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[Plastic?] Tiffany’s Legs are Too Skinny

Netizens are saying “Tiffany, let’s gain some weight in the legs, okay?”

One fan posted on his blog, “I was really shocked to see Tiffany‘s picture when she was recently in the airport. When I saw her thighs it was nothing but bone…”

Girls Generation (SNSD) has been gaining a lot of attention lately for their airport fashion, but for the most recent batch of airport pictures, fans are expressing their ongoing concern for the strange disparity between Tiffany‘s overall weight and her skinny thighs.

Netizens were wondering why the weight in Tiffany‘s face changes yet her thighs never change. Some say it’s just her body type, that she naturally doesn’t gain weight in her legs. But, they think the eye-smile princess should work on building up muscle in that area.

Other netizens are blaming the plastic wand, saying that nearly all of Girls Generation got muscle reduction plastic surgery in their legs, and that’s why you can see the never-changing leg weight with Tiffany.

Either way, Tiffany‘s legs are very skinny. Do you think they’re too skinny?


65 Comments on “[Plastic?] Tiffany’s Legs are Too Skinny”

  1. NotchaChingu says:

    I won’t comment because there’s nothing she can do about that. It is difficult to be at the “perfect” weight. As long as she’s healthy, her legs can look like 2 huesitos.

    • Cutiepie says:

      But yet you comment ok?

      • Handle says:

        An american is showing the koreans how to look like a skeleton… that’s kind of ironic.

        I think Koreans have a messed up body image issue going on where they think people should look anorexic before they gain any sense of attraction. That’s why Europeans don’t date them.

        Fat americans genetically like korean chicks because they’re as thin as americans are fat, and they hope that their offspring will have an average between obese and anorexic.

  2. […] sure are wishy-washy. On one side they’re criticizing Tiffany‘s legs for being too skinny, now they’re praising Nana for having a perfect leg line with her skinny […]

  3. jasmine says:

    her legs really do look so skinny.. fany ah~ you should gain some weight ^^

  4. Dizzy_23 says:

    Tiffany,,beware of the wind…

  5. olivia says:

    the flesh in her legs somehow transferred to her face. I don’t recognize her face anymore. she’s going to end up like Bom 2.0 if she’s not careful. and her legs look gross.

  6. jenny says:

    her legs are skinny but there is no way that they got plastic on their legs! im the same way..i dont gain weight on my legs! it just all depends on the person..

    • Handle says:

      They can do it. koreans achieve this in two ways, they inject drugs into their legs which make them atrophy and makes them really thin. The other way is to just go on a low protein diet in order to cause the muscle fibre to burn off.. creating this effect.. sadly this causes the heart muscle to deteriorate also.

    • jamie says:

      What handle said, there was a whole article on it about how girl groups have these leg injections just before their comeback.

  7. Andy says:

    She looks like a victim of Holocaust

  8. yuna says:


  9. HUUH says:

    It is ugly about skinny she is….She must be having a hard time to have this body!!!! T_T
    Just be who you want to be!

  10. abundanttempest says:

    LEAVE THESE STARS AND THEIR WEIGHT ALONE WILL YA! geez, this really gets on my nerves – too fat, too skinny, wrong shape, plastic surgery, doctoring photos – people c’mon! God made you the way you are for a reason. Be content with that and move on. there are more important things to think/debate about. fat gravitates to my legs (heredity trait) do i need to go under the knife to change that to make everyone else happy? NO! seriously there are more important things going on in the world right now…

    • Handle says:

      Is the hereditary trait that you eat too much and your body stores the extra energy and you don’t do exercise to burn it off too?

  11. xiaraqis says:

    plastic girl 😛

  12. Kergy says:

    that is DISGUSTING!

  13. Sweetsmilez says:

    Yup!!..her legs do look very SKINNY!!!!!!…I cant believe how could she go that far to be that skinny or like people wondering:maybe becuz of plastic surgery???..Alot of member in SNSD done surgery,so I guess it shud be tat case..^~^

  14. sandy says:

    some of you are saying leave her alone you must know somthin idols are made to create buzz and earn money that way so this is what they chose
    and yes this does look creepy how can she even walk

  15. hithar says:

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! At least Bom has flawless legs.

  16. hottestjen says:

    yes gain some weight…i mean SNSD is thin in general. usually photos add on 10 pounds but my god. it s not working for them.

  17. luvSuJu13 says:

    carbs would help push the fat down to her thighs, but with a pretty girl group like SNSD, you have to watch your “diet”

  18. smh says:

    She can’t win, first she is too “chubby” and now she is too slim?

  19. Sai says:

    Her legs are really too thin. It is okay to want to be thin but, she has taken it too far. Anytime a woman is so thin that her figure looks like a boy then it is no longer attractive.

    Also, for those among us who always like to quote “fat american’s”. Not all american’s are over weight just like not all Korean’s are skinny. I have seen over weight people of all ages and nationalities so, in other words being fat or thin does not pertain what country a person may or may not come from.

    • julie says:

      Indeed not all americans are fat, but that doesn’t change the fact that they have the highest rates of obesity in the world with more than half being considered overweight. Its actually completely valid to say “Most Americans are fat” because the statement is in fact true.

  20. in young says:

    yup the legs do look too thin and creepy… but.. her face isnt doing it either. shes looking like somebody else altogether these days i hardly recognise her anymore.

  21. ana says:

    I wish Korean fans would make up their minds! First they complain that Tiffany is fat and has huge thighs, then when she’s shown with skinny legs, they’re all, “Eww! That’s too skinny! How disgusting!” Have you ever thought that maybe her too skinny legs are a product of listening to fans calling her fat?

    In the photos, her legs do look on the skinny/unhealthy side, but it could just be the angle and whatnot, so I can’t accurately say. I’ve always thought Tiffany looked very healthy in the past; there really wasn’t anything “wrong” with her like some said.

  22. Kasey says:

    I am so sick and tired of this, kinda stuff. Everybody is so into being skinny and stuff, but don’t put health into consideration, it’s one thing to be naturally thin, where you can eat like a pig and won’t gain any bit of weight compare to starving yourself just to maintain an image. Lets face it majority probably have plastic surgery just so they can look they way they look, luckily it’s the right kind of surgery, sometimes when you are naturally beautiful and you go do work on yourself, it’s rare to find those become more beautiful then ugly, it’s more the lateral.

  23. lollipop says:

    eewwww…too skinny

  24. lol! says:

    1. Wait. THAT’S Tiffany? I hardly recognised her. ._.

    2. I actually do not get how some SONEs find those legs beautiful and flawless. ._.

  25. blaznist says:

    Sheee looks dead in of story, a desperate american wanting an asian wife would want her i bet, not saying black or white though…but you should know lol.

    But the scary thing is these korean netizens need to go outside and enjoy the korean air or something, to much time searching for airport photos and bedroom teddy bear pics is waste of time and their lives, doubt the singers will care. Bet there are 2000 blog post a day on nate and other korean social sites about someones butt, legs, or forehead, mean come on…boring life to worry about others all day lol.

  26. ArRomantic says:

    can’t the weight in her face come from stress/not sleeping or eating ramen at night? While SM doesn’t want to acknowledge it, these girls are getting older and they can’t bounce back as quickly anymore after a ton of stress on the body.

    But those legs do look scary, especially when that’s not how her legs normally look. They look pretty weird so I wonder if it’s just the angles of the camera. I remember having a pic of myself taken where my chubby legs look like the SNSD members’ legs in Tell Me Your Wish. If only I can recapture that pose/angle again….*sigh*

  27. dan says:

    she needs to hook GNA up with her plastic surgeon. work some magic on her monster thighs.

  28. risa says:

    I know an anorexic who has more meat in her legs than Tiffany. And what they hell happened to Tiffany’s face? Is that even Tiffany? Plastic much?

  29. kuma says:

    it’s funny how she proud of her legs…and SNSD is well know for the legs…(elongated legs, bared legs, legs that too shiny u name it)…but it ‘s the way Korean see the beauty of themselves…got plastic surgery, got liposuction, be blonde, dance like a striptease (and don’t forget the candy)…well..that’s why people don’t take Korean seriously, the musics (too autotune, too many members, too physical-oriented, too plastic, too chessy songs – “love taught me to drink?!” – C’mon..! and America is the only country they consider abroad. Netizens demand the best while they r themselves just human beings..they establish SNSD…I think SNSD is just the victim of the nonsensical trend about perfect human..

  30. Noel Martin says:

    Her legs are really skinny. I use to envy her legs when she was on Star Kings – her legs really did look healthy and well proportioned. But in these photos, its shocking to see that those measurements she use to have are a thing in the past.

  31. Danny says:

    …And if she gain some weigh in the legs, people would be like~~oh! you need to loss some weigh…..¬¬ @#$@%

  32. dhg says:

    wow, gross.

  33. didie says:

    wow… her legs are scary… o_O the strange thing is that her cheek look like it’s about to burst, but the leg is extra skinny???

    • jay says:

      ikr? her face is extra shiny and puffed up but her legs are sticks. Can’t use fluid retention as an excuse for her puffy checks otherwise her legs would be the same. Botox overload. Someone call a psychiatrist. Before this turns into Bom, though she is already on the steady road to becoming Bom no.2

  34. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Eww, her legs do look too skinny. They were perfect during Gee and Genie.
    Now they are too skinny like they are bones….

  35. worriedperson says:

    So, her legs are friggin skinny. It looks unnatural. I have seen her legs in music videos and they were never that thin. She needs to put some weight back on because this weight does not suit her at all. No one wants to see a skeleton in shorts on stage :(. At least she should get some muscle on her legs. Who knows how thin she has become without that coat she has on! Her arms must be as thin too :(. I am not here to hate on her… I am a fan of SNSD, and I hope she has some people there in South Korea to let her know….she needs to gain some weight.

  36. akz says:

    Is this Tiffany? Why her legs are so thin?I worry for her when the wind will blow she will falling.What are the things doing my Eye-smiled Princess?I am happy because her eye and lips are nothing change.

  37. kimberly says:

    her legs are skinny and her face is bloated. Obvious plastic.

  38. Gelibean says:

    Actually I’m not a fan of SNSD (but It doesn’t mean I’m an anti)

    I think there isn’t something wrong on her skinny legs… I thinks it’s because of the shape of her legs. It’s not straight? 😐

  39. Gelibean says:

    Natural beauty is still the best 😀

  40. Gelibean says:

    I think because of that, she has more anti than fans…

    too sad.

  41. debra says:

    why is her face so bloated looking, yet her legs are so skinny? Fluid retention in her face? Post surgery swelling?

  42. Wendy says:

    K pop fans in korea most of them are such hypocrite when their idols are gained a little weight their like omg she the biggest member of the group she should loose weight but when the idols finally loose weight their like unnie i hope you gained a little weight you re too skinny and blabla…. The same things happenned with soyu of sistar . Sorry for my bad english im french….

  43. pinar says:

    i think she is ill

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