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Big Bang’s “Tonight” is the Mutizen Song of the Week!

Big Bang is continuing their evolution of music through their latest single “Tonight“.  The five member hip hop/R&B band won the number one spot on SBS’s Inkigayo countdown on March 13th. The YG group deserves the honor, but where are all the other talented artists? By now, I’m sure many of them are wishing the era of the Bang would be just about over.

Congratulations to Big Bang!

Source: UnknownCarrot170 (Youtube)


7 Comments on “Big Bang’s “Tonight” is the Mutizen Song of the Week!”

  1. Kaybee says:

    This was their one of the best performance.
    ‘Tonight’ just grows on me more and more: it is simply addictive!
    LOL! TaeYang took the mic and the look at YongWa’s face…cute 🙂

  2. juliagulia007 says:

    I believe they are a 5 member hip hop/r&b group, not 4. They just keep getting better and better. Love them so much!

  3. DaeObsessed says:

    Um excuse me OP there are FIVE members not four

  4. DaeObsessed says:

    yjank you for correcting the mistake 😀 ^_^

  5. DaeObsessed says:

    Oh wow XD spelling fail is fail XD


  6. ouna says:

    i saw the video amazing it blew my mind i was taken by it all especially seung ri liked his bits and why is g-dragon wearing all these stickers on his hood at the beginning of the video and i saw lebanon flag on the hood too ( amphibous force six fleet of lebanon ) lebanon is an arabian country at the coast of the midterrian sea go figure !! why i dont get it anyway i liked it a lot good for them a revolution in deed love them mwaaaah

  7. ouna says:

    was that dae sung or seung ri wearing that gorgous white blouse cruising in the red jeep ahh he looked so sexy and cute anyway i loved them all i say it again and again

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