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V-Line vs. S-Line

The trend is sadly sliding back to V-line. For idol girls, in order to catch the V-line pointy curveless-ness, they diet. And we all know they’re dieting, because they post it all over the Internet.

It seems the trend these days is to have that V point at that the chin, but how do you get a V-line? There’s (1) plastic surgery and (2) becoming super skinny so the bones in your face show better.

It started with 2NE1 Park Bom, who wished, “At the next music festival, I want to come out with slender legs and a V-line.” Park Bom‘s diet brought her to even give up corn, and go on a lettuce diet, basically a 100-day diet of not really eating. What?! Then the singer continued to update with selcas and various pictures convincing us of her diet success, which also landed her straight the hospital.

Most recently, with the dieting announcements by Min and Suzy of MissA, some fans are sad that the S-line Min had going for her could disappear.

But the trend isn’t necessarily because fans are demanding it. With the popularity of a busty G.Na, and even more popular actress stars, such as Shin Se-kyung, the S-line still reels in the fans.

Some girl groups are embracing their S-line, namely Secret, their mascot momjjang member Hyo-sung, who has a slim S-line going for her and rapper and naturally curvy Zinger, who also dieted but gained back some of the weight. Both, however have been criticized for their current weight. Hyo-sung weighs in at 51 kg, as revealed on a recent episode of variety program “100 Points Out of 100,” which is over the maximum female idol (crazy) standard of 45 kg. Even though netizens were surprised because “the weight doesn’t show,” some crazies still suggested that Hyo-sung go on a diet.

Not all the Secret members follow suit, as member Han Sun-hwa posted last month on her Cyworld mini-homepage, “Spring is coming. For spring, that I enjoy so much, in order to wear pretty clothes… sweet potato,” announcing her start on a Korean popular sweet potato diet, another diet aimed at eating less than nothing.

Even f(x)‘s Sulli said on the 6th broadcast of “Inkigayo” that she should start a diet before their comeback and asked Jo Kwon for advice.

Netizens are saying this is a pure choice between the S-line or the V-line for most idol stars, as the idols pictured at the top of this post are actively giving up their attractive S-line in hopes of becoming a new kind of attractive with the V-line. Frankly, the not-eating diets can’t be healthy, especially if the idol is currently promoting with various schedules and activities.

POPSEOULers, let us know your opinion. If you had to choose, S-line or V-line?


35 Comments on “V-Line vs. S-Line”

  1. dev says:

    Damn Korea has some pretty fucked up body preferences.

    I think with enough sass and personality people can sell anything so Secret shouldn’t lose the weight and look like walking sticks aka SNSD

    For me people like Beyonce, and even Britney of Today look way more gorgeous than emaciated women like Keira Knightly or Angelina Jolie.

    But Japan and Korea have a weird fetish for skinny almost not fully mature type of women.

    • Hola says:

      Fuck, stop mentioning talentless shapeless useless plasticzillas SNSD it’s just a disgrace to Korea and some really talented groups like 2NE1, miss A, Big Bang, TVXQ etc. SNSD is a piece is shyte.

      • Handle says:

        2ne1 and Bang-Big are talented? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH *Arg*

        • American Girl says:

          handle pleez post urself dancing rapping and singing very well if u can do it like big bang and 2ne1 that comment can pass!

          • Handle says:

            I don’t need to be a good rapper to understand what good rap is. I don’t need to be a good singer to understand what good singing is. Fundamentally, you don’t seem to understand the difference between consuming cultural products and producing cultural products.

            What you’re suggesting is that every time we go to watch a movie, we then have to act out the movie with our family and friends before we can say whether the movies was good or not.

            • American Girl says:

              no i was saying can u do better? u took it somewhere else. wow.

              • Bottle says:

                I don’t need to do better, I need to be able to differentiate between talent and talentless, which is a totally different skill to producing music.

                Seems you’re not getting what I’m trying to say because in your world you have to try to repeat the music before you can say whether you like it or not.

      • ashley says:

        I agree with dev and hola

    • Deana says:

      well u knw naturally alot of asian women are skinny!! i guess an s line just doesn’t fit with their culture : (

  2. winwoot says:

    first .. CRAZY !
    second … max weight 45 kg ? what the hell ?!
    third … i think im glad for not being a korean bcause their people are obsessed with being a moving skeleton .
    last … to all the female idol , they are seriously killing themselves ! starve to death ..

  3. freakish says:

    honestly this is sooo stupid… why do they always have to go on diet when they look gorgeous the way they are?!?
    especially a diet where they eat as good as nothing? they have such a fucked up schedules that they need to eat or else theyd collapse … :O

  4. HUUH says:

    No diet….Be just who you are!!

  5. lvsanchez115 says:

    How sad is it to have a K-pop star munching on a piece of lettuce for lunch? I do understand the pressure they’re under to be thin and don’t place the blame fully on them, but it is still a real shame. Appearance > Health… not a good thing. Especially when so many young people look up to them.

  6. American Girl says:

    wow this article makes me want to eat some more y cant i gain weight!!! skinny isnt a trend u crazy people! it isnt and if u continue like this u will end up like park bom in the hospital!!! stop it kpop girls!!! stop the madness! except u park bom everything u do is awesome just be careful ur voice is awesome!!!

  7. K says:

    This is stupid. V line? S line? Not everyone has a defined chin, or a naturally voluptuous/hourglass body. Young girls are pressured to fit into a specific mold to be “attractive” and “appealing to the masses”. Down the road, it won’t even matter if they fall out of stardom. Hopefully they’ll grow out of this as they mature, and see how laughable all this nonsense was.

  8. Nicepeterfan says:

    Neither. I’d rather be healthy than starve myself to look like a skeleton. You always wonder why singers and actors are going to the hospital. Well give them normal food and guaranteed they’ll be a million times healthier and active

  9. k-popfollower says:

    Recently Bom has put on some weight because 2NE1 hasn’t promoting or anything. So she’s going to start working out again. I love Secret. I think they look fabulous. I know they love shaking so if they lost to much weight it wouldn’t look right with the way they dance. 45kg is crazy. I weigh about 46kg but I’m 15 and 5’3′ so them weighing less then me is a little worrying.

    • ashley says:

      cool I’m 18 and 5’3 and I’m 48kg but my sister is 22 and 5’3 too but she weights 44kg. I guess it depends on your body type some of these celebrities might be naturally slim so it won’t hurt them has much if they loose weight, but S-line looks better to me.

  10. Anh says:

    Lol I don’t understand what’s so wrong about being skinny.

  11. cdnpoint says:

    Dieticians and nutritionists need to add their viewpoints, especially concerning adolescent singers who are still in a growth phase of their lives. Managers should not be enforcing unrealistic body images on growing youth.

    A lettuce diet is going to have a person constantly thinking about eating carbs and food. I think a selca ban would be best and the singers just eat sensibly and when hungry–you know, we don’t know how much food they can access of their own accord. That is another topic.

  12. HUUH says:

    I even don’t understand what is V-line & S-line so for me apparence is not as important as my life & having fun =DDD…..I live well & go out & …..*you know what I mean XDD* !!!! no need to care about things like that!!

    When will appear O-line or Z-line ????XDDD

    • lol says:

      O-line and Z-line is prolly the worst lines that ever existed on planet earth.

      O-line: Round, moon-shaped face.
      Z-line: Flat-chest and flat-butt.


  13. Sai says:

    I read alot about K-pop idols dieting but, have they ever heard of working out? There is nothing wrong with working out and eating healthy to look good. Why, do they always have to starve or use surgery to improve their looks?

    Also, Kiera Knightly is bottom heavy and she has a big butt and no matter how thin she becomes she will never lose her butt. As for Angelina Jolie she has thick waist, meaning she is really not curvy so in order to off set her figure she compensates by being thinner.
    Also, I do not know why so many women think that being overly thin will make them beautiful. In other words, it is okay to be thin as long as it is a natural thin like Halle Berry.

  14. didie says:

    hail boooooobbbiiieeesss!!! skinny idols are just for CEO ahjusshis!

  15. Christine says:

    In America this wouldn’t be a problem. Yes, we have problems with obesity,(remeber,Mcdonald’s on every corner) but it is good for Korean pop starts to know that someone with an S-line is just as sexy, attractive, and dateable as someone with a V-line. Do guys like more V-line girls or something? I have to say even when I lost a lot of wait I still had an S-line, and u know what. I was still happy.
    And nothing is wrong with being skinny either.

  16. 0001 says:

    i’m 13, 5’3 and weighs about 47kg. and i don’t feel fat at all. i’d rather be the fat but healthy one rather than being the skeleton but sick.

  17. […] Miss A mangnae was praised for her V-line after dieting, but on April 13th, the young singer was present at the opening of the film “The […]

  18. SiYeon says:

    Hey us koeans should know for years that it is plastic surgery. It is bone cutting and reconstruction wokr to create those “V” shaped chins you see most koreans now have. IT is fake.

  19. Qawawadisnd says:

    Its possible for them to have a V and S line… Why can’t they just have both??

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