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Jay Park feels “Abandoned”?

Singer/actor Jay Park sang a very short teaser of a single from his upcoming album. He performed this song for the very first time this weekend on KBS’s Guerilla Date. In addition to singing, the celebrity talked about his Jaywalkers and revealed his true feelings about porn on Youtube.

Enough about the interview, What does being “abandoned” sound like?

Sources: Newsen and JunnieRawr (Youtube)


26 Comments on “Jay Park feels “Abandoned”?”

  1. Kergy says:

    Jay > 2pm crew

  2. Agnie says:

    I love this song already!!

  3. Handle says:

    I quote from the ‘book of korea’:

    “Rule of Korea 23.4434.2: American heritage leeches who don’t want to work in a hagwan can release an album and lots of Korean wives will buy it wishing that their kids were american too.”

    Hmm.. I guess this album will do well then.

  4. Sweetsmilez says:

    Umm…well I don’t really know, so don’t try to test me or something..he seem to don’t know either..but is he from 2pm??? the way….

    • Handle says:

      Yes he was.. but then he said on his myspace that Korea was really really ********* and that living in korea was really really ******** and that korean people were basically all a bunch of ************s.

      Then he realised he was poor and in USA no one knew who he was, he got no women, and everyone wanted him to be an accountant like normal not-korean americans. So he went back to Korea to be talentless and sell them things, and because he’s american, koreans immediately forgave him and now buy whatever he’s hawking under the hope that he might marry them and take them to USA.

      It’s forking hilarious…

      • blah says:

        hahaha, your bedtime stories are actually pretty “forking” hilarious. Apparantly you could teach Jay Park a thing or two about how to cope with being talentless and unwanted by your fellow statesment.

        • Handle says:

          Why? I’m successful enough in my country, and I’d rather stay here, because it’s nice.

          It’s not my issue that koreans love americans so much that the american can ridicule and humiliate them and they have so little dignity that they still love him simply because of his nationality. That would be their issue.

      • rozma says:

        don’t say anything bad about my brother!!!

  5. Mary says:




  6. SouthKoreanDream says:

    Okay, Handle? I’m pretty sure that I am fully American and I LOVE Koreans! They are so talented with their music and I think they are awesome! So I don’t know who you think you are bashing on Koreans!

  7. johyn says:

    why is he talking about porn? …really? thats what theyre going to have an interview about?? lol!

  8. karajjang says:

    this was a cute interview… but i’m really looking forward to seeing jay promoting in april when he comes out with his mini album, including this one!! then KMF 2011!!

  9. Justathough says:

    I am not a Jay fan.. I just stumbled upon this post surfing the net.
    Jay messed up bad, being a public figure and venting on facebook.

    But the truth is…. I can feel him!
    Foreigners in Korea have a really hard time getting use to the lifestyle and people. There is always a high societal pressure, and people always watching and judging you.
    I am actually a Korean raised in a western country. And well someone who looks Korea but feels more comfortable speaking English, has a western thoughts and western actions… some Koreans as well as Korean society come down on you hard!!! Sometimes your told to speak Korean (which I can’), accused of being a sellout or army service dodger, told to act and think “Korean” which is basically un-natural etc etc.
    Especially being an entertainer in Korea where it is a highly powerful and cut-throat industry, he must have been under so much pressure and popped…
    Unless you look Korean and have lived in Korea for over a year… you have no damn clue!!!

    • Bottle says:

      You call yourself ‘Korean’ and you’re a man so does this mean you did your Korean army duty like ALL ‘Korean men’ have to do as per Korean law?

  10. dan says:

    star tattoos are so 5 years ago. he must have missed the current trends among the blacks. he is also a prime candidate for reconstructive ear plastic surgery

  11. CeceliaS69 says:

    Give him a break. He is just stating what was true so why the heck is he being targeted by weirdos and being called names that he doesn’t deserve to be called. This is BS. Just let it be gosh.

  12. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    …..what….. porn…? That’s a weird subject…..
    Anyway, i hope the song is gonna be great!

  13. WamamaceHip says:

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  14. rozma says:

    i really love jay park

  15. […] will be released on April 27th, containing seven tracks, including the title song “Abandoned.” He is also in the middle of filming for the idol film “Mr. […]

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