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Stars at Hyundai’s Veloster Launching

Park Min-young looks perfectly spring-ready in a short yellow dress. Who else showed up for the Veloster launch party?

On the 10th, the stars came out for a special performance opening show, featuring Psy for Hyundai‘s new Veloster.

Park Min-young looks ready to take a spring ride.

After School‘s Gahi was catching everyone’s attention in a too-short dress, but she still looks amazing.

Tiger JK came in hip hop classy style.

Lee Min-ho is still working his dandy attire.

Fellow flower boy Kim Bum came out in skinny skinny jeans.

Also rocking the skinny jeans in red, Seo In-young showed up for the event.

Actress Han Ji-hye also came to check out the new ride.

Comedian Yoo Se-yoon‘s style fits his job description.

Finally Hallyu star Lee Byeong-heon added a little bit more star shine to the big opening event.

Who do you think made a fashion “do” for this launch show?

Oh, if you’re wondering, this is the Hyundai Veloster.


5 Comments on “Stars at Hyundai’s Veloster Launching”

  1. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Whoa…. that’s a cool car.
    I love park min young’s dress.
    and omg Gahee’s s-line~~

  2. Handle says:

    More plastic than legoland.

  3. American Girl says:

    tell us when someone has on a beautiful long dress they r so making short skirts and shorts overrated.

  4. ashley says:

    the car looks cool and weird at the same time

  5. Ken Schiffmiller says:

    Great car for its nitche. Will trade my Nini Clubman S if Hyundai does rhe right # on trade.

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