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G.NA VS The Mannequin

Who is the real Barbie?

On March 11th, G.NA was photographed next to a mannequin on KBS‘s Cool FM Radio show . Netizens were amazed at how their body proportions were very similar. They even believed her legs looked slimmer than the plastic female imitation. Who was the better Barbie? Is it healthy to be thinner than a plastic dummy? [My answer would be….NO!]

Netizens expressed their approval of G.NA (their superior Barbie.) Do you agree with them?

Source: NTN and Sports Donga


18 Comments on “G.NA VS The Mannequin”

  1. Handle says:

    Is the one on the left that new VJ from Arirang TV, NS Yoon-ji? She looks like interesting in the blue dress and seems to have been working on her shininess.

  2. HUUH says:

    G.NA is really gorgeous… I Like her……………..She seems very sweet & nice too!!! very different of others idols on TV show!! I think she didn’t need to try to look better or skinner, she is just perfect =D

  3. Mee Eun says:

    G.NA is super pretty! 😀

    but like seriously guys, there’s a potential nuclear meltdown in japan, how about writing a ncie little blurb about that?

    • queenbznutz says:

      1) This isn’t
      2)Bae Yong Joon wasn’t swept away in that Tsunami
      3)Korea and Japan are two different countries

      • HUUH says:

        So what?
        We are in the same wolrd & a lot of korean artists were Japan whan it happens…..

        Anyway, Japan must be strong, what is happening is awful & I think a lot for japanese people!!

        • Mee Eun says:

          I'm Korean, but i have lots of friends that are in Japan. KOREAN friends.
          This site is just as much about japan as it is about Korea. 2ne1 and SNSD's japanese debuts as examples.
          I didn't mean it had to be detailed. I just thought it would be a nice addition as a shoutout to the poor people in Japan that are in the midst of this nuclear meltdown.

          • FlipFlip says:

            You’re not korean, you live in USA. You’re just another one of those american heritage leeches.

            This site isn’t about Japan, it’s not called Poptokyo… or can you not read?

            • Mee Eun says:

              Dear FlipFlip,
              I apologize for being proud of my Korean heritage and for not adding “heritage leech” to the end of “I’m [a] Korean”.
              I’m sorry for not realizing that this is a Korean Heritage Leech site with no references to Japan.
              I apologize for not being able to read even though i read A Tale of Two Cities and The Bluest Eye along with I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings followed by Pride and Prejudice in 2 weeks flat.

              No need to be degrading and disrespectful towards my concern for Japanese citizens. We’re all Asian, even Korean heritage leeches such as myself and millions of others.

  4. dan says:

    legs thinner? do you not see the monster thighs? couple more sessions of lipo should take care of that.

  5. luvSuJu13 says:

    technically, Barbie would not exist due to the low fat mass on her body. she wouldnt be able to stand up, so yes, G.Na’s better than barbie.

  6. skymoo says:

    man is so cute i love her song
    that she ft jun hyung and doo joo ^^

  7. skymoo says:

    남자 거시기 나 난 당신의 노래를 사랑
    그 사람처럼 내가 당신의 한계를 넘는 괴물을
    짐승도 귀여운 큐 ^의 ^입니다

  8. skymoo says:

    mee eun r u

    i love snsd and 2ne1 song too haha

  9. skymoo says:

    it is snsd song my favorite song

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