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[POPselca] Jia Goes Back to Black

Jia upload this cute selca session with fellow Miss A member Suzy. Jia’s now natural hair color is catching a lot of attention.

Jia uploaded the picture onto her personal blog. Netizens are saying, “So cute,” “Jia’s hairstyle is really good,” “Suzy is always so pretty,” and “Both are quite beautiful here.”

Selca tip: Reveal your new hairstyle through a well-posed selca.

What do you think of Jia’s new hairstyle?


6 Comments on “[POPselca] Jia Goes Back to Black”

  1. Jolyn says:

    Suzy looks so pretty here! I think she did shed some weight as compared to Dream High. She’s still pretty though but she’s even prettier now! And Jia suits dark-hair color more than the bright colors like pink etc which she used to try.

  2. Handle says:

    She’s gone back to dating black guys? Cool. Well you know what they say “once you go black, you never go back”

  3. HUUH says:

    So pretty ❤

  4. pat says:

    Tiresome unoriginal V sign again. Pathetic , no imagination clones.

  5. hyorae says:

    she should have, from the start.

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