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Taeyang Turns Photographer with Nikon

At a recent Nikon show, Taeyang went all out, while the other members just watched.

These photos really show Taeyang‘s goofy personality.The Big Bang singer/dancer/mom-jjang gave an extra bit of fan service to all those attending the Nikon event.

Don’t you just want to play along too?


36 Comments on “Taeyang Turns Photographer with Nikon”

  1. Milleen says:

    ahahaha soo cute 😛

  2. lvsanchez115 says:

    adorable! ❤ glad to see him coming out of his shell

  3. cdnpoint says:

    Taeyang recognizes a publicity opportunity and shows how the camera can be used at different angles. Energetic!

    He’s also showing how flexible he is while wearing cowboy boots.

  4. ff says:

    Sorry I don’t get Korea… They pissed when people in Japan pay them to models and wear kimonos… and then ban a song that has the word Udon….

    But as soon as Japanese company pays you to pimp their cameras all is okay?

    • Telephone says:

      If you hadn’t noticed koreans live in a constant state of internal and external contradiction… some examples are:

      A) they hate black people, but they act like they’re from black culture
      B) they hate americans, but they wish they were american
      C) they hate japan invading korea, but they love korea invading japan
      D) they hate filipinos, but they love filipinos buying their music
      E) they hate japanese comfort women, but they love american comfort women
      F) they rewrite their own history, but they hate japan rewriting their history
      E) …

      Gosh the list goes on and on and on and on… but the S. E. Asians are so desperate for a korean to marry them that they’ll probably get really really angry now and try to take a bullet for their K-gods.

      • tiff says:

        wow, couldnt agree with u more

      • Dan says:

        I thought it was dark skinned people in general.

      • Lorni says:

        LOL So true hahahaha

      • jesse says:

        your ryt about that, y can’t they just love other races ? unfair… because of the reason they’re so popular/ tsk tsk.. tym will run out for them,, im an asian, and im through with this kind of issue,, other countries that belong to s.e asia are way better to put our precious tym and effort.. bad personality will ruin their lives…

      • yurp21 says:

        that was so stupid and immature. I’m not even a korean shit fan… But that was just STUPID.

      • +Negative says:

        Hey, not all S.E Asians are desperate for koreans to marry them! You’re obviously a broken-down ‘Telephone” Don’t jump into some moronic conclusions without knowing the actual facts. Just because some people are into K-pop, you accuse them of having the mad and freaky fantasies of marrying koreans!

        • piano says:

          Okay, so what you did there was go on the attack to cover what is a well established fact. Everyone outside of S.E. Asia knows that Indovietmalaypinays are desperate for anyone korean to marry them.

          But we understand why you’d prefer people to pretend that this doesn’t happen, because you’re embarrassed about it, and probably wearing a hanbok in anticipation.

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    LOL He’s sooooo cute~

  6. tesamae says:

    Makes me wanna switch to nikon! XD

    • Handle says:

      Does it? Does it really? …. stupid consumer imbecile.

      “A fool and his money are soon parted.”, Thomas Tusser.

  7. American Girl says:

    its not everyday seeing taeyang acting even more awesome than he really is that guy is awesome!!!

  8. ashley says:

    hahaha I never never really seem him act silly before

  9. inazipper says:

    I want a Nikon. Actually I want a cannon, but a Nikon is good too. Too bad they are really expensive…

  10. jesse says:

    Some says, koreans are so boastful.. blah blah blah, japanese are like blah blah, filipinos are like blah blah,,, u know, we asians should put our act together! please respect and help each other for us to rise!help japan,, and try to extend our hands to those people who’s in need. we can put that in action by doing so little things… help , love and support,,,

  11. Hannah says:

    Wow. I used to come to this site a while ago to keep in touch and to appreciate Korean pop culture. What the fuck is this? People used to have comments and opinions about what the fucking subject matter actually was. Now the place is dominated by an abundance of stupidly arrogant racists who have no life. And I don’t mean no life as in how whenever you go on the internet and someone says something someone doesn’t like they just say “get a life” I literally mean that there are so many people here who have nothing better to do than sit on this website for hours on end, everyday writing essays upon essays about a culture that they don’t even like about people they don’t even know. It’s hilarious! And I also don’t mean stupidly arrogant racists and is calling them stupid for no reason, it actually astonishes me how incredibly stupid these people are. I mean, because America and other Western cultures are so perfect with no flaws right? Like America comes up with all its ideas on it own, like through centuries and centuries lifestyles, religion, products, beliefs and systems haven’t been globally shared to create the world as it is today. Well thank you, thanks for hating Korean culture so much that you’re sitting at home spending so much of your short life expressing your views on your most likely Asian brand computer, sitting on your Asian-made chair, watching your Asian brand tv. Thank you for stimulating the Asian economy so that they continue to breed and take your hard-earned money to fund their lives, create jobs for their people and educate their kids instead of your precious Western culture’s. Good job.

    • Stan says:

      Sorry, we couldn’t read what you said beyond “I’m an asian in USA and my parents abandoned Asia because they thought it was shyt and raised kids who think they know a lot about Asia but don’t actually know anything.”

      Can you repeat your meaning but make it a bit more condensed?

      P.S. my chair was made in Germany, which just so you know isn’t in Asia.

    • lvsanchez115 says:

      Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is what I thought when I first came across this site, but if anything its entertainment at this point. I read an article then try to predict what will be criticized about it in the comments then have a good laugh when I’m right lol Either way we are people who can think for ourselves and shouldn’t let either the original article or the comments tell us what to believe 🙂

      • Pearson says:

        What you just said bears no to any of your comments, you basically gush over anything. Even this guy with his nikon camera trying desperately not to say ‘udon’ causes you to gush over him. We’re all laughing about the contradiction, and you’re busy thinking he’s awesome and thinking of new ways to worship him.. big difference.

        • lvsanchez115 says:

          Well, it’s entertainment. It’s meant to be enjoyed. If I don’t have a 200 word essay about Korea’s economy or a rant about [insert race, nationality, creed here] then so be it. This website is for gossip, its not as if the comment section was solely meant for scholarly analysis of the k-pop culture and fan base. I’m all for analyzing pop culture, and I follow many blogs that do. But this just doesn’t seem like the place to do it.

          • piano says:

            Better to analyse the fanbase, and understand the worshipful hierarchy of S.E. Asians >> koreans >> americans >> etc

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