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2NE1’s Japanese Debut Gets Pushed Back

With 2NE1 eager to make their debut, there going to have to wait more.

Arriving in Japan earlier this week 2NE1 was all smiles.

The group had released the Japanese version of “Go Away“,  and were ready to appear on popular music show Music Station.

Then a 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck the nation, leaving 2NE1 with no with option but to return to Korea.

2NE1 were thankfully left uninjured in their 34th floor hotel room but the group announced their worry for their Japanese fans.

The members were left shaken with the event,  with Park Bom writing on her me2day “It’s a sleepless night,” and “It’s a night where I’m feeling many things,” letting the fans know of their safety, despite being in shock.

Because of the disaster  though 2NE1‘s future in Japan, is uncertain with their company stating “It’s a shame that they were not able to make their first debut stage however it is a huge relief that 2NE1 was able to return to Korea safely without any problems.” The also stated, “It seems like we will have to see how things shape up in the future before proceeding with schedules.”

Source: Star News


7 Comments on “2NE1’s Japanese Debut Gets Pushed Back”

  1. 7 says:

    Happy to hear they were all safe.

  2. Bottle says:


    Did a bee sting Park Bom on her face?

  3. jasmine says:

    it’s kind of sweet that they were actually concern about blackjacks!! ^^

  4. blaznist says:

    Sucks bad timing to debut, but im ok with it, they got time, more important matters to attend and worry for now, for the missing and victims of the disaster some will never meet im sure people can wait.

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  6. […] Returning to Japan with all their Japanese promotional activities cancelled, 2NE1 will make their comeback ahead of schedule. […]

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