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Nana Has Perfect Legs?

After School‘s Nana is getting praise for her “perfect legs.” How perfect are they?

Netizens sure are wishy-washy. On one side they’re criticizing Tiffany‘s legs for being too skinny, now they’re praising Nana for having a perfect leg line with her skinny Barbie legs. Netizens are impressed that her legs can look so long without heels.

Do you agree that Nana has the perfect leg line?


215 Comments on “Nana Has Perfect Legs?”

  1. Handle says:


  2. monggo says:


  3. geezz says:

    there’s a thin line between perfect legs and unattractive legs i c. and barbie’s legs are not perfect, they’re too stick skinny, evident from the fact that she is unable to even stand straight.

  4. christine says:

    i envy her…

  5. Mark says:

    My GFs legs look the exact same, it’s actually common for Korean girls to have beautiful thin legs like this. That’s why I love Korean girls, they take care of their body.

    • Mark says:

      and it’s not anorexic depending in the girls body type. Tiffany’s legs in the previous post do look a bit TOO thin in my opinion. Nana’s legs perfectly fit her body. I like thin thighs.

      • Handle says:

        Why don’t you date french girls or chinesers? they’re much more civil than korean women and I think you’ll appreciate their lack of surgery.

        • Mark says:

          my GF has had no surgery done to herself. I’ve dated Chinese girls before and they are conceited beyond belief and egotistical. Even though Koreans have these stereotypes attached to them, very few girls are actually like that. I don’t really care for European culture, hence I don’t date French girls. East Asian culture is my major and I enjoy Japanese and Korean culture, but Japanese girls are all easy and I prefer girls who won’t give me STDs.

          • Handle says:

            ‘Japanese girls are all easy and I prefer girls who won’t give me STDs.’ and ‘Chinese girls .. are conceited beyond belief and egotistical’ and ‘Even though Koreans have these stereotypes attached to them, very few girls are actually like that.’.. are hilarious.

            Surely this website should show you that Koreans are precisely like their stereotype makes out, but I’m sure rationalisation will tell you otherwise.

            You’re hilariously detached from reality, but it’s fine because you’re probably North American and someone has to date Korean women.. even you with your curious world-view. Hahah

            • blah says:

              And how exactly does this website show that “Koreans are precisely like their stereotypes make out”? This is a KPOP website you racist imbecile, with all the exaggeration, glam, and plastification that goes along in a pop idol world. If you want to know what real Koreans are like, why don’t you actually GO TO KOREA and make an effort to find out what our people are really like before judging them based off content from a KPOP website. ugh, you disgust me.

              • Handle says:

                I quote from the ‘book of korea’ to outline:

                ‘Rule 323.3354.2: The only people who go to korea are (a) unemployable americans who either work in ‘americanisation’ hagwans or become k-pop idols (b) viet-flips looking for a k-farmer husband (c) GIs who need a bride.”

                So, being a european I have no need to go to Korea. Besides, I’m still laughing at how you didn’t call the other guy a racist, simply because he abused chinese and japanese ladies. Your nationalistic bias is hilarious.

              • blah says:

                If you don’t feel the need to go to Korea, than don’t make judgements about a people group whom you know nothing about. And superficial info from an entertainment KPOP website doesn’t count.

                • Handle says:

                  Urm, don’t make judgements like your friend who said all japanese are STD ridden and all chinese are egotistical. This is highly offensive to a lot of wives of european guys who married japanese and chinese ladies, who I’m sure would disagree with you.

                  • Mark says:

                    I’m speaking from personal experience. I have lived in Korea and Japan because I enjoy the culture, but in Vancouver there is a saying “Japanese girls are like yellow cabs, they are everywhere and if you want one all you need to do is hail it” I’ve had enough one night stands with Japanese girls from my experience to be able to back this up. I’ve dated Chinese girls and found that they are extremely conceited and egotistical. I’ve dated Korean girls and found them to be more concerned about personality more than anything else with a guy.

                    What are you speaking from? Clearly your ass.

                    • hebe says:

                      @mark. what the hell is your problem to be making assumptions based on small observations and putting down chinese and japanese. it seems like you’re the egotistical jerk who often gets dumped by chinese and japanese which is why you’re speaking ill of them huh! by the way, no one cares what you think about the US. keep your opinions to yourself and stop being a b****

              • blah says:

                Stop with the hallucinations and random associations already. I’m sure the Chinese and Japanese would not agree either, and nor do I. But why is it that you find it so insulting for him to say “all Japanese women” this and “all Chinese women” that, and yet YOU don’t hesitate to do the same thing, except you substitute the phrase “ALL KOREAN PEOPLE”???

                • Dan says:

                  You’re missing the point of his argument. You bash him and defend koreans to death, yet not once have you said anything to the guy who said those things about japanese and chinese women. You made it seem as if it was ok to stereotype everyone but koreans.

                • Handle says:

                  The fact is, all I ever really say is ‘Koreans love USA’ which is in itself not insulting, considering you and a lot of your family live in USA. Another contradiction you seem to have.

                  I also don’t sit in a contradiction by allowing abuse to Japanese and Chinese, whilst protecting the USA and Korea from abuse. That’s you again.

                • blah says:

                  Listen, you say WAY more beyond that. You are constantly saying that Koreans have no talent and that all Koreans are genetically this and genetically that. And you are constantly generalizing ALL Koreans as “loving” the USA, which IS insulting. Especially to those, like myself, that do NOT have any love to spare for USA. I will take what I can from that country, but I do NOT love it. And trust me when I say that many many many others in my country feel this way. But you wouldn’t know this, because you don’t know any Koreans, and have stated that you don’t want to get to know any.

            • blah says:

              Ok. Since you clearly want me to be the protector of all races, here I go:
              @MARK – I’m glad you like Korean women, but please don’t insult all Japanese and Chinese. Are there egotistical Chinese girls, and easy Japanese girls? Sure. But there are just as many Chinese women who are humble and kind, and just as many Japanese women with high sexually moral standards. Speaking from personal experience when studying abroad in Japan for a year, I’ve met many classy and beautiful Japanese girls who were not at all slutty.

              @Dan/Handle – You still haven’t answered my question: Why are you so outraged over Mark’s saying “ALL Japanese women” this and “ALL Chinese women” that, and yet YOU do the same thing except substitute the phrase “ALL KOREAN PEOPLE” this and that? By your logic, you should also then refrain from stating such racist remarks.

              • Handle says:

                See, being consistent wasn’t that difficult.. was it now.

                Why are you so concerned about the protection of Japanese and Chinese ladies’ honour in this room? Gentlemen shouldn’t protect the honour of ladies in distress?

                • blah says:

                  Just answer the question. And in doing so, confront your own hypocrisy and racism against Koreans, and muster up the humanity to put a stop to it!

                • Handle says:

                  I’ve never been to korea so how can I be racist about koreans? That’s a topic I know nothing about.

                • blah says:

                  It’s precisely BECAUSE you’ve never been to Korea that you can be racist about Koreans. Korea is a topic which you DON’T know much about, hence it’s easy to believe and support every racist stereotype that you come across, which is what you’ve been doing thus far. Glad that you seem to be saying you won’t do this anymore.

                • Handle says:

                  why would I go to Korea? I’m not even american or a GI.

                • blah says:

                  And once again, you just proved my point that you don’t ever GET anything, except perhaps a lot of hate for being such a xenophobic racist imbecile. You disgust me.

              • Dan says:

                Again you’re missing the point. Your tone earlier made it seem like it was ok to stereotype every race except koreans. You weren’t putting that emotion and anger towards defending Japanese and Chinese women. I’m not upset, but I find it very hypocritical because they way you argued made it seem like your against stereotyping only when it’s against koreans.

                • Bottle says:

                  Blah always ‘misses the point’… and then he moves back to USA.

                • blah says:

                  Sorry Handle, that would be what YOU do. Missing the point and always needing google.translate to help you understand anything about everything. Then fixating all your thoughts on one half of your obsession, which is the USA. Get a life troll.

              • blah says:

                Handle – You still haven’t answered my question.

                Dan – It would seem that YOU are missing the point. Handle seems to think it is ok to belittle Koreans, but not ok to do so with other races. And YOU apparantly seem to think so as well. Why is that?

                • Handle says:

                  The point is that you’ve seen the light and you shouldn’t accept people who are being racist about japanese and chinese people. See, racism isn’t just about Koreans, like you VANK employees think.

                • Dan says:

                  How nice of you to put words in my mouth. Not once did I ever say it was ok to stereotype.
                  All I’m saying is that if you’re this passionate against stereotyping, it should be for all races.

                • blah says:

                  Dan, I’m glad you now know how I feel like. Not once did I EVER say that it was ok to stereotype against other races that were not Korean. I truly was taken aback by your comment stating that I felt something which I DO NOT. And trust me, if Mark were to be as annoying as Handle and post numerous comments ad naseam insulting Chinese/Japanese, I’d probably have had the same heat/anger as I do at Handle.

                • blah says:

                  @Handle – Does this mean you are admitting that being racist towards Koreans is wrong?

                • Handle says:

                  Why are you telling me what to do when you were the one who originally felt it was okay to let people be massively abusive about japanese and chinese ladies. I think I’ll stick to my own judgement thank you very much.

                • LoTH23 says:

                  Kid look, from what I can tell, you are obviously one of those korean crazy fans who think Korea is “so freaking awesome”.Why are you defending Korea so much when you obviously aren’t Korean? Go be proud of your own country.

                • blah says:

                  No, that was YOU. YOU were the one who were making assumptions about ME, that was quite clearly untrue. Now the spotlight is on YOU, so answer the question:
                  Does this mean you are admitting that being racist towards Koreans is wrong?

                • Bottle says:

                  Why wrong only for ‘Koreans’? That means the evident racism that many koreans have towards japanese, chinese, blacks, filipinos, non-americans is all nice and wonderful?

                • blah says:

                  Racism is wrong, regardless of which race it’s against. Whether it’s Chinese, Japanese, SE Asians, or Koreans. Upholding racist stereotypes against said all races is wrong. Do you agree?

                • Bottle says:

                  So then, what would you say about an ‘All Asian’ pop awards ceremony (organised by koreans) which only consisted of Korean acts getting the awards and giving none to talented acts from S. E. Asia or S. Asia, as examples? Would you not see this as a nazi-style exhibition of Korean Superiority and therefore massively racist? Would you condone this kind of nationalised promotion of genetic superiority or would you say this is racism?

          • LoTH23 says:

            Well aren’t you very stereotypical of people? If I’m guessing right, you’re probably a white dude who has yellow fever. GROSSS. Go date your own race. Them white bitches aren’t good enough for you?

            • Bottle says:

              To be fair.. ‘Them white bitches’ … hmm.. not sure about that one.

            • blah says:

              LOTH – I’m Korean currently living in Korea. Born, raised, and educated in Korea. The first couple of times I came across racist and insulting remarks from Handle aka Bottle aka Sausage aka Bratwurst, I didn’t respond. But you see, after the 20th time or so reading “America is Korea’s colonial owners” and “All Koreans have no talent” and “All Koreans want to kill themselves”… well, it made me annoyed to say the least, and I felt that since nobody else was sticking up for Koreans, I might as well. This does not mean that I condone racism against the Japanese or the Chinese. Racism is racism, regardless of who it’s practiced against. You know that. I know that. But apparantly Handle aka Telephone aka whatever he likes to call himself, does NOT know that.

              • Bottle says:

                A classic example of ‘distortion’ there. Replacing ‘some’ with ‘all’ and moving it all out of context and suddenly.

                Then you come in with a contradiction that you love your ‘Home’ country. What exactly is a ‘Home’ country? Is that a country you abandoned to live in USA?

                Either way, I am not here to spot the contradiction in your life. That’s something for you to do.

              • blah says:

                Bottle aka Handle – You are obviously experienceing yet another one of your “cognitive dissonace” moments. Your use of the phrase “ALL KOREANS” this, and “ALL KOREAN” that, is a fact. Substition of “ALL” for “SOME” is something that must obviously be happening in YOUR mind right now, in a feeble attempt to make what you have been doing thus far on this blog palatable even to yourself. You disgust me.

                ANd for the 101th time, I live in Korea. Get over it.

                • Bottle says:

                  So why are you being contradictory and defensive on a website which routinely deifies and idolises koreans?

                  I think you’ll find that by definition, you’re being a racist.


                • blah says:

                  Are you blind? This is a website dedicated to KOREAN POP!! and it does NOT deify Koreans, it reports on the activities of KOREAN pop stars. You are such an utter imbecile, I can’t believe you even asked me such a question. once again, to get it through that brain of yours: THIS IS A KOREAN Pop site. And since you don’t like Korean pop, don’t come here and spew your anti-Korean bilge all over other people’s comments!

            • blah says:

              And yes, for me Korean is wonderful. That doesn’t mean she is without faults, and I will be the first to acknowledge them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Korea, my home country.

          • Bottle says:

            Why lie about your gf having had surgery?

          • Kirka says:

            So many one night stands with Japanese girls? Well, you’re just that EASY and girls should watch out on you, you walking STD.

            Korean girls care more about personality? Cool but you love Korean girls for theirs long, skiny legs. That’s so deep, I’m deeply touched

            France is all there is in Europe?! o.O you should pay more attention to your education cause that epic fail…

        • Mark says:

          and how do you mean “civil”? My GF is extremely caring, she gives me massages everyday and while she isn’t the best cook she will try to make any food if I ask her because she wants me to be happy (I actually enjoy cooking so it’s usually me). She never asks for money and the only flaw is that she’s jealous, but I like my GFs to be jealous (just not to the point where she’s reading my text messages and e-mails which she doesn’t).

          • Handle says:

            Hahahahahahahahahahah You’re American, right? This is priceless.

            • Mark says:

              wrong, I’m respected in this world, which means I’m Canadian. I’d never associate myself with that shit whole of a country known as the USA.

              • huh? says:

                Respected in this world?!?!? And what in the effing H did Canada ever produce for the world besides Pamela Anderson and Justin Bieber?!??? Maple Syrup and canadian ham? r u serious? LMFAO
                Canada is a joke of a country, never to be remotely equated to the USA because they’re not comparable.

              • cdn says:

                @Mark: Handle classifies us Canadians as Americans too. He doesn’t know the difference between the two. I had a debate with him awhile back. Anyway, nice to see another Vancouverite here. I agree with you Korean girls make great g/f. I have dated Chinese and Japanese too. And it’s exactly what you described! Among the 3 types, Korean girls are the best in my experience. They are so well mannered and polite, especially when meeting my parents.

                • Kloe says:

                  Mark and cdn, just because you have yellow fever does NOT make you experts in Korean, Chinese or Japanese girls. That fetish is actually really creepy to most Asian girls.

                • cdn says:

                  @Kloe: Can an Asian have Asian fever?? I’m Chinese-Canadian. My city is 65% Asian. It’s quite normal we have experiences dating different Asian races here.

                  • Kloe says:

                    Oh yeah? Then stop bashing on ur own race (ie Chinese) and show some pride. And it’s funny how you like to introduce Korean girls to your parents when in fact they themselves would rather u bring home a nice Chinese girl, I’m sure.

                    • Mark says:

                      Kloe, yellow fever is when people like Asian girls for no other reason than the fact they are Asian. My major is Asian Studies, I speak Korean and Japanese and I have lived in both countries as well for over a year. The reason I date Korean girls is because I respect their culture and I get along with them much better than Japanese girls. That is not yellow fever in the least. Most douche bags just date Asian girls because it’s “trendy” and they want a trophy GF.

                      As for what Canada has done to the world? How about we are one of the biggest countries in the world (far larger than our Southern white trash neighbour the USA), we speak REAL English (not that bull shit slang English Americans talk because they can’t comprehend REAL English), and we are one of the worlds LARGEST SOURCES FOR NATURAL RESOURCES. Without Canada the USA would be in disarray and even more fucked up than it is right now. The USA is NOTHING without Canadians which is why even though Americans know we hate them they don’t dare touch us. Hell if the USA tried to even touch Canada we’d have every country in the world kicking Americas ass to protect us.

              • Orange_Fun says:

                Not to be rude, but how come when the trolls make racist comments on other cultures every one is wants to put them in their place, but as soon as they say something about the U.S everyone is quick to jump and the band wagon and Make fun of us. We have feelings too, and besides not all Americans are ass holes.

          • apple says:

            all of you, seriously….that’s not the point.
            you guys are all being racist. everyone has their own preferences. don’t go saying, all krns this, all japs that, all chinese that…..maybe certain ppl prefer one race over the other. but the problem is that these people say make them into stereotypes by using the word “ALL.” Just because youve dated ppl and noticed certain things, doesn’t mean everyone else is.
            seriously; i hate how ppl generalize like that. why the fuck can’t we all live in peace (w/o any of this bullshit)?

          • julie says:

            the massage part grossed me out. A women who willing gives massages on a daily basis is not normal. And a man who boasts about it is even worse.

        • utuber says:

          I agree the french girl part, but chinese girl is civil ? nope. They’ve been living under totalitarian tyranny throughout history so don’t even know what civil is like. That’s an evidence you’re a chinese lives in Europe, those who give a damn to and argue with East asian is no other than who are from the same east asia. you’re so Funny.

    • charlie says:

      what the heck does one celebrity’s leg have to do the the entire nation of Korean women’s legs? Geez, equally I’ve meet way more stubby turnip legged Korean girls (over 1/4 of the girls in my school where Korean- I won’t talk about what they looked like in their pre-surgery state), what does that imply? Nothing, just that I’ve meet a lot of stumpy legged girls. Still can’t represent the whole nation.

      • Handle says:

        Does recalling the thought of their pre-surgical state make you sick into your mouth?

        • kylie says:

          I remember the Korean girls at my all girls high school were rude, liked to sit with their legs wide open and tended to have really short legs and huge calf muscles. They were the only group of people in our girls school that got into physical fights with each other, ripping each others hair and kicking each other. They also really liked to have their hair fashioned like they had ball-sack hanging from the back of their heads. Most of them had single eyelids though a lot of them looked Polynesian. Then you hit graduation and you see them after returning back from Korea and that’s a whole different story.

          • christie says:

            Thats exactly how it is in my school n.n

          • tarsh says:

            The Fobby Korean girls at my school like to squat on the ground with their thighs wide open. And yeah, most of them have single eyelids. The “westernised” Koreans are extremely dark skinned and usually have small eyes.

          • Bottle says:

            I have to agree with this assessment, it’s just full of empirically bases assessments of their behaviour. But how oh how did they achieve such big calf muscles?

            • lindsey says:

              Don’t Koreans always say they were descended from the Mongolians? Since Mongolians rode a lot of horses, it requires a lot of development of the thigh and calf muscles. survival of the fittest, that trait gets passed down…to the Koreans. Really I think Koreans should do more horse ridding, their legs are always apart. Even the Korean woman at KFC hooked her feet up on her chair and squatted on it as she was eating her piece of chicken. natural horse riders right there.

              • blah says:

                How does saying any of this sh*t make you better than Mark? You’re just as guilty as he is of racism and insulting an entire ethnic group of people based on one sided experiences.

              • Cup says:

                Suggesting that Koreans are related to Mongolians is only going to get you into all sorts of woe with these folks.

                The fact is, there are about 50% genetically han chinese, 50% S. E. Asian.

          • fefrefek says:

            A little rude, but that’s spot on to how it was a my school with the Korean girls. The ones that had been around for a while were okay, but the FOBs and exchanged students were just like that. Physical cat fights, ball sack hair styles (and also penis like haircuts) and a lot of squatting.

  6. Dizzy_23 says:

    Without skinny legs i still can run like crazy when a stupid rottweiler ran behind me 2 months ago. Yeaa..

  7. ashley says:

    no surprise because all the girls in After School are all naturally tall so they don’t need high heels to get long legs.

    • Handle says:

      Yes they do. Koreans have tiny short legs, so they all need heels

    • blah says:

      You’re comment is ridiculous. Especially since you’ve never been to Korea and don’t know any Koreans. The average unmanipulated height of Koreans (men and women) are on par with those in your “state”, Britain. Are there Koreans with short legs? Sure. But there are just as many Koreans with long legs. Stop making such a racist ass of yourself with your ignorant proclamations.

      • cdn says:

        He might be black listed from entering Korea, that’s why he hates Koreans…lol

        • Handle says:

          All europeans are blacklisted from korea. When we get to the passport control the dude checking passports is likely to say (in a korean accent) ‘ Look sir, saying places outside USA exist is just laughable, and I’ve never heard of this europe place’.

          So we never go there.. better just to go to Japan.

        • blah says:

          @cdn – ha, I’m sure he’s blacklisted from many countries besides Korea. He’s obviously got an axe to grind, and it’s making him look quite the demented imbecilic fool.

    • blah says:

      I wrote “you’re” instead of “your”…. *GASP*…

      • Handle says:

        We all noticed.

        But we’re all still laughing how you call me racist and then openly support the not-gentleman who referred to ‘all’ japanese women as STD-ridden and easy and chinese women as egotistical and conceited.

        Funny that naive Americans believe the propaganda and Europeans don’t. Explains why Europeans have no interest in Korean women and never marry them, eh.

      • blah says:

        “Openly support the not-gentleman”?
        How on earth did I do that? By not lambasting him? Are you saying than that I should take on the role of “internet protector”, when before you were throwing that at me as some form of insult? Funny what a disgusting mix of contradictions you are.

        One thing is for sure though, and that is you’ve acknowledged that you ARE a racist bastard instead of trying to rationalize it away into something more palatable.

        • Handle says:

          So you openly abuse me for no reason, and protect the guy who said ‘all’ japanese women are STD-ridden and easy and chinese women are all egotistical and conceited?

          Hmm, so let me get this right. Any stereotype debasing koreans or americans is racism and any stereotype debasing chinese or japanese is just acceptable behaviour.

          I’m glad you’re not a living walking contradiction then.

          • steve says:

            obviously because blah doesn’t want his Korean women’s image to be tainted but couldn’t are less if anyone stereotyped Japanese or Chinese women. He’s technically no better than the person he’s trying to lecture and only brought up the issue of Japanese and Chinese women being slandered to the other poster AFTER you pointed it out. Otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered and might have relished in agreement that Japanese and Chinese women weren’t as superior to his Korean women.

            • lily says:

              as a girl, mte. if blah was so righteous he would have called out both Handle AND Mark, but he only targeted Handle cause he only really cares about how Korean women are viewed.

              • Bottle says:

                Fact…and clearly handle is excusable, because you cannot catch a mouse without leaving a little smelly cheese in the trap.

              • blah says:

                Bottle aka Handle – Racism is never excusable.

              • Bottle says:

                Racism is defined as “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. ” (Random House Dictionary).

                So you’d be saying racist actions like South Korean-owned TV stations having showcases of the genetic superiority of Koreans where the supposedly ‘all asian’ Music ceremonies have only genetically korean recipients of awards are categorically racist and wrong? And you’ll be working towards ending these showcases of genetic superiority?

                Would you agree with this?

              • Orange_Fun says:

                What your saying is true, racism is wrong not matter who it’s directed at or who it’s coming from, but in blah’s defense Mark only made one rude comment, handle and the others have been trolling all over this web site. If all the trollers only made one comment, even if was about Koreans I’m guessing he would have probably ignored it, but trollers kept on trolling.

          • blah says:

            @Steve and @ Lily – I am by no means more “righteous” than either of you. Nor am I more “righteous” Handle, or Bottle, or whatever it is he likes to call himself. You are both aware that this is a guy who is CONSTANTLY belittling and insulting Koreans, and as a Korean I took a stand to defend my race and ethnicity, JUST as others are doing in response to the insult against Japanese and Chinese. And never did I say that it was ok to insult them, however if you want to crucify me for failing to mention Handle’s insults towards them along with his insults towards Koreans, than so be it. I’ll make sure that the next time I come across this scumbag making insults towards ANY race, to call him out. I hope that you’ll support me when I do, instead of just sitting quietly by and letting him get away with his nasty trolling on this site.

            • Bottle says:

              You truly are the most pious saviour of korea with your acceptance of racism towards japanese (std’s, promiscuous) and chinese (egotistical, conceited) and yet your sterling work at reducing racism towards Korea.

              You should have get the VANK medal of service for that one.

            • blah says:

              Bottly / Handle – STOP and take a deeeeeep breath. Now listen closely to me. I DO NOT accept racism against the Japanese and the Chinese. I DID call Mark out. And I’m also calling YOU out on your disgusting mix of contradictions: Is it ok for YOU to insult and belittle Koreans?

            • michelle says:

              My friend brought some insoles today and inserted them into her chucktaylors. When she tried them on the effect was just like the pics above. Looong looking ankle bones. Weird. To think Korean male celebs frequent them also. That’s like wearing high heels. lol.

        • blah says:

          I’m sticking it to you in the neck for saying racist and insulting remarks about Koreans. That’s the reason.

          And I am not protecting the other poster. Far from it. What he said was insulting to the Japanese and the Chinese. Don’t get your panties all in a bunch and start insisting that I’m supporting him when I clearly have not done such a thing. And hey, if you want me to be the anti-TROLL on PopSeoul, then say it here and now.

          • blah says:

            and FYI, stereotypes debasing any people groups based on race IS racism. Which is what you have been doing on this forum. So you are just as guilty as the “not gentleman”. But you’re just mad at me for not getting in his face about it the way that I have been with you.

            • Handle says:

              You’re wrong. I’m not mad at you. I expected you to do exactly what you did.

              You’re acting in a contradictory fashion, showing disgust to me because I said something mildly against korea-USA and then you openly accept something suggesting the chinese-japanese ladies are all sex-obsessed disease-ridden personality-flawed freaks.

              You did exactly what I expected.

            • blah says:

              Handle, you basically said the same thing about Korean women. That they are all freaks with personality disorders, who’d do anything to have sex with Americans. How is that in any way different from what Mark is saying about Chinese and Japanese?

              • Handle says:

                Who korean women have conjugal relations with is between them and their partner. All I ever said is that they like to move to USA.

              • blah says:

                No, you’ve said worse and far beyond that and you know it. But glad that you recognize racism is wrong, let’s see you apply that principle to your own conduct going forward.

              • Handle says:

                Look, all I said is Koreans like to move to USA and Koreans love to see Americans on TV.

                Take this group Afterschool as an example shall we? Kahi – American, Bekah – American, etc etc etc…

                Don’t you see what is being said? Is it really that unclear?

                • coliebolie says:

                  First off, since when was Kahi American? Get your facts straight smartass. And haven’t you noticed that Koreans aren’t the only race who want to move to the US? I don’t see why wanting to move to U.S, let alone any country is wrong.

              • blah says:

                No, you’ve said FAR worse. You’ve said that ALL Koreans have no talent, they ALL Koreans love suicide, that ALL Koreans are genetically this and genetically that, that USA was the colonial owners of Korea (incredibly insulting, that one), and that all Koreans ever want to do is to move to the USA. You’ve also had some very insultingly choice words about Koreans and how we look. Basically, during your “career” here on popseoul, you’ve managed to regurgitate pretty much all of the racist insulting stereotypes known out there about Koreans. I just want you to stop doing that.

                • Bottle says:

                  When are you going to stop blaming me for the fact ‘a large number’ of koreans have shown interest in moving to the USA, a lot of which were successful, including your family. I didn’t decide for them, and as far as I know I had no influence over their decisions.

                  Secondly, the fact that Koreans have a propensity towards suicide isn’t something I’d like to sweep under a rug, it appears there is a real issue with this and it needs to be dealt with soon and effectively. Yet again, blame me if you want.

                  I don’t see any of these as statements about the korean ‘race’ but more of a comment about the korean country and their ability to deliver an attractive lifestyle. Therefore, not nor approaching being racism.

                • blah says:

                  Hey, I don’t see anything wrong with what you just said either. The problem is that what you just said, is NOT what you have been saying in previous posts. But glad that you NOW see the light. I hope that in your future posts, you’ll state your little “factoids” about Koreans in just this manner, as opposed to generalizing it in the insulting way that you have been.

          • Handle says:

            You’re the product of the korean contradiction, where racism is only when it’s against Koreans or Americans. I just found it funny that you acted it out so literally.

            It’s a shame you cannot see this as clearly as I can.

            • blah says:

              Sorry to break it to you, but that’s just your wishful thinking. Racism is racism, regardless of which nationality it’s applied to. You are guilty of it just as Mark was. You just beat to the punch in calling Mark out. But that doesn’t mean the light isn’t still on you either, and you need to answer the question: Is posting racist and insulting remarks about Koreans wrong?

              • Bottle says:

                Why should I answer such a question? It’s interesting that you don’t ask if posting racist comments about anyone is wrong. I know you have to defend Korea, because you now live in USA and you feel some kind of remaining allegiance to a country your family abandoned, but you still shouldn’t just be the ‘saviour of korean’. Besides, you’re trying to put people into a position where the benefits of devil’s advocacy would be put into question. If I hadn’t played devil’s advocate we wouldn’t have found you out to be the anti-japanese anti-chinese VANK employee that you oh so clearly are.

              • blah says:

                You’re not playing devil’s advocate, if you were than you would have clearly stated your position in advance. But you haven’t, and instead it’s OH SO CLEAR that you are quite entangled in your one-sided view that it’s ok to spout racist insults at Koreans, but not at any other races.

                And for the 100th time already, I live in Korea. I speak good English, that doesn’t automatically mean I live in USA. Yet another example of your upholding your raicst stereotypes: Any Asian who speaks good English can’t possibly be living in an Asian country. You disgust me.

              • Bottle says:

                I disgust you? hahaa, when you’re the one defending ‘only’ koreans on a website dedicated to the deification and idolification (sic) of genetically korean people within K-pop, a music industry containing 99.999% genetically korean people. (a few chinese exist just for a feeling of dominating chinese)!!

                Hahaha, I think you need to actually understand what ‘racism’ is, because you clearly don’t.

              • blah says:

                You must be deaf as well as blind and idiotic. I have repeated willingly, and openly, my true feelings that racism against ANY race, not just Korean, is wrong. And I’ve called out Mark on his insulting remarks towards Japanese and Chinese women. But YOU have never stated whether you think it’s right or wrong to be racist and insulting towards Koreans, instead you just run around in loony circles.

                Also, this website does NOT deify Koreans. It just reports on the activities of Korean pop stars, both good AND bad activities. If this site were truly dedicated to deification and idolization, there wouldn’t be any bad reports about Kpop idols, but there are have clearly been many. You need help.

  8. sup says:

    hot damn. she has nice legs. after school members in general have very nice bodies, while snsd is just sticks and bones.

  9. another medical miracle

  10. luvSuJu13 says:

    actually, Barbie cannot exist in the real world because she does not have the right amount of body fat to even stand up. Nana can use some carbs for her legs though. damns, and i thought my legs were skinny!

  11. hannah says:

    Anatomy lesson: The normal human is suppose to have longer upper thighs bones than lower legs. Yet this Nana has much longer lower legs than upper thigh. Reason? She’s wearing insoles. (that or she has unusually long tarsal bones.) End of lesson.

  12. 이준기 says:

    can people just stop pissing each other off…..
    Handle : yea it’s your own opinion and i cant change that but that doesn’t mean you have to scream your opinion out on every blog if its negative…
    yea she might be wearing insoles but….so what? is it like, an abomination?
    and i consider slights to ANY person that has anything to do with their culture or appearance racism….i’m not saying i’m not racist…i do say racist comments sometimes but its just a joke and i apologise if the person i said it to is offended…
    and i do not “LOVE” USA. in fact, i dont even know much about U.S.A and not really proud of that i need to update my geogaphy knowledge lol but yea just saying that i don’t LOVE U.S,A because of what Handle seemed to think.

    • mela says:

      if she is indeed wearing insoles, which by that weird overlongish part that appears to her ankle seems to imply then this entire article can be deemed unnecessary. And the title of this article would be incorrect. It would have to be “Nana has what appears to be perfect legs in the eyes of Korean netizens when she wears insoles.” And not really worth an article altogether.

  13. sure says:

    Yes, twigs can be perfect too! lol

  14. Kloe says:

    @mark first off, the fact that your major is “Asian studies” doesn’t prove sh!t. It’s precisely because of aforementionned yellow fever that you chose that major in the first place, to get close to your paramour of choice.
    Secondly, the very fact that Canada needs to call upon other countries to defend it’s a$$ speaks for itself. You’re a bunch of chicken sh!ts that need protection from real superpowers. It’s like the wimpy kid at school that has to call upon their mommy to come and give the mean kid a real ‘talking to’ because they don’t have the balls to take care of business themselves. So very sad.

    • cdn says:

      Handle…where are you? Here’s another true American for yah..

      When Mark said “Japanese girls are all easy…”, I don’t think he was generalizing, but he might have used the wrong choice of words. I believe he was talking about “all the Japanese girls he experienced”. Correct me if I’m wrong Mark.

      • sara says:

        Trying to unsuccessfully turn “Japanese girls are all easy” into a euphemism ain’t gonna work. There’s no other way to imply what Mark meant- he went and generalized ALL Japanese women with that comment. Don’t try and save people’s arses when they’ve already dug their own grave. Japanese women he’s experienced? LOL. He’s lucky to even have had one.

      • Bottle says:

        It did look like he was generalising when he said ‘all japanese girls’ .. he specifically picked out ‘all japanese girls’ and not ‘some japanese girls’ or ‘most japanese girls’.

        I don’t think all japanese girls have STDs nor do I believe that all chinese women are egotistical and conceited. In fact I find many japanese women to be clean and healthy living and many chinese women to be great conversationalists and often selfless.

        I think Mark needs to explain why his life surrounds around his acute yellow fever, and why does he feel korean women need his protection? and why lie about his gf’s legs and surgery?

        • benji says:

          If Mark were really white, be wouldn’t be so particular about what type of Asian. This guy is ethnically Korean and still wants to prove that Korean women are superior, like Blah.
          Japanese women are much more honest with their intentions, if they like someone they’ll be honest about it- doesn’t mean they’re easy. Heck, Japan has one of the lowest rates of sex in the world.

          Modern Chinese women don’t like men bossing them around. A Korean male colleague use to treat a Chinese female colleague of mine terribly because he thought he had a right to since he was a man- Extreme sexist Confucian ideology, no longer applicable in China. He’d order her around even through they were equals and was shocked when she stood up for herself. I suppose Mark’s idea of Chinese women comes from a Chinese women standing up for herself against him. Though I doubt he’s dated one. Or Japanese or anyone for that matter. Just wishful boasting.

          • Bottle says:

            Korean men in china are typically the same. Chinese women are taught to keep their mouth shut and just say ‘yes’, but as chairman mao said ‘women hold up the sky’ so they know their place in chinese culture. Japanese women have now stopped getting married and having kids because they prefer to just be single than treated badly.

            This Mark is clearly a Korean who wants to have a korean lady in order to prove that koreans are some kind of super race. This seems to be a common theme amongst a lot of racially korean men.

            • Jo says:

              The Chinese saying was “women hold up HALF the sky” an indication that they are equals of men.
              Otherwise, I agree.

              • Cup says:

                As I clicked submit, I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that. Probably closer to women holding up 75% of the sky though if you ask me.

          • blah says:

            @Benji – Since WHEN did I ever want to prove women of any race were superior? Sorry, I never stated that I found Korean women superior to one from another race, all I’m doing is going after resident popSeoul troll Handle in an effort to make him see the light and stop spamming this KOREAN POP website with his anti-Korean bilge. Stop putting words into my mouth. Racism, whether it’s against Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, etc, is WRONG. You know. I know it. Apparantly Handle and his multiple selves do NOT.

            • shelly says:

              Great, you know he’s a troll. And yet, you still feed him? *smacks head*

              • Bottle says:

                Did someone call for a troll?

              • blah says:

                @Shelly – Trust me, I try to avoid responding to him, and most of the time I don’t. I let him rant and rave until my sick quota can’t handle it anymore, at which point I tear into him. Partly to blast him for being such an ass, but also because I want to find out for myself what drives such pathetic creatures like him. Sorry for the eye-sore long comments here.

        • cdn says:

          I don’t know Mark, but he and I live in the same area. There is a bit of true when he said chinese women are egotistical, but probably the ones in our city. Where we live, many chinese women here are very wealthy, so they do kinda look down on the average folks here. It’s the same sh!t with the chinese guys. If you live here long enough, you’ll see what I mean.

          Not sure where Mark met his Japanese girls, but if he met them in downtown night clubs, then I know what he’s talking about…haha..

          • kelly says:

            “There is a bit of true when he said chinese women are egotistical, but probably the ones in our city.”

            Another gross generalization here. Have you meet all the Chinese women in your city? Heck I’ve meet a lot of rude egotistical Korean women in my city, who were very addicted to surgery and usually spent most of their time being useless spending their boyfriend’s/husband’s money and congregating with other Korean women in coffee shops with their babies, And for some weird reason liked to hitch their legs up on the chairs. Does that mean I can generalize and say ALL Korean women are like that? No.

            • Bottle says:

              It does sound a bit like they’re all like that.

              Where I’m from we don’t have any korean people so we don’t need to worry about them getting their trotter-feet on the chairs. It helps me to sleep at night.

            • blah says:

              “It does sound a bit like they’re all like that.”

              You see, there you go again with your racist and insulting remarks.

              • Bottle says:

                It’s a comment about shoes on feet. I see you’ve descended into pedantry in order to prove a point.

              • blah says:

                Pedantry is where YOU reside, and trust me I wouldn’t want to be stuck with you for even a minute. You might put me in the gas chamber or something.

                • Bottle says:

                  Gas chamber? What?

                  I did just read another article where it says that in Korea eugenics is widely accepted through entertainment companies choosing pairs of their ‘pretty people’ in order to get them to breed. Then you all clap about it.

                  Hooray for Nazi-style eugenics being alive in Korea.

                • blah says:

                  You need help. Drastic measures of it. And I don’t know which anti-Korean website you got that hilarious bit of info from, but I’ve got two words for you: REALITY ENTERTAINMENT. The show, We Got Married, is not to be taken seriously, in case you didn’t know. Wow, you really need help.

  15. lollipop says:


  16. blaznist says:

    Well there are overweight koreans and heck any asian just to throw that out there so the sterotypical person want think all is skinny there lol..but those must be the ones so caught up with worrying about celebrities or anyones legs and body so much all the time. Those netizens…

    But i prefer my asian girl with some meat and bones on her with the thunder thighs like that lady in that group Secret lol.

  17. hana says:

    i think she was too skinny like tiffany from the past posting
    but it just a different angle of photo shoot
    so it looks better

  18. coliebolie says:

    What the fuck is up with all this racism? Like seriously, this would have never happened if that douchebag Handle didnt start all this shit. It seems that Handle has a multiple-personality disorder except every single one of his identities is an immature, self-righteous, obnoxious, racist, elitist bastard. I can never go on this fucking site to look at articles about Kpop without ruining my fuckin mood because of him god dammit. And everybody seriously needs to STOP with the racism. There is no superior race.

    • Bottle says:

      That’s not what ‘many’ Korean people believe. Both north and south koreans are actively trained to believe they are some kind of ‘master race’ and ‘genetically superior’. Here are some examples before you call me a racist.

      • coliebolie says:

        ….. You are soooooooo racist. haha The fact that you’re so unwilling to admit it just makes me laugh. Hey, just answer this one question: Why do you waste so much time and energy hating Korea and why do you believe you’re not racist? You always seem to avoid this question. You always over-generalize the Korean race and belittle them which in fact, makes you seem like the elitist. It seems more like you think you are “genetically superior” with your self-righteous behavior.

        • Bottle says:

          Look, I uncover racism wherever it lies. The Chinese idiom says ‘if you work by the sea, you’re likely to get a little wet’, so in order for me to show the racism of these people with their shamelessly racist ‘Nazi-style Showcases of Korean Genetic Superiority’ and their hatred of Japanese and Chinese, their belittling of Vietnamese and Filipinos as some kind of under-class, then I need to lulz them into a false sense of security

          As I quoted in another thread, racism is defined as “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others. “. So the fact is, this whole website is shamelessly racist, in it’s idolification (sic) of korean people, it’s relentless portrayal of koreans as some kind of super being.

          This in itself makes me an anti-racist, whether you like it or not.

          • coliebolie says:

            If you “uncover racism wherever it lies,” then you should uncover yourself. This website is dedicated to the international fans who enjoy the Korean culture and I don’t understand how that could be considered racist. If you think that this website is racist, then pretty much any celebrity based website in the world could be considered racist. This is not racism, and I think you are the only one who believes so because you seem to have a warped understanding of racism. Is it racist of me to like different cultures and to want to visit websites dedicated to that culture in order to learn more about it?

            Since when has popseoul portrayed Koreans as super beings? There are articles on this website about the not-so-good side of Korean entertainment too.

            And before you call someone else racist, you should look within yourself first. BTW, racism also means “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races”, which YOU have clearly displayed against the Korean race. Its pretty obvious you left that part out on purpose. Your bigotry of the Korean race is more “nazi style” than what you claim Koreans to be.

            No way in hell are you anti-racist. You are the epitome of racism and you display common qualities with Hitler in that you are intolerant of a race.

            So you are racist, whether you like it or not.

            clearly, many people have already tried explaining this to you but you are too self-righteous and out-right ignorant to get it through you egotistical brain.

            • Bottle says:

              All I need to know is that Random House define racism as, amongst other things,”a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”. Aligning with this is this whole site, which happens to be provided to allow those people who think Korean people are superior, to comment about their perceived gods.

              Just because I show this up, and the nazi-style eugenics (let’s breed two of the koreans together, chosen by popular opinion) and the nazi-style ‘all asian awards ceremonies’ (examples include the one in Macau where effectively only Koreans won anything, meaning koreans are the only talents in the whole of asia), etc etc.

              And just remember, exposing racism isn’t the same as being a racist. Besides, you clearly have some kind of yellow fetish and you’re rationalising something about koreans being allowed to think they’re a super-race. Interesting to see how you react to that though.

              • coliebolie says:

                There you go with over-generalizing again. But you know, you will never learn. And i have a feeling you will never stop trolling either because you seem to live off of it. I guess your life has no other meaning than to discriminate Koreans.

                And are you talking about the MAMA awards at Macao? you do realize that the show is all about korean music. its just that fans from all over asia can vote for their favorite korean artist. It’s not about world domination, it’s about giving international kpop fans the outlet to be a part of voting for and viewing their favorite kpop idols. Whether you like it or not, kpop is HUGELY popular.

                And i do not think koreans are gods. i just have a lot of respect and love for their culture as i do with all other cultures. Not all koreans think they are superior so what is there for me to rationalize? You’re the one trying to attack a race for no legitimate reason. There is nothing wrong with having yellow fetish especially since i am “yellow” myself.

                I suppose no matter what i do, you wont stop trolling about your racist nonsense. you claim that all koreans think they are superior, but that just shows how ignorant you are. yes, im sure there are a lot of koreans who think they are the best race but there are people in every country who think that about their own country. stop over-generalizing. i bet you there are people of whatever nationality you are (european i believe you once said) who think their country is the best. So what if people think their country is best? as long as theyre not explicitly displaying like you are, they are more human than you are.

                No amount of excuses will change the blatant fact that you are, in fact, a racist son of a bitch.

                Wow, i cant believe i wasted so much time arguing with a low life like you. this makes me feel so pathetic. there’s no point in telling you anything because you will still be the same racist douchebag so now i feel like a retard for wasting my time on a retard like you. im going to fucking sleep

                • Bottle says:

                  Ah, another non-korean steps up to take a bullet for their k-gods apparently massive discrimination towards non-korean asians. If I was going to stereotype, which I won’t, then I’d guess you’re an overseas chinese, because you speak american and call me a retard / racist douchebag without even understanding what racism is. So why are you taking bullets for the inherent racism in korean society? You’re hoping that they’ll let you join the club at some date? I can only imagine that is the case.

                  Your argument is so full of flaws and bullet-taking faggotry that you didn’t even realise that Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) have the word ‘Asian’ in them.

                  Anyways, you’re clearly cognitively deficient, so I’m going to have to ask you to move along to another thread.

                  • coliebolie says:

                    hahaha what a dumbass!! lmao! im not taking a bullet for koreans, im just standing up against racism and assholery. ha and good job on letting us know what you think of chinese people. btw im not chinese smart ass. But i also do love chinese culture. You seem to think im korean obsessed but im not. i just have a lot of interests toward different cultures and i wish to travel the world one day. And yeah i know that MAMA has the word Asian in them but so what? you should do some more research on MAMA first before you act like you know everything. MAMA changed their name in order to include “Asian” in their title after they opened voting and started broadcasting for fans across ASIA but the main focus was korean music, hence korean winners. They held the 2010 MAMA in macao for the benefit of the international ASIAN fans of kpop and they are going to hold it in a new location in ASIA each year so that more different kinds of ASIAN fans of kpop could partake in MAMA. MAMA is now for the benefit of international ASIAN fans of KPOP. Sure the title could misleading, but it would only be misleading to smartasses like you who act like you know everything. You don’t even know the full story yet you use MAMA as you supposed “evidence” that all Koreans are racist? HA I try not laugh at you too much because my mom has always taught me not to laugh at those who are more challenged than I am but you make it really hard not to laugh.

                    Stop being a smart ass and why don’t you move to another…no wait, do us all a favor and don’t ever come back. You should probably try getting a real life and get that trolling lazy fat ass up and away from the computer screen.

                    Peace. Im done here. It’s not like whatever I say will ever get through that thick skull of yours so im unsubscribing to this page altogether because it is an utter waste of time. If I don’t unsubscribe, I’ll be tempted to keep arguing with you which would waste even more of my precious time. Obviously, you have no life so you have a lot of time to waste being racist, obnoxious, rude, and self-righteous but im not the same. I’d rather spend my time doing something more meaningful. Wow I cant believe I wasted so much of my precious time arguing with someone as mentally challenged and psycho as you are. Eww I feel so scummy to have ever talked to you. What was I thinking? Well now im going back out to the real world and hang out with, you know friends. You should try that out sometimes.

                    Don’t stay too long in your own little delusional world! This is advice from my heart because I am truly concerned of your mental situation. Try finding some people who actually want to be friends with you and go out with them and actually try to have a life. It may sound impossible to you now, but if you stop being such and ass, you might make some friends and experience what real life is like.



    • blah says:

      SHUT THE F*CK UP Bottle.

      We are NOT trained to think that we are some sort of “master” race. You really need to get out of your delusional little world. Are there Koreans who are racist bastards? Oh yeah. But there are just as many Koreans who are NOT. Of course Koreans have national pride in Korea, but that does NOT translate into us thinking that we are somehow “superior” or genetically flawless compared to other races.

      Again, this just goes to highlight how racist YOU are, and the disgusting mix of contradictions you hold which states that it’s ok to be racist and insulting to Koreans, but not to other races. You disgust me Handle.

      • Bottle says:

        Urm, what would be your comment on the Korean organised ‘All Asia’ pop award ceremonies which are held all the time and regularly wipe the faces of Filipino and Vietnamese pop acts in the dirt by only handing out awards to ‘racially pure’ korean acts (albeit with the occasional chinese to show korean domination)??

        Given you like to mention Hitler a lot, would you not have anything to say about these staged nazi-style racially pure exhibitions of Korean supremacy?? Because both myself and the S. E. Asians reading this would be interested to read your response.

      • blah says:

        You are a crazy racist lunatic. First of all, I don’t know what “All Asia” pop award ceremonies you are talking about. Korea doesn’t have any award ceremony by that name, and the award ceremonies that we do have are geared for KOREAN entertainment. So of course they wouldn’t mention non-Korean artists. And secondly, if these “All Asia” pop award ceremonies do exist and are held outside of Korea, what evidence do you have that they are “staged” by Korean-owned businesses? In all likelihood, the reason why the majority of the awards go to Korean pop artists is because of how popular Korean pop culture is in that country. That doesn’t mean that the countries’ own artists are bad, it just means that there is a huge rise in popularity of Korean pop artists which is reflected in the award ceremony. However, if the “evidence” that you have is true that the awards ceremony is staged in favor of just Korean artists, than of course that is an example of racist and unfair ethics and that would need to be fixed ASAP. So the burden is on you. Prove that the interesting little bedtime story you just wrote is true.

        • Bottle says:

          You’re embarrassing yourself by trying to hide your country’s need to promote korean purity and korean racial supremecy.

          Let’s look at it in detail.. Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is an Asian award ceremony, held in Macau this year. As you can see, it has the word Asian in it, because it’s an asian award. However, Koreans give only Korean people awards, because they believe that only racially pure korean people deserve awards, and not Vietnamese or Filipinos. Now if you take Filipina songstress Charice Pempengco who apparently is well known in USA, and arguably better known around the world than any korean act, because of her singing ability? Did she get an Asia award? No, why? Because she’s not racially pure korean? Yes. I could go into more detail but I’m sure you get my point about this and the cultural limits that Korea puts on foreign cultural materials which pure korean people see as damaging to pure korean society.

          I’m sure neither you, nor your harem of wannabe-koreans (coliebolie et al) are cognitively capable of understanding that racism is also the promotion of a race based upon genetics, however there may be other people out there who understand it.

        • blah says:

          wow.. your imbecility just BLEW me away. Listen up faggot, that awards show is focused on KOREAN music. It has the word ASIAN in it because its audience pans all of ASIA, and it’s a ceremony that allows international fans of Korean pop to vote for their favorite KOREAN pop idol.
          As for Charice Pempengco, she’s not a Korean pop artist. That’s why she wouldn’t get an award from MAMA, because it’s focus is on KOREAN pop artist.

          You’re a crazy racist loon. Any Korean and NON-Korean on this forum has recognized this by now, so go stick your head back into your delusional world where it obviously belongs. You are just a waste of all our times.

          • Bottle says:

            I’ll say it again, MAMA is an Asian award ceremony. It even has Asian Music Awards in the title. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills sometimes.

            What about Charice Pempengco, she’s Asian, and did really well in USA… doesn’t she deserve an award? oh wait, no, because she’s not PURE KOREAN.

            **smashing my head against the wall, really really hard because he cannot understand something very very simple**

          • blah says:

            You should bash your head against the walls a couple more times then, because clearly logic isn’t prevailing here.

            The MAMA awards are dedicated to KOREAN music. It’s an awards ceremony that gives fans across ASIA an opportunity to have their opinions heard on which Kpop star should receive awards.

            Perhaps the name of the award show should then be renamed, as it seems that it is very misleading for you.

            And you still haven’t told me what the name of this supposedly “weekly” Asian awards is that Korea supposedly gives out every week. Yet another glitch in your attempt to fabricate knowledge of Korea, eh? You’re pathetic.

            • Cup says:

              Yeh, they renamed it ‘Asian’ because it represented the needs of the asian people to vote for their favourite ‘asian’ pop acts who all happen to be Korean, because Koreans assume that they are somehow culturally and/or genetically superior to other asians.

              Hmm, please can I vote in that festival of racism? where do I call?

          • blah says:

            Also, a little background for you. MAMA’s original name was Mnet KOREAN MUSIC Festival until 2009, when the name was changed to Mnet Asian Music Award because the awards show was being shown to a larger audience all across Asia, as opposed to just within Korea. It was also only since 2010 that MAMA was staged OUTSIDE of South Korea.

            The whole focus of MAMA is on KOREAN MUSIC and KOREA ARTISTS. Get this through your thick skull and stop dithering on about why Charice Pempengco wasn’t given an award on MAMA. She’s talented, but this award show is focused on KOREAN Artists, and that’s why she didn’t get an award. If we had an award show popstars all across Asia, I’m sure she would have gotten on.

            • Cup says:

              The fact is, Koreans only believe that Koreans should be given awards in ‘Asian’ music awards ceremonies. You can harp on about the history of what and how ‘asian’ really means ‘korean’, but you’re basically rationalising what is an underlying belief within korea that Koreans are genetically and culturally superior to other races. This is taught in schools in both north and south korea, and comes out even amongst american heritage-leech koreans in websites such as this.

              Charice Pempengco wasn’t given an award on these asian awards because she’s too dark skinned for koreans, she’s talented but not racially korean, and because korean racism towards south east asians means they just cannot cope with filipinos being on their tv or in their pop-groups.

              That’s just how it is. If you want to continue calling me a racist just for calling out racism, then I’ll be happy to see you descend into faggotryland while you do that.

      • jenny says:

        Actually a lot of the Koreans I meet gave me the impression that Korean to them was some sort of superior race. And they’re always telling me to buy Samsung rather than Sony because its “better than that Japanese crap”. It’s great they’re proud of their country, but they’re a bit in-your-face about it sometimes.

        • Bottle says:

          Promotion of any race based upon genetics is in itself racism. But this ‘blah’ and his band of merry men women seem quite content to black this out, and just want to call me a nazi for simply understanding what it says in a dictionary.

          I think the issue here is with their promotion of nationalism and racial purity, rather than just pride. It seems much much more than that.

        • blah says:

          I’m not promoting any race based on genetics. You, on the other hand, are engaging in belitting and insulting Koreans because we are Koreans.

          I’ve asked you many times a simple question which you go to great lengths to evade. I’ll ask you again: Is it right to be racist and insulting to Koreans? I’ve already told you my point of view, which is that racism and insults towards ANY race is wrong and despicable. So, do YOU feel the same way?

          • Cup says:

            Every time you say ‘The Asian awards are just for Koreans’ you are promoting a race based on genetics.

            …and you’ve been doing that now for a long time.

  19. blah says:

    Nana has nice legs.
    To other posters out there: Don’t turn this forum into a hate-fest of bashing and belittling other races, ok? Each race has its share of beautiful and kind women AND men, just as each also has its share of nasty egotistical slutty ones. Don’t generalize and uphold racist stereotypes based on a one-sided experience, all it’s doing is promoting misconceptions and inflaming anger from people who felt their race (or ethnicity) was being insulted.

    • Bottle says:

      This comes from the guy who supports shameless nazi-style showcases of korean superiority and perpetuating racism towards racially japanese and chinese people.

      Keep defending your programme of Korean racial superiority why don’t you.

    • blah says:

      Bottle, stop your ranting and raving. No amount of you repeating that offensive slur will make it come true. I am not racist nor am I perpetuating racism of any kind toward any race. That honor, my imbecilic racist clown, belongs to you. I have stated over, and over, and over again that racism towards ANY nationality is wrong. This include Chinese, Koreans, SE Asians, Japanese, etc. YOU on the other hand, can’t seem to say that. If you really think racism towards ANY RACE, including KOREANS, is wrong, than say it here and now. And then live up to what you say.

      • Bottle says:

        In response to your accusations of hatred, I simply need to say the word ‘UDON’ which is banned on Korean TV for being simply too japanese. The fulfilment of a deep rooted hatred of Japanese people which exists in your country.

        I’ll now explain to you why, you’re the racist clown, which is why you refuse to answer the questions about the need for koreans to reject any other type of ‘asian race’ as worthy of acceptance, and putting economic limits on the importing of any cultural material which didn’t originally come from ‘pure korean’ roots.

        The examples I gave were the almost weekly ‘asian’ awards ceremonies where koreans give racially korean people awards openly suggesting to the rest of asia that only genetically pure koreans are worthy of awards or have talent worth noting.

        The limits they put on foreign cultural materials, because they believe they openly believe that foreign, non-korean materais are damaging to the pure korean culture.

        Finally, i believe I discussed the current system of eugenics where Korea has started arranging marriages between it’s pure-bred Idols in order as has been lauded on this website.

        Sure, you’re transfixed on the hatred element of racism. You haven’t answered about the element which concerns the far more sinister self-promoting elements, of which you appear to support and yet have no comment.

      • Bottle says:

        Sorry, I didn’t call you a racist clown, because I think you already know you are.

        (‘UDON’ << see, I just said udon, koreans find that racist)

      • blah says:

        Wow, you ARE a crazy racist lunatic. First, before throwing your wild accusations at me, why don’t you simply answer the question: IS it wrong of YOU to be racist to Koreans?

        Secondly, I still have no idea what weekly “Asian” awards you are talking about. Tell me the specific name, because I have never heard of it.

        Third, you’re example of the whole “Udon” incident proves what again what an imbecilic racist clown you are. If you even knew any Koreans, if you had ever talked to any Korean, you’d have known that the majority of Korean netizens (myself included) were outraged at the ban. We thought that this was ridiculous, especially since we use the word “Udon” all the time here in Korea, and there were even staged internet protests over this banning. Also, Korean and Japanese relationship isn’t so black and white like you portray. There’s a lot of cross-cultural influence going on, and while many Koreans may not like the Japanese government, there are many that do enjoy Japanese PEOPLE and their culture. Myself being one of them.

        Fourth, “current system of eugenics”? Are you talking about We Got Married? hahaha, you are one schizophrenic loon. Listen, it’s a REALITY entertainment show. NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. I think you need massive refills of your anti-psychosis medications, you are clearly degenerating on me as we speak. God help you, for you surely need it.

        • Bottle says:

          A weak defence of what is apparently a festival of nazi-style racism…..

          Did the Nazis try to rewrite history? Yes, under Adolf Hitler. Do South Korea? Yes, under Syngnam Rhee.

          Did the Nazis try to annex parts of countries around them? Yes, the Sudetenland, etc. Do South Korea try to annex parts of countries around them? Yes, Takeshima, Sea of Japan.

          Did the nazis practice eugenics? Yes. Did the South Koreans? yes.

          Did the nazis have widespread government controlled press? yes. Do the South Koreans? yes.

          Did the nazis try to wipe out foreign influences in their culture? Yes. Do the South Koreans? Yes (Udon-gate)

          Did the nazis support genetic superiority? yes. Do the South Koreans? yes.

          Did the Nazis propagate government propaganda? Yes. Do the south koreans? Yes, through VANK.

          In essence, you seem to freely call me a racist and a nazi, and yet you are on very dangerous ground given the way your country is acting, and the quite clear parallels to Nazi behaviour.

          Anyways, I doubt you’ll understand what I’m saying and you’ll probably call me a massive racist whilst not understanding how similar your beliefs are to Nazism.

          • Bottle says:

            I forgot to mention the similarities between the Nuremberg Mass rallies and Arirang Mass Games MAMA Korean genetic purity awards where both would celebrate their supposed genetic superiority. How could I have forgotten those.

        • blah says:

          hahaha, you do realize that with each post, your are digging yourself even deeper into your nasty racist hole. If your “list” proves that South Koreans are in nazi-style, then it proves that Brits are the KING of Nazis. And it proves that Americans are the Nazi’s role models, and that the Chinese are the Nazi’s Father figures, and the Japanese are the Nazi’s wild older brother. My God, you’re imbecility and racism knows no bounds. You are clearly mentally unhinged.

          But you never answered the question: is it RIGHT for YOU to be racist towards Koreans?

          • Bottle says:

            I think you’re mistaking the British Empire’s, form of ‘Commercial Imperialism’ with Naziism.

            The British actually used to embrace cultural differences, because the empire was only interested in people buying things off. If you then decided not to buy anything, you then got bulldozed and your country was rebuilt using the westminster democratic model, which again respected differences in races.

            Within the empire Sikhs had their own non-Anglicised regiments, as did the Gurkhas (they still do, serving in India, UK, Singapore and Brunei), there was additionally a huge number of Chinese sailors in the British Navy.

            So, no, I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at there. With the fact that the British empire/commonwealth fought against naziism and nationalism in a pretty bloody war, which Korea didn’t take part in.

            Can you clarify your contradictory statements please?

            • o junks says:

              A war that Korea didn’t take part in??? Seriously? Isn’t that because the Japanese was currently occupying Korea at that time?

              • Cup says:

                Yes, the USA agreed to let Japan have Korea through the secretive ‘Taft Katsura’ agreement, which the USA would rather forget ever happened. Then the Japanese didn’t let the koreans have guns, so they spent the war going around china beating the chinese with sticks.

                Hence the name gaoli-bangzi or ‘korean stick’

                • o junks says:

                  Koreans spent the war beating the Chinese? Where is the source for this? Because from my understanding that word is a racist slur against Koreans.

                • Cup says:

                  Do you know where the ‘slur’ came from? It came from the fact that groups of koreans working for the japanese spent time going around china beating up the chinese on behalf of the japanese.

                  There are even verbal reports that koreans may have been involved in the nanjing massacre.

          • vivian says:

            Ignore handle. that is unless you have some obsessive compulsive urge to motivate him to continue trolling.

            • Cup says:

              Thanks Viviane, and that’ll let you give you more time to get back to your yellow fetish.

            • nadia says:

              don’t say that, that’s how trolls survive. By having people like blah take things too seriously and repeatedly feeding him. It only motivates trolls more. S’okay though, cause I find this one amusing.

          • blah says:

            @Bottle / Handle – You still haven’t answered the question: Is it right for you to be racist and insulting towards Koreans?

            @Vivian – I’ll ignore him after this one 🙂

  20. Cat says:

    All I have to say is:
    I like big butts and I can not lie
    You other brothers can’t deny
    That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
    And a round thing in your face
    You get sprung…

  21. ;) says:

    im sorry, but those are not nice legs, theyre too skinny/thin

  22. Why do you need to know? says:

    What’s wrong with North Americans? We (well at least I) feel no need to place stereotypes on other nations. Not ALL U.S citizens are fat, lazy, egotisticals who look down on everyone else. Despite what most people think, we aren’t ALL like that. Most of the people I know and I love to learn about Korea, Japan, China, and any other nation. We don’t go around sayin “Ohhhh Koreans are stupid” or stuff like that. I have friends from China, Taiwan, Korea, Ireland, and any other place you can name. If you don’t like Americans stereotyping you, don’t stereotype Americans.

  23. bd2 says:

    Nana has long legs which is fine for the catwalk at fashion shows, but perfect? No.

    She would need to work out a good bit more on her legs in order to get the proper sculpting and muscle tone.

    • laura says:

      actually her legs are too short and unsuited for the act walk. Catwalk legs are not perfect, they’re incredibly long and thin, suited to help act as the frame for clothing.

  24. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    She does have nice legs.
    Not too thin, not too fat. Just fine.

  25. Hana says:

    My legs are like Nana’s and I weigh 47 kg. 1 kg less. But she was a model before so no wonder….

  26. hana says:

    BTW, Nana looks like she’s eating something… LOL Jung Ah yippeo!!!! ❤ her sunglasses!

  27. Anna says:

    Of course she has the perfect legs. She’s a beauty.

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