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SNSD Special Edition Vita500

Girls Generation‘s (SNSD) latest endorsement is for Vita500, a surgary vitamin concoction that can give you that boost in the middle of the day. Now you can grab your favorite member on the 10th Anniversary Special Edition bottle and get all the vitamins you could want! And sugar!!

Each member was given their own poster, but in the end, it’ll be their black and white faces plastered on Vita500 bottles across Korea. Who do you think came out best?



25 Comments on “SNSD Special Edition Vita500”

  1. tatohchan says:

    tiffany looks really pretty
    tae yeon looks so much childish with that hairstyle
    seo hyun looks really mature

    I love them as usual

  2. joana says:

    TIFFANY is so pretty! 😉
    She’s the best in SNSD! 😉

  3. Handle says:

    Special and SNSD are contradictions in terms.. unless you’re talking euphemistically in which case.. yes, they are very ‘special’.

  4. Tyui123 says:

    I’m not seeing their “heart stopping, head turning, gorgeous, goddess” beauty. Average girls.

    • Handle says:

      The article is about the americans in the group… when Koreans see Americans their heart stops and their heads turn.

      • blah says:

        Nope, that would be YOU.. with your fixation on Americans and all things American, not only would your heart stop and your head turn, you’d be jumping around like a little monkey screeching, “We should have won the Revolutionary War! We should have won the Revoluationary War!”

        • Handle says:

          I’m not obsessed. I’m just fascinated with the korean psyche and how they seem to do anything to get a little bit of USA.

          Are you talking about the American War of Independence? Why should we have won that? Gosh that was a long time ago are you going to talk about the Norman invasion next?

        • blah says:

          You’re not fascinated with the KOREAN psyche. You’re obsessed with the psyche of Kpop IDOLS and their management.
          BIG difference.

          And yes, you are fixated by Americans, and not in a good way. Every other comment of yours is America this and America that, it’s as if hating America has become such an integral part of who YOU are that you can’t describe anything without including anti-America in it somehow. And don’t dither on about how it’s an attempt on your part to capture Koreans’ love affair with America. It’s not a love affair you’re capturing, it’s you trying to belittle and insult Korea by linking us with a country you seem to hate even more than Korea.

          • Handle says:

            Just look at this here group SNSD (the article we are commenting on) It’s one of many performance groups in Korea that are crammed full of americans, and why is that?

            I didn’t cram f(x), SNSD, 2ne1, 2PM et al full of americans. It’s not my obsession, and I don’t have the godly power to tell koreans to cram their groups full of americans, they did that all on their own. Your attempts to paint me with the korean obsession with yanks is a woeful example of projection and distraction.

            The fact is, if you want to understand Koreans, you have to understand their massive obsession with people from the USA, and their unlimited desire to move to the USA. The managers of SNSD understand this, which is why they put lots of yanks in the group. As with f(x). As with 2ne1. What is interesting is you don’t seem to understand this, and you’re a Korean.

            This is why I think you work for VANK, because your propaganda strategy is very goebellian.

            • utuber says:

              How do you even know VANK as an american who don”t even know where south korea is? So I think you’re a chinese, who secretly pines for P.R.C that immitates every bit of USA to be like him someday. The fact you’re coming here and leaving comments on almost every article is the evidence you’re chinese, because general americans don’t do that.

              • The0ne says:

                Nope, he’s a paid troll by the North Koreans. It’s a conspiracy plot to ruin S.Korean and United States relations through the use of a Kpop site? Well… I haven’t figured out what it will exactly accomplish… But it is quite a devious plot, you can tell by how much effort he puts into this site. lol

              • Handle says:

                Because VANK go around dulling one into renaming the sea of japan into the ocean of korea .. or the indian ocean into the ‘we didn’t invade dokdo, honest guv’ ocean… and the philiippine sea into ‘kpop sea’.

                They’re basically a good example of why dull tw@ts shouldn’t have keyboards.

          • blah says:

            Handle, ethnically those specific members are Americans. But why are you leaving out the part that they are also racially Korean? Is it not allowed in your delusional world to embrace both your ethnicity and race? Most Koreans in South Korea see these Korean-Americans in the idol groups as Korean. Perhaps kyopo, and even the term kyopo means “Korean born in America”, NOT American. Most Koreans regard an “American” as a caucasian with a big nose and blue eyes. But you wouldn’t know these nuances, since you’ve never been to Korea and have never spoken with a Korean.

            And sorry, but you ARE fixated by America. Or should I say, fixated by all things anti-America. No amount of denial on your part changes that.

            • Handle says:

              Back to your inconsistency again between Josunjuk ‘not’ being Korean .. and american gyopos being korean.

              Do you have the term consistency in Korean? Why are you projecting your self-hatred onto others rather than just deal with the korean need for americans on tv, to feel accepted by USA and move to USA?

              I hope VANK pay you a lot.

    • neo says:

      Am I sensing some jealousy here?

      • Fup12 says:

        Jealousy? What’s there to be jealous of. They didn’t say snsd are horribly ugly. Just average….which is true because they are very average.

  5. I love ? says:

    SUNNY FAN!!!

  6. Sweetsmilez says:

    I had no idea cuz..they all came out purfect and pretty..ALL very awesome!!!

  7. luvSuJu13 says:

    they are all very pretty unnis!

  8. hana says:

    they look pretty as well

  9. hyofan says:

    definitely TIFFANY’s poster, nice.

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Yoona and Tiffany look beautiful~

  11. star says:

    I VERY LIKE SEOHYUN.She is most pretty ,honest and cute girl inS

  12. star says:

    I LIKE SEOHYUN.She is most pretty ,honest and cute girl inS

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