hot nowadays,Yunho can be considered as well
    and for the second male lead,Yunho is perfect if Yunho will play the male lead.
    if it will be Minho,Eunhyuk is promising for the second lead.
    and for the female…
    i can see no one else right for the role other than amber…
    it will be nice though if SM will do an original story and not just an adaptation.
    but i will cheer for whatever they will choose…

  17. kc says:

    I just realized! heechul can also be nanba!

  18. Deana says:

    i think F(X) Amber should play the leading female role!! ^_^

  19. Abigale says:

    I’m fine as long as they have Amber as lead girl and don’t put Yunho in because he CANNOT act period. I haven’t watched the Japanese version, but the Taiwanese version was hilarious especially the doctor.

  20. cdnpoint says:

    f(x) is supposed to be doing their comeback/album promos in May. I hope Amber surfaces in the Japan concerts in April!!

    So who is SME’s version of JYP on that campus? Can that person choreograph, sing and dance like JYP and compose music? Only BOA comes to mind but there must be an agency person who does all of that for the talent too?

  21. SElina says:

    @cutiepie if u ain’t got sometin nice 2 say . then stuf(shut the f*** up)// gurll u don ever say such thing like that. so u jealous that u have to big boobl like him… wow this might be true…. u better shut IT….. i hate rude comment about other.. i have to say this because u r overboard..don make me repeat TWICEEE

    • ana says:

      Wow, and telling someone to STFU isn’t a rude comment? You’re practically threatening cutiepie for voicing an opinion that doesn’t agree with you.There are more civil and polite ways to disagree with someone.

      And, it was just cutiepie’s opinion that she didn’t think the Korean version would work; your opinion is that it will work. Why is it that just because a person doesn’t agree with you, they’re automatically jealous? The logic makes no sense!

      Maybe you should take your own advice about not speaking if you don’t have anything nice to say.

      • SElina says:

        u no wat .. i did not say that i
        didnt make
        a rude
        comment i
        no i
        did and
        appologize 4 it.
        .. but u
        not a good word to use 4 a man like u-know.
        anyway ….. just stop then ….. i don want to threaten her it just i can’t controll my self to say that but she is also overboard……

        • Handle says:

          Let’s be fair, I’m not jealous, I wouldn’t watch this sh!t if you paid me.

          Figures that you got this wrong.

  22. SElina says:

    this is all RIDICULOUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. cookie says:

    wait i think i kno that book is it called hana kimi didnt japan already make a drama about tht.a little late sm.any ways i rather see tiffany or sunny as the lead or even jessica

  24. thuong13 says:


  25. kier says:

    wel..yunho can’t act all that well.. that’s true. if it can’t be him then kibum would also be perfect =D he can execute the “quiet” and “emo” look too

  26. yurp21 says:

    oh my gosh… It’s so STUPID. The title…

    I never even thought that SME’s intention was to rain on JYP’s parade… Gosh. What dirty minds.

  27. trifa says:

    no matter how much i love suju…
    but i don’t think the actor and actress choice is suitable…
    it’s make me don’t want to watch it…

  28. luvSuJu13 says:

    that would be cool! i’ll watch it! but are they sure they can trust HeeChul to be the doctor? lol

  29. lalala says:

    the rest might not really fit the roles? care for a change in cast?

  30. Waverly says:

    Hmm…probably not the brightest idea. Heading to the Ground and Paradise Ranch flopped!!!

  31. hyorae says:

    Oh mans, in this case Mizuki Ashiya (female lead)- Taeyeon (SNSD) please. Izumi Sano (male lead): as much as i would like to give light to Hyukkie, Taeyeon-Minho probably have more chemistry. Hokuto Umeda (school doctor) – as much as i would like to have HEECHUL for this, Yunho does have a school doctor look, haha.

    A girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to enter an all boys school, why don’t they give the chance to Hyoyeon???

  32. hana says:


    Taeyeon (SNSD) or Sulli f(x) as Mizuki Ashiya .. i think neither of them would suit the image of Ashiya..sorry but i think Yoona is better…she act well and her image like a boys, hwkwhkwk…sorry…just kidding but ithink Yoona suit the image of Ashiya,

    Minho (SHINee) or Eunhyuk (Super Junior) as Izumi Sano..LOL…hwkwhwk… i thing minho would suit the image of sano, but euhnyuk..! OMG i cant imagine that…
    Siwon better for the image of sano…i guess…hehehe

    And Sungmin (Super Junior) as Shuichi Nakatsu…. OMG… what the…
    i think Donghae or Euhnyuk would suit this image, wkwkwkwk… or Jjong maybe..

    Minami Nanba (head dorm of 2nd dormitory) – Changmin (TVXQ)….
    Well… i cant say anything bout this but… heechul its better for this image…

    Hokuto Umeda (school doctor) – Heechul (Super Junior) or Yunho (TVXQ)
    i think Leeteuk would fit this image…hwkwhkwk

    Soory but this is what i thought after watched hanazakari for… i dont remember as well
    but maybe seven times…hwkwhkwk

    • calebx says:

      I don’t think yoona fits the role at all. Sorry to say that. She is way too girly for it. I’ve read the manga, watched the dramas (both jap and tai) version. Yoona really doesn’t fit into the character. And plus.. i dun think she will bear to part her long hair for the drama.

  33. […] Taeyeon’s talent as an artist can clearly be seen as she was also voted, as netizens choice for the leading role in the upcoming SM Entertainment drama. […]

  34. Stabanie says:

    I think Mizuki should be played by Amber,F(x)…she all ready dress up like a boy so she would be perfect

  35. hula says:

    I already look at the japan drama…
    in my opinion SM have to look little closer who really suit the male lead….
    my suggestion is
    cause this two look suit for the male role…
    believe me………

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